2018: Term 3 week 8

Principal’s News

Dear All,

There is so much to celebrate at South Coogee PS.

  • Our teachers continue to excel in teaching practices and our learners striving in progress all as part pf a supportive connected community. Again CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for the dedication, time and enthusiasm that has been collectively impacting our school over the past 3 years. So much so that not only the recognition of visiting schools and colleagues but the reception of the 2018 NSW Secretary’s for outstanding School Initiative – Visible Learning.


  • It was SASS week last week and our ‘sassy SASS staff’ were celebrated with flowers and a lovely morning tea. If you get the chance to say THANKS, I’m sure you would be warmly received with a smile.
  • As you will see in our Newsletters, there are numerous learners being recognised for talent, determination and skill in many areas within and outside of the school. If your child has achieved or persevered with an outside activity – It is always a great idea to let the teacher know. It is an opportunity to connect as well as celebrate.
  • CareMonkey support sessions available – We have only a few members of our school community who are yet to be on board and I’ve been told they would like help in connecting. I will be organising a few ‘get-togethers’ so we can sort out any issues or access. Keep an eye out for dates…
  • It’s happening… I’m sure you have seen the covered fences in the top part of the playground recently. This is another project that will be a safer and more aesthetic play space for our learners. Completion date is expected by the end of the week. Pictures in the next Newsletter.


A few reminders to ensure you are all up-to-date:

o Have you finalised your school invoice?

o Have you responded to Care Monkey notes?

o It is also a timely reminder to talk to your children about Stranger Danger, Cyber safety and Road safety.

  • Where is my jumper? Yes it is the time of year that the weather starts to get warmer throughout the day. Please remind your children about their own responsibility to look after their jumpers and hats.
  • Farewell for now Ms Richardson. Our PE teacher Ms Richardson is leaving our school in preparation to have her first child. We wish you all the very best and look forward to meeting the newest member of your family.


Have a lovely day



Deputy Principal’s News

ICAS English Awards

The following students have received awards in the ICAS English Assessment:


CJ C in 3R

Emma F in 3D

Summer G in 3D

Joseph in 3R

Caleb C in 4X

Hugo F in 4S

Zoe G in 4S

Lucy L in 4X

Antonin M in 4X

Sarah D in 5/6A

Sophie T in 5/6E

Niina O in 5/6J

Holly P in 5/6A

Samanunu in 5/6E

Sienna T in 5/6E


Emily B in 3D

Freya L in 3R

Lia M in 4X

Eva N in 4X

Alexis E in 5/6A

Liam L in 5/6M

Zoe S in 5/6A

High Distinction

Cassidy C in 5/6M

The certificates for these awards will be presented at the 3-6 Assembly on Thursday 13 September at 2pm.

Class of the Week – 3R

On Monday 3R and 4S participated in a cooking lesson where we learnt how to make fettucine, ravioli and spaghetti. A lady named Anna helped us make the pasta and she made it look easy.

To start we put flour into a big mixing bowl and then we cracked five eggs into the bowl. Anna taught us a special way to crack the eggs by hitting two eggs together, making only one crack. After we added the eggs we chose two natural food powders – purple/pink and green. The purple/pink powder came from beetroot and the green powder came from a green vegetable. When everything was in the mixing bowl we stirred it all together and it was hard because the mixture was gooey and sticky. The mixing of the dough took quite a bit of time.

Next we kneaded the dough and then Anna put it through a pasta machine a number of times. We then laid it out and put a mixture of ricotta and parmesan cheese using a teaspoon. We folded the dough over and used our fingers to press around the little pockets of cheese. We used special cutters to cut it into ravioli shapes.

We then placed the ravioli into boiling water which we added salt to. This adds to the taste and raises the boiling temperature. We cooked it for 4 to 5 minutes. We placed it in a bowl and added chopped parsley which we got from the school’s garden. It was delicious!

All the students enjoyed this experience, and I hope we can do it again.

Bella S  3R

No Waste Wednesdays

No Waste Wednesdays are a sustainability initiative aimed at reducing the amount of landfill waste that is created from school lunchboxes.

Every Wednesday this term the class Eco Warriors have been assessing lunchboxes to see how many are waste-free. To be ‘waste-free’, a lunchbox must contain only re-useable items, recyclable items or waste that can be composted. If there is anything that will end up in the landfill bin, it is not waste-free.

Try to pack …   A Waste-Less Lunchbox

·         Snacks in reusable containers

·         Drinks in a reusable container

·         Reusable utensils when needed

·         A reusable lunchbox or backpack

·         Small pieces of fruit, yoghurt or snack items in a reusable container

Avoid … A Disposable Lunchbox

  • Lunches packed in plastic bags or wrap, foil, wax paper
  • Disposable drink boxes, pouches, cans, cartons, and bottles
  • Disposable forks and spoons
  • Pre-packaged single-serve snack items


For some tips and tricks you might like to visit https://healthy-kids.com.au/waste-free-lunch/​ and check out their suggestions.

