2018: Term 4 Week 10

Principal’s News

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Amongst the busy-ness of the end of year organisation and celebrations, together with the 2019 planning in full swing, we take time to reflect on the achievements and success of this year. We are very proud of the professionalism of our staff together with the outstanding achievement of our students.

Special thanks to all of you, our school community, who have contributed to the success of our school year. My thanks also go to those who give an hour or more a day, a week, or a month to support our students– Thank you! We could not be so successful without the generous support of time and talent from our parents and community volunteers.

All of our students have worked so hard this year and are to be congratulated on reaching their goals. The students have grown, worked as a team, learned new concepts, led, supported, shared, gardened, played games, used technology, read, counted, danced, painted and smiled a lot. We are so proud of our students and know next year will be even better. It is a special time for our Senior students as we farewell them to the next chapter of High school. We are very proud of them and look forward to the many adventures and stories they will bring back to tell us.

I would also like to recognise and commend the teachers for working so diligently with the students to help them realise their potential. To all of our amazing teaching staff, specialist staff, office staff, George and our SLSO’s for their constant support – Thank you. South Coogee PS is a large operation and it takes a team effort to make it successful.

I am immensely proud of the South Coogee PS community for the outstanding support this year and would like to share my sincere gratitude to you all. I hope that your end of year celebrations, time with family and the summer break brings joy and reflection to you and your family and creates good memories to draw on in the year to come. We hope you have a safe and peaceful holiday and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Trish Fisher


In 2019, students will resume school on Wednesday 30 January. Students will remain in the 2018 classes, ‘Holding Classes’, from Wednesday 30 January until Monday 4 February. During the day on Monday, they will be placed in their new classes for 2019 and meet their new teacher. This allows time for the school to confirm student numbers for 2019 and finalise classes.

In the mornings during this ‘Holding Class’ period, students should go to the area they have been collected by their teacher in 2018:

  • 2018 Kindergarten and Stage 1 – Silver seats in Infants’ Quad
  • 2018 Stage 2 – Bottom half of Middle Playground
  • 2018 Year 5 – Grass area next to basketball courts

In the event of wet weather:

  • 2018 Kindergarten and Stage 1 – COLA outside school hall
  • 2018 Stage 2 – Bottom half of Middle Playground
  • 2018 Year 5 – Top half of Middle Playground

On Monday 4 February, 2018 Kindergarten and Stage 1 students will be collected by their teacher from the COLA outside the hall. This will allow our new Kindergarten students to settle into their new classrooms.

In most cases, students will be collected by their 2018 teacher. However, some classes, including 2018 Kindergarten classes, will be assigned a ‘Holding Class Teacher’.

In the afternoons, students should be picked up from the same area as this year:

  • 2018 Kindergarten and Year 1 – Silver seats in Infants’ Quad
  • 2018 Year 2 – Top half of Middle Playground
  • 2018 Stage 2 – Bottom half of Middle Playground

On Monday afternoon, once students are in their new classes, students can be collected from their new area:

  • 2019 Kindergarten and Year 1 – Silver seats in Infants’ Quad
  • 2019 Year 2 – Top half of Middle Playground
  • 2019 Stage 2 – Bottom half of Middle Playground

K-2 students will receive a note from their new teacher with their new silver seat for 2019 on Monday 4 February.

Thank you for your anticipated support as we transition into the new school year.

Deputy Principal’s News

Year 6 Student Leaders for 2019

On Tuesday 4th December we all enjoyed listening to the wonderful speeches presented by our 2019 school captain nominees. I was so impressed with how these students prepared a speech in under an hour and then confidently delivered it to an audience of their teachers and peers. All of the nominees should be commended for their excellent performances and I am confident next year’s student leadership team will be in good hands.

Our nominees for House Captain also presented their speeches to their houses on Friday 7 December.

The student leadership team was announced yesterday at the Stage 2 and 3 Presentation Day Assembly.

Congratulations to those students who gained a leadership role for 2019.

News From KD

As we near the end of a busy and fantastic year, the learners in KD have started revising concepts taught throughout the term. They have been making various patterns using unifix cubes, using 3D objects to create pictorial representations and continuing to practise their writing.

Recently we read the text ‘Lanterns and Firecrackers’ by Jonny Zucker and learnt about some of the customs and traditions associated with Chinese New Year. In response to the book, KD were inspired to create their own firework artworks.

We hope you have a cracker of a week, and a wonderful summer vacation!

Take 3 for the Sea – Snap and Share Competition

This Term, our sustainability focus was Taking 3 for the Sea to help keep plastic and other rubbish out of our waterways and oceans. The message of Take 3 for the Sea is simple: take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or anywhere and you’ve made a difference!

We encouraged learners to capture themselves in the act of ‘Taking 3 for the Sea’ by asking someone to take a photo of them with the rubbish they collected.

And what a response we received! There were so many excellent entries for our Snap and Share competition and it was a difficult job picking the best 10 photographs, but the 10 winners are:

  • Zoe B – 1C
  • Hugo B – 2T
  • River B – 1-2M
  • Charlie C – 2J
  • Grace C – KS
  • Noah K – 4S
  • Ariel M – 1C
  • Coco P – KN
  • Nair P – 2M
  • Tayah S – 3R

Congratulations to everyone who took part, keep up your wonderful work helping to make our planet a more sustainable place!

