2018: Term 4 Week 5

Principal's News Dear parents and caregivers, Last week I attended the NSW Primary Principals’ Conference and was truly inspired by a number of guest speakers. Michael Crossland emceed the conference and truly brought the message about The Power of Perspective home to us. I invite you to watch his short clip and read his life [...] Read More »

2018: Term 4 Week 3

Principal's News Dear Parents & Carers Welcome to Week 3. Our teachers are busy working with the children and creating quality teaching and learning programs in order to keep them engaged and focused all the way to the end of term. Teachers are also focused on collecting data and end of year school expectations for [...] Read More »

2018: Term 4 Week 1

Principal's News Welcome to Term 4. I hope you have all enjoyed the school holiday break. This is the Term that moves VERY fast as we head towards the end of the year. It is undoubtedly one of the busiest school terms with many events to look forward to. So please keep an eye out [...] Read More »

2018: Term 3 Week 10

Principal's News Dear Parents, I would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday, and we look forward to seeing the students back on Monday 15th October. Regards, Trish Principal Deputy Principal's News ICAS Mathematics Awards The following students have received awards in the ICAS Mathematics Assessment: Credit Zari B in 3D Asher [...] Read More »

2018: Term 3 week 8

Principal's News Dear All, There is so much to celebrate at South Coogee PS. Our teachers continue to excel in teaching practices and our learners striving in progress all as part pf a supportive connected community. Again CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for the dedication, time and enthusiasm that has been collectively impacting our school over [...] Read More »

2018: Term 3 Week 5

Principal's News Keeping the focus on Learning at South Coogee PS. The journey of creating expert teachers and assessment capable visible learners is a passage that is passionately driven by the staff at our school. We have a collective efficacy that we can be truly impactful on student learning. We have spent the last 2.5 [...] Read More »

2018: Term 3 Week 3

Principal's News Dear Parents It was wonderful to see so many families today for the Education Week celebrations. The assembly provided us with the opportunity to recognise our learners and their success. The day began with the talents of the school band (with thanks to Phil Molloy), as we then continued to showcase public speaking, [...] Read More »

2018: Term 3 Week 1

Principal's News The Impact of Mobility Adapted from In Sync with Families, Sept 2017.| Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey Good Afternoon all, A very interesting factor that influences South Coogee PS each day is the high level of mobility of families within our school community. By choice or not, learners come and go from our school. [...] Read More »

2018: Term 2 Week 9

Principal's News Dear Parents & Carers Although there are still 6 school days left until the holiday break, we are focused on learning and student progress - all the way until 3pm Friday 6th July. Teachers have been finalising reports and you can expect them in the middle of next week. There are many school [...] Read More »

2018: Term 2 Week 7

Principal's Message Dear Parents and Carers In continuing to create a sense of belonging and a clear focus on learning through strong partnerships and open communication with you, we would like to encourage you to talk to your children about our ‘Learner Qualities’. The term 'learner qualities', sometimes called 'dispositions', refer to the way in [...] Read More »

2018: Term 2 Week 5

Principal's Message Dear Parents Developing a shared language of learning with all stakeholders for any school or system starts with the adults in the school or system itself. Questions such as “What really does make a quality learner?” posed to all staff with the chance for dialogue can truly drive united actions to best impact [...] Read More »

2018: Term 2 Week 3

Principal's News What a wonderful morning we had for our Mother’s Day spectacular last Friday. Special thanks to all the amazing volunteers who helped organise this fabulous school event. Although the cold came through, the move into the school hall (with the heaters) was a nice idea. It is so fabulous that each year we [...] Read More »

2018: Term 2 Week 1

Principal's Message Dear Parents Welcome back to Term 2. We are ready and rolling…. the school has a really wonderful feel - a great place to learn! In fact, teachers have completed another in-depth professional learning day that will continue to support our Assessment Capable Learners so they can lead their own learning and articulate: [...] Read More »

2018: Term 1 Week 10

Principal's Message Dear Parents Here we are, back after the Easter break…. I hope everyone had the opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends. We have two weeks until the end of the Term. Last day Friday 13 March. With interviews in full swing, I found this article that might help us think about [...] Read More »

2018: Term 1 Week 8

Principal's Message Happy Friday All Please take the time to read the information below about Learning and communication at South Coogee PS. Classrooms and schools are not like they were when we went to school. Assuming this will leave you disorientated. School learning environments are more visible than ever before. Our learners no longer need [...] Read More »

2018: Term 1 Week 6

Principal's Message Welcome to Week 6 of school. Today we have successfully completed our Leadership Assembly with special guest Hon. Matt Thistlethwaite MP. Leadership development is highly valued at South Coogee Public School. Learning to be a leader through student leadership programs is one way to participate, however there are many ways for learners to [...] Read More »

2018: Term 1, Week 4

Principal's Message It has been another exciting week at South Coogee PS. It was fantastic to see so many families at our Meet The Teacher Evening. We hope you gained a clear  understanding of the expectations within the classroom,  stage/grade opportunities and the general organisation of the school. Thanks to our wonderful P & C for running [...] Read More »

2018: Term 1, Week 2

Dear Parents We hope that you have enjoyed your time during the school break and are starting to get back into routines. All of our teachers and learners, have started engaging in their programs for a great start to the year. Our newest learners are settling in really well and we wish all our new [...] Read More »

2017: Term 4, Week 9

Dear Parents and Carers, For our last Newsletter 2017, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank so many people. We have an amazing school community! On behalf of the students and staff of South Coogee Public School, I would like to thank our parents and carers for volunteering so generously. I know your [...] Read More »

2017: Term 4, Week 6

Principal's Message Dear Parents and Caregivers, A reminder that we need volunteers for FIESTA – rain, hail or shine – It is on! Please contact your class parent to volunteer some time to make our FIESTA great! Thank you! Thank you also for supporting the recent parent information sessions. We are glad that you are [...] Read More »

2017: Term 4, Week 4

Principal's Message The end of the year is fast coming – 6 weeks to go! We have so much to do. Today was Grandparents’ Day…. What a great celebration! It is so lovely to have our elders visit the school, please thank them for taking the time to come. Pictures will be available on the [...] Read More »