There are 2 Wednesdays left this Term and we hope to see more and more waste-free lunchboxes! Thank you for your continued support in making your school, and our Earth, a more sustainable place.

Debating: Winners are Grinners

Last Wednesday the SCPS Sydney Primary Schools Debating Team participating in the 7th round of their knockout debating competition. The topic was: that it should be compulsory for all students in Year 5 and above to participate in team sports. Our team delivered the affirmative argument. It was a close debate against Ashbury Public School and our team was awarded the win! Congratulations to the entire team on an outstanding debate.

This moves them through to the next (and final!) round of the competition. These learners have shown tremendous skill and development throughout the course of the competition, reflecting on adjudicator feedback and implementing improvements to each of the debates that followed. A huge congratulations goes out to the whole team. We wish you all the best at your next debate!

A further congratulations is in order for Cassidy C, a member of our Sydney Primary Schools Debating team, who was successfully elected into the Sydney Region Debating team. Cassidy will now be participating in debating training sessions with this new team. Later in Term 4 her team will attend the Primary Schools State Debating Championships in Collaroy to compete against other representatives from across NSW. This is an exceptional achievement for Cassidy. We are very proud of her success and wish her well in the lead up to the State Championships!

Pictured below: The SCPS Sydney Primary Schools Debating Team with debating coordinator Miss Sherlock.

Technology News

1B have been using iPad technology to show our knowledge and skills when learning about multiplication and division. We have used the iPad app Explain Everything to demonstrate how to share into equal groups. We learned how to use the microphone and screen recorder.

Then we learned how to upload our work onto See Saw so we could get some feedback from our peers and teacher.

We loved watching each other’s videos and it helped us to understand division!

From the Office

Outstanding Semester 1 and 2 Invoices

All families with outstanding fees should have received an invoice in your child’s bag last Friday. Please check, as payment is due to be paid before the end of the term.  Payment can be made online or at the office before the end of this term.

If you require any assistance with payment please contact the office to organise a Payment Plan. For those already on a payment plan, please remember to make your agreed payment.

Clothing Borrowed from the Front Office

If your child has borrowed any items of clothing from the front office (e.g. shirts, pants, undies, socks) could you please wash and return them as soon as possible, as our supplies are running low.

Many thanks.

Sports News – Stages 2 & 3

On the 25th September, all of Stage 2 and 50 students from Stage 3 will be attending the Milo Blast Cricket Cup at Coral Sea Park, Maroubra. All students will be playing games of cricket in a round robin format with modified rules and equipment. You will be able to access all permission notes through Care monkey.

Venue:             Coral Sea Park, Maroubra

Date:               25th September, 2018 (Week 10, Term 3)

Time:                9.15am-2.30pm.  Buses will be leaving after roll call.

Cost:                $12.00 for Stage 3 ( includes bus and team entry) Stage 2 included in Semester Invoice

Transport:         Bus

Uniform:          Full school sports uniform and school hat

Equipment:     All cricket equipment will be supplied by Cricket NSW and South Coogee Public School

Training:           There will be training at school for Stage 3 students only on Wednesday mornings at 8.10 am with Mrs Stewart and Mr Johnson (12th and 19th September)

Allison Stewart

PDHPE teacher


Dance News

Congratulations to Cate S (5/6J) who has been selected to perform at the State Dance Festival next week as part of the NSW Public Schools Senior Dance Ensemble.

Well done, Cate, this is a wonderful achievement!

Reinforced Reading


Do you have half an hour a week to voluntarily tutor at our school?

Reinforced Reading is the third component of the Multilit Reading Program and involves students reading to a tutor. We are looking for reading tutors to start in Term Four. You will be given a background to the program and instruction on the procedure for your tutoring session. It’s simple and rewarding!!

For every tutor who donates half an hour of their time, we can support a student on the program. Please call Mrs.Horne at the school on 9349.4000 for further information or if you are able to assist our school with this program.

Thank you, Sheridan Horne (LaST)

OOSH Spring Vacation Care Program

We are inviting all parents and carers to participate in the Tell Them From Me (TTFM) Partners in Learning survey. The feedback provided through this survey is used to make improvements and inform school planning. This survey complements the TTFM student surveys, which focus on student engagement, wellbeing and effective teaching practices

Why should I participate?

Parents and carers are an important and valued part of our school community. South Coogee Public School uses survey feedback to make practical improvements and inform school planning.

What does it involve?

This online survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. It is anonymous and voluntary.

If you have more than one child at this school, and feel that your children’s experiences differ, you can complete the survey more than once.

How can I participate?

You can access the survey in your own time, between 5 September and 26 October 2018.
Follow the link below on your computer or tablet:


More information on the Partners in Learning survey can be found on the NSW Department of Educations’ TTFM website: http://surveys.cese.nsw.gov.au/