2018: Term 2 Week 5

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents

Developing a shared language of learning with all stakeholders for any school or system starts with the adults in the school or system itself. Questions such as “What really does make a quality learner?” posed to all staff with the chance for dialogue can truly drive united actions to best impact all learners – both student and adults. Ensuring this shared language is explored and solidified is a crucial step in building future success – a step well worth the foundation it establishes in moving Visible Learning forward.

Shared Language Must ALSO Include Parents

While recognising the role staff and students played in the development and embodiment of learner qualities, we also recognise the value in inviting parents into understanding South Coogee PS’s shared language of learning. One of John Hattie’s mindframes – I inform all about the language of learning – emphasizes the need to partner with parents in the learning process, as many parents are unaware of what learning looks like or means for their child.

At South Coogee PS, we are continuing to embed our shared language. Whilst all of our learners (teachers and students) are developing the language for learning, we often prompt with questions. We are learning so sometimes our learners are very clear in answering these questions and other times we are not there YET.

So each day ask your child:

  • “What did you learn today” instead of “What did you do”.
  • “Why do you think it’s important to learn_________?” or “ Why are you learning that?”
  • “How will you know that you have learnt it?”

A pivotal step for any school to move towards becoming a Visible Learning school is the establishment of a shared language of learning with the adults as well as their students. When we extend that partnership to include parents around this shared language, the opportunities to talk about student learning evolve and strengthen.

Characteristics of a Visible Learner:

  1. I ask questions and seek feedback.
  2. I see errors as opportunities for growth.
  3. I am comfortable taking risks.
  4. I seek opportunities to challenge myself.
  5. I self-assess and take action.


Inspired by Learning…

Today Andrew showed me a design, poster and Gumball machine that he made after being inspired by a persuasive writing task in class. As a curious learner, he proudly described his learning process and showed me how the machine worked. I loved that Andrew moved beyond his classroom learning and extended this thinking to create a clever idea.

Great work!

Trish Fisher


In part adapted from Establishing a Shared Language for Visible Learning by Dave Nagel and Karen Flories


Deputy News

On Monday we had the pleasure of having Steve Biddulph present his ‘Raising Girls’ talk to our parent community. Over 350 parents and community members attended this event. Steve is one of the world’s best known parent educators and our South Coogee community was captivated by his warm and engaging presenting style. Steve noted that over the past five years there has been a marked rise in mental issues for girls and he outlined some practical ways parents can support their daughters to become healthy, resilient and confident young women.

This included:

  1. Avoiding toys that imply to a girl that looks and clothes are what matter.
  2. Dress young girls in outfits that are practical rather than getting caught up in fashion and marketing trends.
  3. Encourage your daughter’s interests, whatever they are. Help her discover her “spark”.
  4. Spend time with her and make her feel secure and content with who she is.
  5. Surround your daughter with other adults, aunts or friends to whom she can talk when she cannot talk to her parents.

The Raising Girls book has been purchased for the school library and will be soon be available for loan.

Steve Biddulph will be returning to South Coogee on 18 October 2018 at 7:30pm to present his RAISING BOYS talk.

Tickets cost $35 and bookings can be made at: https://www.trybooking.com/UHGX


Class of The Week – 2J

Thoughts From 2J

Why do we use learning intentions and success criteria?

We use learning intentions so we know what we are learning. India D

We use success criteria because it’s a checklist. Daisy J

If you are not sure what you are learning you can look at the learning intention on the board. Ryan F

You can use learning intentions and success criteria to give yourself feedback. Olive R

Success criteria is like a checklist that help you with your work. Marcus D

We use them to get better because you learn from them. Zander A

Why do we use feedback?

Feedback gives you more information about what you need to improve on. Pele

Feedback is good because it encourages you to improve. Orin

Feedback helps you learn by your mistakes. Charlie

Feedback tells us if we need to practise something. Tyler

What have you enjoyed learning about this year?

I like doing the jump strategy and split strategy. Marcus S

I like the jump strategy because it’s a good way to do maths. Max N

I liked learning about science because there are so many things you can learn about that you don’t know. Georgie G

Technology News

Mrs Fisher tells us how Technology is important to a Principal:

Technology at South Coogee PS is an important platform for learning.

At our school we use ICT in many forms. We have an intricate network that runs our many iPads, Chromebooks, hard drives and software programs. We use our complex ICT arrangement to support school programs, including organisational software in the office for family and child information including account keeping. Most excitingly, we use ICT as part of engaging and challenging our learning. We are proud that our learners, both teachers and students, have embraced technology and use these applications regularly in teaching and learning.

