2017: Term 4, Week 6

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

A reminder that we need volunteers for FIESTA – rain, hail or shine – It is on! Please contact your class parent to volunteer some time to make our FIESTA great! Thank you!

Thank you also for supporting the recent parent information sessions. We are glad that you are now well informed and aware of expectations for 2018.

In the classroom…

Teachers are extremely busy working with the children creating quality teaching and learning programs in order to keep them engaged and focused all the way to the end of term. Teachers are also focused on data collection for reports and end of year school expectations, as well as spending time talking with the children about next year and the exciting changes after the holiday break. It is such an important time of the year and we would encourage you to talk and reassure your children about moving into a different grade.

Keep talking …Research shows that young people who have positive relationships with their parents/carers are more likely to have positive relationships with their teachers as well. Talk to your children positively about change because it builds strength and resilience.

  • Discuss the changes your child can expect to face when making a transition. You may be able to share positive experiences when you were growing up,
  • Normalise feelings of anxiety and uncertainty for your child. Ask them what they think the challenges will be for them and discuss potential ways to handle these challenges,
  • For young children, it may be useful to read stories together about starting school,
  • If your child is anxious about whether or not they will be able to make friends, discuss possible ways that they can initiate conversations with new people and work towards forming new social groups – Starting a new grade gives a great opportunity to expand friendship groups.

Please keep updated with Skoolbag and the school website for… Parent Information nights, Musicale, Thank you Morning Tea, School Planning with the Principal, Sports Presentation, Stage presentation days, Leadership assembly, Year 6 celebrations, Luna Park & Movie Day…

Regards Trish

Deputy Principal’s Message

Year 5 Leadership Training Day

On Tuesday, 21 November all students in year 5 will take part in a Leadership Training Day. The students will explore what it means to be a leader and examine the positive qualities that leaders possess.  They will also be involved in team building activities and challenges.

On this day, we will also be discussing the school leadership opportunities for next year and the nomination process.

Students who nominate for the leadership positions next year will be invited to give an impromptu speech. Speeches for School Captain and Year 6 leaders will be held on Monday 27 November and speeches for House Captain will take place on Wednesday 29 November. Successful students will be announced at our Leadership Assembly on 12 December at 2pm.

Last Call for Medallions

All orders for bronze (or silver) medallions must be placed by the end of next week in order to be ready for the presentation day assemblies. If your child has three gold awards please make sure they are given to the office (or Mrs Walsh-Gay) by Friday 24 November.

Class of The Week – 1J

This term in Science 1J have been learning all about water! We explored the school to find evidence of water use and to see if the water was being used responsibly. We then investigated what happens to rain falling on different surfaces. We simulated rain falling by pouring water into a polystyrene cup with tiny holes at the bottom.

Water is essential to life and is a precious resource.

Here are some interesting facts about water on Earth:

  • About ¾ of the Earth’s surface is covered by water.
  • But, 97% of the water on the Earth’s surface is found as salt water in oceans.
  • The remaining 3% is fresh water.
  • But two-thirds of this is found as ice and snow at the poles.
  • So… this means that of all the water on Earth about only 1% of it is useable fresh water. That’s not much, is it?

We therefore need to be responsible in how we use and manage water resources. Here are 1J’s top 3 tips to saving water:


  1. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
  2. Use the half flush button for the toilet
  3. Have shorter showers instead of a bath

1J are enjoying learning about water so much that we decided to paint waves when given the opportunity to work with the artist in residence Stephen Evans. Here are some of the amazing canvases we created using paintbrushes and our fingers:

Class of The Week – KL

It is hard to believe the students of KL are coming to the end of their first year of big school. They’ve enjoyed so many experiences and learned many things. There are too many to list so let’s focus on term 4.

KL hosted a Summer-themed assembly back in week 4. We shared some of our Summer writing with the audience. The highlight was our drumming and dancing performance which showcased just how groovy we can be while still being sun-safe.

We enjoyed our art sessions with Artist in Residence Stephen Evans. We focused on the season of Spring and the beauty of flowers and plants. We enjoyed learning how to sketch different flower shapes and how to use background colours to make our flowers stand out.

We reflected on the significance of Remembrance Day and learned why we wear poppies. In keeping with our floral art theme, we painted poppies to decorate our classroom windows – come by the infants’ quad and have a look.

Here are some snapshots of the experiences we’ve had this term.

We can’t wait to see the adventures 2018 has in store for us!

KL Summer Poems

Summer is…

  • licking a cool ice cream
  • having a giant bite of watermelon
  • diving into a fresh pool
  • wearing t-shirts and shorts
  •        By Ayden

Summer is…

  • licking yummy ice blocks
  • Christmas and getting presents
  • wearing short sleeves
  • mosquitos- they are the worst!

