2018: Term 2 Week 7

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Carers

In continuing to create a sense of belonging and a clear focus on learning through strong partnerships and open communication with you, we would like to encourage you to talk to your children about our ‘Learner Qualities’.

The term ‘learner qualities’, sometimes called ‘dispositions’, refer to the way in which learners engage in and relate to the learning process. Learner qualities affect how students approach learning and therefore the outcomes of their learning together with identifying the importance of furthering skills, engagement and deep understanding.

As a school community, we created ours in early 2016. Our learners and teachers talk about these in class time, on the playground and in conversation.

We are looking for our learners to be able to talk about how they can use their learner qualities to be challenged in learning, as well as how we can work together to develop the understanding of these qualities, as fundamental for students to develop an awareness of the way they learn and establish future-focused attitudes to learning which are critical if they are to be able to become lifelong learners.

Our learner qualities are:

  • Are Self Aware
  • Reflect
  • Think
  • Are Curious
  • Question
  • Connect
  • Collaborate
  • Are Determined

Over the next few weeks we will be revisiting our Learner Qualities and link how we use them in our everyday learning.

Please take the time to talk to your children about these dispositions and ‘How they can know what to do, when they don’t know what to do’.

Ask: Which learner quality / or qualities to you use when you are learning… or learning maths…?



Inspired by Learning…

Today Bella showed me some amazing descriptive writing inspired from the text The Peasant Prince Year 3 are currently reading. As you read, you can picture the train station scene. Enjoy!

Well done Bella – Very impressive.

There’s a new space coming to South Coogee!

Last week the Student Representative Council members from years 3-6 had the opportunity to work with the team at Urban Landscape Projects.

Our learners participated in a very hands-on “Old School, Paper and Crayon Design Workshop”, where they analysed our school grounds, the spaces we have and their uses. Students were able to recognise that our unused car park at the front of the school is an opportunity waiting to be actualised.

Excitedly and seriously, our SRC brainstormed how this space could be transformed into a multi-purpose outdoor area for all students at our school that can be used to support a diverse range of learning experiences and play alike.

They decided that it was important that this space complimented our Native Garden and flowed between the paddock and the garden. Below are some photos of our learners engaged in the process.

Mrs Fisher presented the new ‘Outdoor Play and Learning space’ design to the P & C at last night’s meeting.


Semester 1 fees are now overdue. If you have not paid, they will be sent home next week as we are currently preparing Semester 2 invoices. Please do your best to keep up to date.

Please contact the office if you are experiencing difficulties.

Trish Fisher


Deputy Principal’s Message

National Literacy and Numeracy Progressions

Last week three of our executive staff attended a professional learning session outlining the recently released National Literacy and Numeracy Progressions.

The evidence-based Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions aim to support teachers with mapping learners literacy and numeracy development from Kindergarten to Year 10. The research evidence shows that teachers are most effective when they have accurate information about what their learners know and are ready to learn next, and use this information to inform their teaching. Learning progressions support explicit teaching by enabling teachers to accurately determine learners’ current learning achievement and next learning steps. They also facilitate a shared professional understanding of literacy and numeracy development.

Our work with the progressions is in the early stages but their use will support the literacy and numeracy goals articulated in our 2018—2020 School Plan.

If you are interested in finding out more about the progressions please visit: https://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/resources/national-literacy-and-numeracy-learning-progressions/

Class of the Week – 1C

Makerspace with 1C

1C had wonderful time last week learning with Miss Mitsoulis, Mrs Cake and Tamara in the Makerspace. They were challenged to build house for the Three Little Pigs that the big bad wolves, Miss Mitsoulis, Mrs Cake and Tamara, could not blow down. They were able to choose from three different materials: straws, paper or paddle pop sticks. They collaborated and successfully built a house. Some were able to withstand the huffing and puffing of the wolves but some were not! The learners were able to reflect on the Learner Qualities they used, what worked well and what changes they would make if they were to build a different house.

We used Collaborate and Think. The two houses that were stable were the paper one and one of the wooden house. Ours was stable because we used lots of layers. I would add more layers to make it more stable. – Elsie G

We used Collaborate, Determined and Think to make our house. The houses that were the most stable were the ones that were heavy and big. Next time I would change the shape of my house. – Zac M

We used Collaborate, Determined and Think to make our house. The most stable house was the paper house and the wood house. Next time I would change the shape of the house. – Micaela G

The Learner Qualities I used were Think, Collaborate and Connect. The most stable houses were a paper house and a wood house. The paper house was one of the most stable because it had lost of folds. – Nathaniel L

This year our school has registered to participate in the NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge. The purpose of the Challenge is to encourage students to participate in sport and physical activity to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Over a ten week period, Year 3-6 will be monitoring physical activity levels during class time, at recess and lunch as well as during sport lessons. Physical activity outside school hours will also count towards the Challenge award. The aim is to work towards an average at least 60 minutes of activity a day for ten weeks. Our school will be working towards a class based award at the conclusion of the Challenge.

We would like to invite families to support us in encouraging students’ healthy use of leisure time and to experience the joy of being active together. Each student in Years 3-6 will be issued with a logbook to record their daily physical activity. Whilst K-2 students will work towards a Gold class award level.

Physical activity is valued for its physical, social and emotional benefits. It also helps young people to develop communication skills, confidence and resilience.

Rugby League Clinics for Kinder, Year 1 and 2

K-2 classes will be doing Rugby League clinics for the next three weeks in PE lessons.  Each student will be given a flyer and parents are asked to register online at playnrl.com/programs – put in postcode 2034 and then register under South Coogee Public School. Students will then receive a rugby league ball at the end of the program.

