2017: Term 4, Week 9

Dear Parents and Carers,

For our last Newsletter 2017, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank so many people. We have an amazing school community!

On behalf of the students and staff of South Coogee Public School, I would like to thank our parents and carers for volunteering so generously.

I know your time is valuable, and your willingness to contribute some of that time shows your commitment to the wellbeing of your child and all of our students. As you know, students, staff, and parents here at South Coogee PS enjoy a warm, caring com­munity that fosters the highest standards of academic, social, and emotional growth. The efforts of volunteers like you are a vital part of that community. Thank you.

At the end of the year we have families who leave for their next journey, so I would like to thank a few, and I hope I do not leave out any wonderful people. Thank you Michaela Hertzberg, Melinda Klinger, Steven Burns and Louisa O’Toole, your years of support, energy and time has been valuable and appreciated. Natalie Keledjian, our current P & C president has dedicated hours and enthusiasm to many, many school events, our heart-felt thanks to you and your family, Natalie, and we wish you all the very best in the future. Ross & Vicki Annas, there is significant devastation in the knowledge that you both will not be here at the school next year. The many BBQ’s and school events, to the hours of Library organisation and book covering, and seeing Ross every day at KISS and GO – after 9 years, farewell and thank you for supporting our school community.

To everyone that gives so much to make South Coogee great – THANK YOU!

President – Natalie Keledjian

Vice President & Technology- Eoin Grant

Vice President & Communications – Kathryn Taylor

Treasurer – Jenny Ball

Assistant Treasurer – Vicki Goldberg

Secretary – Donna Smith

Auditor – Stephen Taylor

Sub Committees

Fiesta Co-Ord & Web/FB Media – Jodie Steele

Uniform Shop – Lindy Sardelic & Vanessa Renford

Stationery Packs – Jen Ball

Scholastic Book Fair – Katja Klikauer

Scholastic Book Club – Carinne Joubert

Sports Jerseys – Lucette Parkes

Bakers Club – Imby Langenbach

Enviro/Green Club – Jen Mather

Yr 6 Graduation – Vicki Attard & Imby Langenbach

To our magnificent, outstanding teaching staff who will be heading to other roles and taking with them a piece of South Coogee magic next year:

  • Farewell to Ms Early (KE) who is heading to Wollongong next year. Thank you for all your dedication to our school and the passionate support for our Badu Crew,
  • Mrs Rose aka Ms Prescott (2P) is returning to Melbourne. We will miss that smile and generosity to share quality teaching practice,
  • Jan Simpson our DSTA is returning to Holsworthy. Thank you Jan for looking after an important group within our school community. Our students enjoy the time you spent with them,
  • Mr Priestley is returning to Clunes PS on the mid north coast. Having you here at South Coogee PS was such an honour. The support you gave the teachers and students has been greatly appreciated,
  • Mrs Motwani is taking on a teaching position at Kensington PS. Your enthusiasm will be missed. We have appreciated the commitment you have made to the students in Senior school,
  • Ms Gororo (Library) will be taking on some schools in the eastern suburbs. Thank you for stepping up and taking on the role of Librarian, we have appreciated your commitment to our school and our children,
  • Patricia Leathem officially retires after 9 years here at South Coogee PS. We wish you all the very best in the future,
  • Ms Niceforo is moving to Wollongong and will be teaching down the coast. Lynette has stepped up as the relieving Assistant Principal this year and has done an outstanding job. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the school, you have made wonderful connections with not only all of the staff but all of the children as well,
  • Mrs Toms, who has been here for 20 years, will be taking on a position at Distance Education. Diana, you will be sorely missed. Your passion and enthusiasm for this school and everything it encompasses is inspirational. You have seen it all throughout the years as you were a parent and a teacher during this time. Thank you Diana for keeping the drive to make our children love and learn sport.

It is with a saddened heart that we farewell these wonderful people who have made a real difference to our school and your children. Thank you so much for the energy and support you have given us here. We will miss you but wish you all the very best.

Class formation 2018

During this time of year teachers are finalising class programs and collecting data that will support class creation for 2018. As you would appreciate, the process of forming classes is a highly complex process that we take very seriously and handle carefully. As you would imagine, this is a web of variables that requires careful thought and discussion. Please be thoughtful as it is not appropriate to request a teacher for next year. If your child has a particular learning need, please be reassured that all is taken into consideration and your child is placed in the best learning environment. All of our teachers are high quality teachers and, as evidence has shown, our strength is ensuring our students have the best opportunities to succeed. We look forward to your ongoing support and are looking forward to another great year at South Coogee.