By Charlotte

Congratulations to our Premier’s Debating Challenge State Champions

OUTSTANDING!!! Below is a letter from Tony Davey – We are SO proud!

So, the 2017 Premier’s Debating Challenge for Years 5&6 reached its conclusion yesterday, and at the end of the best-executed final yet, the South Coogee Public Chatterboxes (the squad in the picture) were declared state champions, narrowly edging out the Kurrajong Advocates. The final was at the end of a 4-day tournament held at Stanwell Tops, so it’s a credit to both of the teams that they were even awake during the final let alone so spectacular!

By way of a wrap-up for the year, we had a record 825 teams enter the Years 5&6 competition, with 3,612 primary students attending one of the day-long debating workshops before engaging in 1,639 regular round debates and over 170 sudden-death finals to determine the Years 5&6 champions. None of that happens without a massive amount of work from the ten regional coordinators who help to keep the debates in their area on track and of course the teachers who manage those 825 teams and work to schedule debates and drag their very keen students around the city and state to compete. It’s a massive credit to all of you that such a large tournament (certainly the largest we’re aware of ) runs so smoothly and wraps up on time, so thanks for all that extra work you’ve taken on (be sure to pass that on to your principals as well)!

We’re already planning next year’s primary debating days in some regions so keep an eye out for information on that before term ends. Entries for the 2018 challenge will be open when you get back to school next year and I’m sure we’ll have even more teams ready and eager to knock off the South Coogee Chatterboxes!

Cheers all – thanks again and see you in 2018!

Tony Davey

NSW Debating & Public Speaking

We would like to congratulate Ixchel, Leila, Nick, Keala, Shonagh and Lara for their outstanding achievement. We are so proud of their efforts and ability to work as a team. Congratulations also goes to Mrs. Duthie and Mrs Stathis who supported the students throughout the year.

Defence News

Hi everyone, hope you are all well? Father Christmas’ arrival is getting closer which is making your children excited I am sure. You may be looking forward to having a return of a service member or they may be away over the Christmas holidays. If you feel your child may benefit from some extra attention or help to prepare them for this time then please either speak to me or their class teacher, and we can work together to give support.

A few things are going on for the Defence Families in the coming few weeks. If you would like any further information or help then please get in touch.





ADF Children, those with members away, are invited to join us to Build-A-Bear.

Build a bear with love that you can use to stay connected during the deployment.

The event is free, but bears are limited so bookings are essential. Location: Build-A-Bear Workshop Miranda Westfield

Date: Saturday 25th November 2017

Time: 2:00pm

RSVP: Friday 17th November 2017

d co.liverpool@defence.gov.au or call 02 87828522

Cost: FREE



Families of HMAS Newcastle are invited to join DCO at the Navy Heritage

Café, at Garden Island Fleet Base East for a light morning tea and chance to catch up to celebrate the return of HMAS Newcastle.

Location: Royal Australian Navy Heritage Centre, Garden Island, Potts Point

Date: Friday 1 December 2017

Time: 10:00—11:30am

RSVP: by Monday 27 November 2017 to

dco.sydney@defence.gov.au or call 02 9393 3314


A new website for Defence members and their families – Supporting Those Who Serve.

Engage is an online portal that current, transitioning, and former ADF members; their families, and/or those involved in their support can use to locate support services.

The Link is https://engage.forcenet.gov.au/

Engage simplifies the process of accessing support by providing information on not-for-profit services available from a range of service providers.

Badu Excursion

On Tuesday 7th of November, the Badu Crew went on an excursion to Watsons Bay. Our instructors were Tim and Grant. They spoke to us about our culture and taught us about different native plants. We went on a walk through the bush finding and tasting different plants. Sarsaparilla is one plant that they told us about and it has little red berries that can be eaten. Tim told us that we shouldn’t eat the berries until we are older and get used to the taste as it is very strong.

By Tallulah

On our excursion, Tim and Grant showed us some cool things, some that I have never learnt about before. When we arrived, we mixed some ochre with Tim and painted our faces using stripes for the boys and dots for the girls. We then walked through the bush and saw some paintings on the rocks. One fact I learnt from Tim was that an Aboriginal artist always carves into the rock instead of painting on it.

By Letayah

Koori Art Expressions

Congratulations to KL class, Bella from 2C and Eden from KE! These students’ artworks have been chosen as submissions to the Koori Art Expressions exhibit! Watch this space for updates!!

(From left) – KL class project, Eden from KE, Bella from 2C


Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Rose

We would like to congratulate Mark and Lauren Rose on their recent nuptials. We wish you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together.