For more information about Take 3 for the Sea visit: https://www.take3.org/

Term 4 SRC Initiative – Friendship Mufti Day

On Tuesday 11th December the SRC organised a Friendship Mufti Day, as the SRC noticed that the Friendship Tree in the paddock needs a new sign. This got them thinking about the purpose of the friendship tree. They decided that they would like to raise money for some new, more permanent signs, for the Friendship Trees and also some signs that can be put up in other areas of the school playground to remind learners to check the Friendship Tree and see if there is anyone in need of a friend that day.

Since deciding on this initiative last month, the SRC realised that the school will be needing a new Friendship Tree in the top playground too! So the money that was raised from the Mufti Day fundraiser will go towards finding a new tree to plant as well as getting some more permanent signage for display.

“A friend is someone who helps you up when you’re down, and if they can’t, they lay down beside you and listen.” — Winnie The Pooh

News From 1/2M

1/2M have had a really busy year with much learning, enquiring, listening, laughing, discovering, singing and collaboratively sharing  ideas with each other.

This Term we have enjoyed our Literacy Blocks with beautiful Asian books. Also we have been learning about procedures text types and engaging in cookery activities, for example: making fairy bread, green lime jelly, cheese sandwiches, chocolate crackles and honey joys.

Year 2 have become more confident swimmers due to the two-week swim school program. Some learners are now able to blow bubbles, keep their face in the water, correct their stroke, kick and float confidently.

We have been enjoying our end of year activities such as Musicale, Presentation Day and today’s Movie Day.

1/2M have worked and tried hard this year, and are learning to be resilient, to get on with each other, listen, laugh and learn.

Fractions in Stage 2

In Stage 2 we have been learning about fractions. In particular what a mixed numeral is and how to convert these to improper fractions and place them on a number.

Learning Intention:

I am learning to identify, model and describe mixed numerals as having a whole- number part and a fractional part.

I am learning to place fractions on a number line.

Success Criteria:

I can describe what a mixed numeral is using mathematical language.

I can model a mixed numeral using concrete materials

I can show my understanding of mixed numerals by describing my model.

I can place ½, ¼, and 1/8 on a number line.

I can place 1/3 and 1/6 on a number line.


News From 2J

Earlier this Term 2J was very lucky to have a visit from Marcus’ dad Milan, who owns Sugarcane Restaurant in Coogee.

We have been learning about procedures, and he taught us how to make Chicken Dumplings. We had a lot of fun making them and even more fun eating them. They were so delicious that some of us ate about 10 of them.

KidsXpress Christmas Card Competition

Congratulations to Christian G (5/6A), who was a winner in the KidsXpress Christmas Card Competition.

Christian’s design was chosen from hundreds of entries to be made into a Christmas Card to be sold through KidsXpress. Christian also won a pack of his own cards to keep or give away at Christmas time. Well done Christian!

OOSH Drama Club

Congratulations are truly in order to all who participated in the dramatic musical production, “Phantom of the Music Room” on November 13th in the school hall.

The musical play was a production of the OOSH Drama Club, led by Bronwen Morgan, a school parent volunteer, with the support of her mother, Ingrid Morgan.  All told, 28 children ranging from Kindergarten to Year 4 participated in the show, including backstage hands and a talented cast.  Seventy or so people came to enjoy the show – family, friends and supporters – a real community event enjoyed by all!

A big thank you to the school for providing use of the hall, both for rehearsals in the lead up and on the night, to the library for the loan of various props, and especially to George the handyman, whose timely return and expert hands restored the benefits of professional lighting to the hall which really helped bring the performance to dramatic life!  And a special thank you to the wonderful team at OOSH who really went above and beyond the call of duty in helping make the dream come alive of a full musical production on the stage of the school hall.

Above all, it was the wonderful children of South Coogee’s OOSH program, who are all students at South Coogee Public School, who deserve the greatest applause of all.  Well done, everybody!

Pictured below are:

Picture 1: Luca G, Madi S, Amelie P (half hidden), Juliet D, Finlay S, Stella H, Lola B (half hidden)

Picture 2: Stella H, Tayah S, Jamie G

Picture 3: Tayah S, Chloe D, Jamie G, Juliet D, Freya L, Madi S, Ava B, Luca G, Conor G, Josiah B

Badu Crew Excursion

This Term the Badu Crew enjoyed a great day of outdoor learning at Watson’s Bay. They excursion was led by Tim Ella and Grant Hyde from Kadoo Tours. The day started with students using ochre to paint their faces and arms. Students tasted bush foods including Pig Face berries and wattle seeds. They all enjoyed sharing the day with each other learning more about their culture.

Should Randwick Boys High School become co-educational?

The Department of Education is exploring requests to transition Randwick Boys High School into a co-educational high school, and wants to know what you think.

If the decision is made to change Randwick Boys High School into a co-educational comprehensive high school, female students will be enrolled into the school in stages across a number of years.

Find out more and complete the survey at education.nsw.gov.au/randwick-boys-high-school

before Friday 15 February 2019.

You can also send comments to randwick@det.nsw.edu.au or ask specific questions and share your comments at information booths at local shopping centres, and further information will be on display at local libraries during the school holidays.

Rugby League After School Program

Thank you for participating in the NRL Get Active program.   I hope your child enjoyed the program as much as I did.  If they would like to try rugby league in 2019 there are a few local Junior League Clubs near South Coogee Public School.

Maroubra Lions http://maroubrarlfc.com.au

Coogee Dolphins http://www.coogeedolphins.com

Once again thank you for making it such an enjoyable experience and thank you to South Coogee Public School for hosting the program.  If there are any questions please feel free to contact me or for more information go to www.playnrl.com

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Reuben Wilson

Game Development Officer – Metro