I am immensely proud of the South Coogee PS community for the outstanding support this year and would like to share my sincere gratitude to you all. I hope that your end of year celebrations, time with family, and the summer break brings joy and reflection to you and your family and creates good memories to draw on in the year to come. We hope you have a safe and peaceful holiday and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Trish Fisher


Deputy Principal’s Message

Year 6 Student Leadership Nominees for 2018

Last Monday, we all enjoyed listening to the persuasive speeches presented by our 2018 school captain nominees. It was wonderful to see thirty-one Year 5 students nominate for the Year 6 leadership Team next year. I am always so impressed with how our students prepare a speech in under an hour and then confidently deliver it to an audience of their teachers and peers. All of the nominees should be commended for their performances and I am confident next year’s student leadership team will be strong advocates for their peers.

On Wednesday 29 November, thirty-three students nominated for House Captain roles next year and presented their speeches to their houses.

We wish all of our leadership candidates good luck!

The student leadership team will be announced at the

Leadership Assembly on 12 December at 2pm.


Technology News


BYOD is a program for Senior School students at South Coogee Public School. It allows students to use a device as a learning tool in class time.

It makes learning more fun, while being in a risk free environment. Using iPads as a learning tool creates a space where we can collaborate more effectively.

Using iPads really improves our learning experience and makes a creative learning environment.

Nick A and Keala B

Merry Christmas South Coogee

From Purple Literacy (Stage Three-Senior School)

The students in Purple Literacy raised $110 this term for the charity World Vision.

We then chose some Christmas gifts for the school and sent them to families in need.

We chose Clean Drinking Water, Childhood Immunisation and Chickens and Eggs.

We feel very grateful for all that we have and are happy to know we have helped better the lives of other people in our world.

Class of the Week – 3J

This week in 3J we have been looking at how authors use different techniques in their illustrations to tell stories. Here are our own illustrations that use different techniques such as lighting, perspective and surrealism.

Defence News

Everyone is leading up to the end of the term and year, with postings, relocation and spending time with family.

There will be some staff changes as always and I regret to inform you I will not be returning as DSTA next year. I am thankful for the opportunity to be at South Coogee Public School for a short time and have enjoyed the vibrancy and passion for learning from both staff & students.

I hope everyone enjoys there summer break and especially to everyone who may be relocating with their Defence Family, all the best with this new chapter in your life.

Are you moving?

If you are posting out or moving school this year please make sure you contact the office/classroom teacher and DSTA to inform of students last day of school and where you will be moving to. This information is much appreciated and is vital for future planning

School Posting Passport

Families that are posting out, could you please send your existing School Posting Passports to me at school for stamping as soon as possible. Students that have not changed schools before and are leaving, I can provide a passport and this will be sent home on the last day. If you would like to discuss this please contact me.

Deployments and Absence

Please make sure you let your child’s teacher or I know if a member of your family is away for an extended period of time in the New Year. Having this knowledge will go towards supporting the student at school throughout the absence period.

Defence Sausage Sizzle13th December – 3pm

End of year Sausage Sizzle open for Defence Students and their Families.  Invitation were sent out to you via your eldest child. Please RSVP as soon as possible to establish numbers.  I look forward to seeing you all there.

Kind Regard: Jan Simpson – Defence School Transition Aide (DSTA)

Email: janine.griffithssimpson@det.nsw.edu.au

Updates from Your P&C

The race is on! Counting down to end of term!


Thursday 07 December (2.00-4.00 pm) &

Friday 08 December (8.30-10.00 am & 2.00-4.00pm)

Come and grab a bargain at our end of year markets!

Some of the goodies perfect for end of year gifts include:

  • Scented candles
  • Handmade Necklaces
  • Lolly & showbags
  • Cards & decorative boxes
  • Books, DVDs & CDs
  • Second hand uniforms

Come and browse at the Tucabia Street gates next to Kiss & Go!


Get your 2018 stationery pack through the P&C.

This year the P&C have worked with Kookaburra to provide the Stationery Packs to save families time over the holiday. By purchasing through the Kookaburra, you will help to raise valuable funds for the P&C.

To order please go to the Kookaburra website: www.kookaburra.com.au/login

School Name: South Coogee Public School (P&C)

Username: SOUTH088

Password: studentpack

Further instructions are available on our website.


The weather threatened but gave way to a great day for past and present SCPS families to come together and enjoy some treats, laughs, activities and music. Thanks to all who were involved in any way, so much to do in the lead up to the day, on the day and after the big event. The dad’s crew were a great help with many arriving after work and into the evening on Friday night to set up and throughout the day on Saturday.