Technology features every day in my role; from daily emails, Google applications, the Department of Education desktop, I engage in webinars and online learning regularly, I use technology to prepare presentations and many reports on learners, staffing, accounting, school assets, academics and much more. I also enjoy receiving stories, maths problems, science experiment results, videos and documents from learners that show me what is going on in classrooms.

We are encouraging tech-savvy citizens who have a positive digital footprint at South Coogee PS. With Technology as a Literacy, we ask our learners to be literate in reading and writing but also as a communication piece when connecting with other people across the world, now and in the future.

Check out what Year 1 are learning!

This week in Mathematics, Year 1 have been learning how to use place value to represent and order two-digit and even three-digit numbers. We started by making two-digit numbers using base 10 materials, counters, links and other objects. Then we turned the numbers into pictures using either base 10 pictures, ten strips or ten frames. We learnt how to show the numbers using words and numerals. We have been practising our expanded notation to separate the numbers into (hundreds,) tens and ones. With all this knowledge we were able to compare the numbers. We used dice and our new “write n wipe” sleeves to play ‘The biggest number’ game. The winner was the person who created the biggest number out of the digits rolled. Year 1 also utilised the iPads in our Mathematics lessons. We used the app ‘Explain everything’ so that we could order 3 numbers from smallest to biggest. We recorded our voices, explaining our thinking of how we got the answer. Year 1 had lots of fun using the iPads in our learning!

Learning Intention: We are learning to use place value to order 3 numbers from smallest to biggest.

Success Criteria:

  • I can use place value to order three numbers.
  • I can explain how I have ordered the numbers.


SRC CanTeen Bandanna Day Fundraiser

This semester the SRC is running a charity drive to raise funds for CanTeen. CanTeen helps young people aged 12-25 cope with a close family member’s cancer or their own.

The SRC is encouraging the student and wider school community to get behind the SCPS Bandanna Day campaign. Funds raised help to provide counselling services, a 24/7 online community, camps and youth-specific resources as well as specialist medical treatment and support for young cancer patients.

Bandannas are $5 and will be on sale over the coming weeks up to the end of Week 7 or until sold out – so get in quick! You can purchase Bandannas from your SRC Reps on Monday-Thursday near the Grasslands. They will be on sale in the morning from 8:30-9:00am and during 1st half of lunch.

The SCPS Bandana Day will take place on Thursday 21st June. Students will be asked to wear their bandannas on this day in support of CanTeen and to celebrate the difference they have made to children and young people who are affected by cancer.

Eco Warrior News

Eco Warriors and No Waste Wednesday

Congratulations to all the learners who have been elected Eco Warriors for Term 2. It has already been a busy Term with the Eco Warriors undertaking various duties in the classroom each week.

In addition, each Term there is a particular environmental focus for the school.  Term 1 was Earth Hour, where learners tried to reduce the amount of electricity used in the school. In Term 2, the focus is on waste.

Each Wednesday, in Weeks 5, 7 and 9, the school is introducing “No Waste Wednesday”. Learners are encouraged to try and eliminate any waste from their lunchboxes by using reusable containers and eating food that does not require packaging. Each class Eco Warrior will record how much waste is created by each class and a prize will be awarded for the class with the least waste. The goal is to have no waste left at lunchtimes because learners have reduced the amount of packaging in their lunchboxes.

We’ll report back in Week 10 on the winning classes. In the meantime, we would be grateful if you could support the learners by trying to reduce the amount of waste in their lunchboxes.


Gardening Club News

It has been busy in the garden at South Coogee.

With the help of Emma from our local Bunnings store, children from Years 1 – 6 have contributed to re-establishing our vegetable garden. It now boasts healthy snowpeas, carrots, broccoli, cabbages, cauliflower, kale, sweet potato and English spinach…not to mention cos lettuce and potatoes. We harvested seeds from our old parsley and kale plants from which we have grown seedlings that were planted in the beds.

Our weekly activities include watering, planting, turning the compost, checking for bugs and clearing the garden beds of pine needles. Thank you to all the children who help out each week.

We have also begun work on the herb garden which is much in need of heavy work. There will be a Working Bee on Sunday, June 24 that will tackle that bigger problem.

All are welcome to attend the Working Bee. More information about that will be available shortly.

Library News

A big thank you to all the parent volunteers who came along to help last Thursday. New books were covered and many others were levelled ready to be added to our growing Lexile section.

 New graphic novels have arrived!

A graphic novel uses images as well as words to tell a story.  Graphic novels are a great way to encourage reading as they are fast paced and move quickly, the plots are exciting and there is often a good dose of action along the way.  Graphic novels are found in purple boxes on the book series wall at the front of the library.