Allison Stewart

Reconciliation Week

Week 5 was National Reconciliation Week. In class, students had opportunities to talk about and reflect on the theme: Don’t Keep History a Mystery.

We also welcomed performers, Peta Strachan and Dharpaloco Yunupingu from Young Australia Workshops. All students watched their show entitled, Jannawi. The performance included cultural stories, some Darug language and dance. Students learnt about the native honey bee and ways of hunting for honey in the bush.

They were also taught about the different types of ochre designs used by men and women in ceremonies.

Technology News

Social Media Guidelines for Students

  1. Be aware of what you post online.  Social media venues, including wikis, blogs, photo and video sharing sites, are very public. Do not post anything you wouldn’t want friends, enemies, parents, or teachers to see.
  2. Follow the school’s code of conduct when writing online.  It is acceptable to disagree with someone else’s opinions; however, do it in a respectful way.  Make sure that criticism is constructive and not hurtful. What is inappropriate in the classroom is inappropriate online.
  3. Be safe online.  Never give out personal information, including, but not limited to, last names, phone numbers, addresses, birthdates, and pictures.  Do not share your password with anyone besides your teachers and parents.
  4. Do your own work!  Do not use other people’s work.
  5. Be aware that pictures may also be protected under copyright laws.  Verify you have permission to use the image.
  6. How you represent yourself online is an extension of yourself.  Do not misrepresent yourself by using someone else’s identity.
  7. Blog and wiki posts should be well written.  Follow writing conventions including proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.  If you edit someone else’s work, be sure it is in the spirit of improving the writing.
  8. If you run across inappropriate material that makes you feel uncomfortable or is not respectful, tell your teacher right away.
  9. Students who do not abide by these terms and conditions may lose their opportunity to take part in the project and/or access to future use of online tools.

SCPS BANDANNA DAY – Thursday 21st June

This semester the SRC has been running a charity drive to raise funds for CanTeen. CanTeen helps young people aged 12-25 cope with a close family member’s cancer or their own. Funds raised help to provide counselling services, a 24/7 online community, camps and youth-specific resources as well as specialist medical treatment and support for young cancer patients.

Thursday 21st June (next week) is SCPS Bandanna Day. Students will be encouraged to wear their bandannas to school on this day, as an accessory to their regular school uniform. This is an opportunity for the school community to celebrate the difference they have made to children and young people who are affected by cancer.

Bandannas are will be on sale until Wednesday 20th June (or until sold out). They can be purchased from the SRC Reps on near the Grasslands in the morning from 8:30-9:00am and during 1st half of lunch.


Working Bee

Sunday 24th June, 2018

We are hoping for a big turnout. Please put it in your diary!

There are no pre-requisite skills required.

  • The day starts at 10am and finishes around 2pm. Come for 1 or 2 hours or even for the day!
  • Please bring a share plate for morning tea (if you can). Free Sausage sizzle.
  • If possible please bring some of your garden equipment such as shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows would be helpful.

WE NEED AS MANY HELPERS AS POSSIBLE! Many hands make light work.

So far the jobs list is:

Tidying the front of school including the frog pond, pathway and removing messy bush and shrubbery, tidying our current vege and herb gardens, refreshing our amphitheatre as well as general weeding and replacing of mulch around the school, or cooking lunch for the volunteers.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty then there will also be jobs in the library to help us too.

There is always something to do and everyone including the children are welcome – there are jobs for everyone tall and small!

It is always a lot of fun, and a great way to contribute to the school in a very practical way. If you are new to South Coogee School you will find it a great way to meet new people and catch up on all the news around the school.

Hope to see you here!

Mid-Year Musicale Pre-Concert BBQ and Supper – Please Donate

There will be a BBQ, warm soups and cake stall before the concert from 5:30-6:15pm. Students are asked to donate sweet treats, such as cakes or sweets, or warm soups, which can then be sold. These can be brought to the kitchenette next to the library at 8:30am or 3:00pm or to the School Hall on the night of the concert. We are looking for lots of delicious donations – these will provide a great pre-concert supper as well as raise money for our music programs.

If you are able to help on the night with the BBQ or Cake Stall please email Kathryn Taylor at kathryn@turningpointconsulting.com.au. Help will be needed from 4:30pm to set up and 5:30 -6:15pm to sell food. We will also need help to pack up after the event.

At the end of the concert, we would appreciate support from parents who are able to help pack up the hall.

Looking forward to a great night!

Ethics Coordinator Needed for South Coogee Public School

Dear Parents and Carers,

Ethics classes have been available at South Coogee Public School for several years as an option for children who don’t attend Special Religious Educations (SRE/scripture).

The NSW government has authorised Primary Ethics, a not for profit organisation, to create curriculum and recruit and train volunteers to teach these classes. Ethics classes support children in developing skills in ethical reasoning, critical and logical thinking, respectful discussion and how to support their arguments with evidence.

We are looking for a new volunteer to help coordinate our ethics program. Volunteering is a great way to engage with the school.  The Ethics Coordinator is a very social role and would suit people with good organisational skills. It acts as a liaison between Primary Ethics and the school and organises recruitment and coordinates the Ethics Teachers. The time is flexible, approximately 1-2 hours per week and can be done predominantly online. Structured training for the ethics coordinator is provided online.

For more information about Primary Ethics, the curriculum or to volunteer as the ethics coordinator, please visit www.primaryethics.com.au where you can submit an online application.