Special thanks have to go to all class parents for their hours of support, planning and preparation. We couldn’t have done it without you all. Huge thanks to Jodie Steele for donating so much of her time, energy and passion to our school event. Her coordination was a saviour to all, the event could not have been anything like it was without her. Special thanks also go to the exec and committee leaders for chipping in and helping out in the months and days leading up to Fiesta.


Thanks to all for the fabulous support, attendance, involvement and enjoyment of a celebration of our children’s musical growth over the year. For the BBQ hands, bakers, sales people, organisers and ticket takers, we thank you.


Thank you to those who joined us for our last meeting of the year, minutes will be available to all soon. We want to take a moment to thank the amazing volunteers across the school who have been invaluable to our school community offering anything from a hour on occasions to days and weeks of support over the year.

We would love as many members of our community to join a discussion at our final P&C meeting to thank all class parents, volunteers and family supporters who have baked, bought, helped, organised, sold, cleaned, gardened and many more things that have made our school great!

For our exec and committee leads, thank you for your coordination and support throughout the year in so many different ways for many activities.

 Our Exec Team

Natalie Keledjian, Eoin Grant, Kathryn Taylor, Jenny Ball, Vicki Goldberg, Donna Smith    & Stephen Taylor

Our Committee Leads

Jodie Steele, Lindy Sardelic, Vanessa Renford, Carinne Joubert, Cate Kloos, Michaela Herzberg, Katja Klikauer, Lucette Parkes, Imby Langenbach, Jen Mather, Vicki Attard & Imby Langenbach

Special thanks go to our beautiful parents who have been part of our community for many years and now leave us as their children enter high school, these include:

 Natalie Keledjian who has been a long-term support for P&C including President this year and various executive and committee roles over her many years with the school. A wonderful community minded exec member, Nat has supported or impacted families across the school and will be missed for all she has contributed over the years.

Vicki Attard has lead our library and BBQ activities as well as year 6 fundraising with other parents this year. A valuable P&C advocate, Vicki has supported all students in her endeavours to make our library wonderful, many of you will have had the opportunity to cover books with Vicki, a time we love and enjoy together.

Louise O’Toole helped with many community events and fundraising over the years with her daughter.

Melinda Klingner who behind the scenes has been helping in the library covering books and supporting library activities.

Michaela Hertzberg has been an active community member for many and varied activities with her children and husband.

Huge thanks to all for your amazing support this year and for being so involved. We have been thrilled by the year and the involvement of parents from all years. Please let Kathryn know if you wish to be involved in 2018, this could be as class parent, committee lead or helper – (kathryn@turningpointconsulting.com.au)

Some of the options coming up could include:

  • Committee lead
  • Class parents
  • Uniform shop
  • Bakers
  • Enviro committee
  • Dad Helpers (1 Deed)
  • BBQ hands
  • Book club (Scholastic) support
  • Charity committees
  • Container coordinator
  • Fundraising
  • Library hub
  • Technology

If you want to hear more contact Kathryn at kathryn@turningpointconsulting.com.au or Eoin at eoin.grant@gmail.com for a chat

Just a few activities for the last few weeks, we know they are busy days but would really love to end the year on a high. Remember to keep up to date with end of year activities and presentation days by looking at the school calendar – https://www.southcoogeepublicschool.com/calendar/