A closer Look: Alex Rider, Skeleton Key- The Graphic Novel 

By: Anthony Horowitz, Antony Johnston, Kanako (Illustrator), Yuzuru (Illustrator)

This is a graphic novel adaptation of Alex Rider’s third thrilling mission. Reluctant teenage superspy Alex Rider is useful to M16 in ways an adult could never be. Now they need his help once again.

Pauline McLeod Reconciliation Week Primary School Art Competition

This year we received several excellent entries for the Pauline McLeod Reconciliation Week Primary School Art Competition. Pauline McLeod led and inspired Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians towards understanding, acceptance and healing through her work as a cultural educator. She was an icon in Australian media and entertainment who worked across many platforms to teach and celebrate her Aboriginal heritage.

The theme of this year’s competition was ‘Our Living Cultures’. Students were asked to design an artwork that reflected of the living culture of Australia. South Coogee Public School was proud to enter three wonderful artworks created by the following students: Skout Kirk (1B), Freya Robinson (1J), and Sophie Connell (1B). Their artworks were displayed at the Ashfield Service Centre on the 21st May. Congratulations to these learners and a big thank you to all students who entered the competition.

PSSA Results


Week 3 – Round 1

Team Played Score Player of the match
Snr A Bye
Snr B Gardeners Rd L 13-3 Sienna T
Snr C Bye
Jnr A Bye
Jnr B Gardeners Rd L 3-0 Lucy L
Jnr C Bye
Rugby League
Juniors Matraville W 36-4 Tighe R
Seniors Maroura Jnct D 36 all Jesse S
Snr A Rainbow Street PS L 3-5 Nahuel VJ
Snr B Rainbow Street PS L 0-5 Flynn McD
Jnr A Rainbow Street PS W 1 – 0 Yaniv L
Jnr B Rainbow Street PS W 2 – 0 Johan S

Merit Awards

Ruby H 2T determination in maths and writing
Kayla C 2T showing a determined effort in reading and phonics
Melina M 4X increased confidence and participation with class tasks
Harlow T 4X a determined effort in Maths
Ely A 4X a collaborative approach during group work
Bede G 4X sharing ideas and opinions with the class
Finn B 4X being a more self aware learner
Eva N 4X determination to improve her writing using the success criteria
Angus M 4X a diligent approach to learning
Lola B 4X increased confidence and participation with class tasks
Carina C 5/6M active participation in all class discussions
Zach C 5/6M using initiative in group work
Grace S 5/6M a creative approach to homework tasks
Giordano R 5/6M improved concentration and effort in History lessons
Issy Vanderis 1/2M giving a  great feedback explanation
Lennox Mackay 1/2M showing collaboration with peers in mathematics
Mia Konakov-Sindicich 1B being a responsible and kind class member
Tyler Lawrence 1B improvement in blending his phonemes
Sophie C 1B making connections to improve her understanding when reading
Xavier D 1B reflecting on his work to accurately represent tens and ones
Filip R 1C making great progress in reading
James I 1C respectful listening and thoughtful contributions in class discussions
Emily A 1J excellent listening and determination with her work
Gabriel O 1J questioning during Literacy Block
Tarun H 1J huge improvement in his writing
Chloe W 1J her dertermination in mathematics
Summer Gabriel-Slattery 2J showing determinaion when learnig the jump strategy
Conor Grant 2J being a great ‘Burly’ in our play
Luca G 3D an informative and engaging Science topic talk
Koby S 3D showing determination to make improvements in writing
Chloe W 3D having an excellent work ethic
Emma F 3D an excellent topic talk about Material Scientists
Isaac B 4X determination to improve his writing
Keegan T 4X showing confidence in using clarifying strategies in literacy groups
Queen 4X a determined approach to improve her reading
Jacynta K 4X For being a determined learner
Lawrence B 4X collaborating well with peers in literacy groups
Adam S 4X showing determination during Maths lessons
Lana C 4X showing enthusiasm and determination in learning
Lucy L 4X consistently immersing herself in class tasks and working diligently
Anthony M 5/6M showing determination in learning Chance
Evan M 5/6M an outstanding effort presenting at assembly
Chalie K-W 5/6M a mature approach to learning in History
Alysha E 5/6M a high application to class tasks
Rosie L. KD showing determination in creating and recognising patterns in Mathematics
Lai J KD pleasing effort and improvement with writing simple sentences
Chloe H KD for making pleasing progress with writing short recounts
Max W KD thinking and reflecting during class discussions
Jason K KN improvement when writing recounts
Gemma S KN being more settled at school in the mornings
Archie C KN showing kindness and tolerance to his classmates
Coco P KN being a cooperative learner
Frankie T KT effort and enthusiasm in literacy groups
Stamati M KT being determined to improve his wiriting
Onell I KT respectful listening during class discussions
Chelsea W KT effort and enthusiasm in literacy groups