Your P&C

Term 4 Merit Awards

Weeks 1-2
Jessica H KE being self aware and able to reflect on success criteria
Itai C KE being self aware and focusing on his reading goals
Emily M KE a fabulous start at South Coogee Public School
Tayla L KN fantastic improvement with Reading
Gabriel O KN improvement with Recount writing
Lucas J KN settling into KN. Welcome to SCPS
Flynn K 1J working well independently
Sophie W 1J always being an excellent helper
Ryan F 1M continued improvement in writing
Lloyd R. 1M enthusiasm for learning
Jack W 2C using the Learner Quality ‘Think’ to inferences
Lila F 2C a wonderful start at South Coogee Public School
Zara E 2T Excellent work in writing and fantastic work habits.
Oliver A 2T Welcome to South Coogee PS!
Lucy L 3D excellent participation and teamwork at camp
Noah K 3D courage and determination at camp.
Gia I 3D courage and determination at camp.
Darcy P 3D Participation, determination and leadership at camp
Scarlett W 3D Improvement with Informative Writing
Jordi H 3D an excellent work ethic
Darcy P 3D determined effort in Mathematics
Samuel T 3D pleasing progress in Mathematics
Callum P 3D Showing self awareness in his learning progression
Lia M 3P being self aware and able to reflect on her learning goals
Eva N 3P a diligent approach to all class tasks
Hugo V 3P Detailed memoir of his camp experience
Liam L 3P excellent teamwork and determination at camp
Zach C 4B continued effort in all learning areas
Josh D 4B a determined approach to class tasks
Charley F 4B improved reading comprehension
Reef G 4B his enjoyment and participation at camp.
Weeks 3-4
Aderline S KN great sorting of 2D shapes and 3D objects
Maxim S KN sharing his ideas during Science
Ethan L 1B asking “thick” questions in literacy
Leah T 1B being determined to achieve her learning goals
India D 1E expressive singing and animation while rehearsing songs for Grandparents Day.
Charlie C 1E always approaching his work with a positive attitude.
Anton D 1J settling back into the classroom quickly
Nessa L 1J reflecting in maths
Tyler E 1M improvement with reading
Faith H 1M informative water saving news
Hannah R 3D Excellent summarising skills
Isaac B 3D Persistence when working on Maths problems
Madison A 3D Progress in reading comprehension
Ely A 3D Determined effort to complete class tasks
Elliot L 3P excellent application in Mathematics
Byron H 3P Improvement in inferential comprehension
Charlie S 3P Pleasing progress in reading comprehension
Lochie B 3P Excellent focus during Science
Jed W 4B Showing determination in writing tasks
Oscar G 4B A wonderful effort summarising texts read
Taya L 4B improved reading comprehension
Sophie T 4B Wonderful work in Mathematics
Hugh B 4M giving thoughtful and helpful feedback to peers in literacy
Sarah D 4M being a kind and caring buddy and great kindergarten role model
Linus J 4M creative writing in poetry
Andrew K 4M showing self-awareness in learning
Weeks 5-6
Kereil T KN great improvement with his Reading
Grace H KN trying to write sentences correctly
Jack Withey 1B his curiosity in maths lessons
Jade S 1B her determined approach to all of her work
Asahi G 1E trying her best to compete work in the timeframe provided.
Zienna D 1E sharing interesting ideas during class discussions.
Hugo B 1E making a wonderful attempt to improve his writing.
Marcus S 1E showing excellent skills in touch clinics.
Simon G 1J thinking in maths to tell the time
Issy V 1J determination with comprehension
Anthony G 1J determination in his writing
Charlize W 1J determination in her writing
Nate Y 1M Collaborating with peers to complete tasks
Joaqhim B 1M being determined to complete tasks
Max N 1M helping a classmate with his work
Louise Y 1M determination to complete her work
Orshena I 1M a fabulous spelling result
Ike P 2C being determined to improve his handwriting
Liam Y 2C working collaboratively when using the iPads
CJ C 2P For continually trying to question and understand his learnings.
Robbie J 2P For being self aware and trying to understand his next steps in his learning.
Harlow T 3P progress in reading comprehension
Emma S 3P Showing self awareness in her learning
Zech S 3P persistence when working out Math word problems
Zac E 3P Creative writing in Poetry
Amelie K 4B a consistent approach to all subjects
Eric S 4B working well in Maths
Indy G 4B writing a wonderful poem about the beach
Alysha E 4B showing determination in Fractions and Decimals
Weeks 7-8
Freya R KN fantastic improvement when writing recounts
Ocean R KN beautiful handwriting and bookwork
Georgie G 1B her persuasive writing on junk food
Dan T 1B his determination towards all of his work
Marley B 1B improvement in his writing
Iara C 1B determined effort in maths
Odin H 1J using ‘strong words’ in his persuasive writing
Daniella G 1J determination with her persuasive writing
Lani G 1J trying to make ‘thumbs up’ decisions
Adam G 1J his curiosity when investigating water
Jake G 2P not giving up on his persuasive writing
Gemma T 2P trying hard with her work.
Phoebe T 2P trying hard to be more organised
Oliver S 2P connecting his understandings when learning new concepts
Max N 1M a sensible attitude in class
Pele K 1M` persevering with place value
Melina M 3D being an excellent role model
Bede G 3D determined effort in maths
Tyson S 3D Trying hard to improve his handwriting
Lawrence B 3D pleasing progress in maths
Ashur I 3D Improvement in reading comprehension
Hannah G 3P creating an engaging picture book
Liam L 3P Showing determination in writing tasks
Bianca R 3P creative writing in poetry
Hugo V S 3P Determined effort to complete class tasks
Kian L 4B participating well in Science
Danny J 4B working well in Maths groups
Ava M 4B a wonderful effort in Maths
Lucy M 4B an excellent effort in writing
Weeks 9-10
Aela H KN always being a responsible student
Skout K KN improvement in writing recounts
Billie K 1J effort and enthusiasm during dance
Flynn K 1J great questioning during Literacy block
Lucy S 1J increasing her independence in writing