2018: Term 4 Week 3

Principal’s News

Dear Parents & Carers

Welcome to Week 3.

Our teachers are busy working with the children and creating quality teaching and learning programs in order to keep them engaged and focused all the way to the end of term.

Teachers are also focused on collecting data and end of year school expectations for reports, as well as spending time talking with the children about next year.

As part of the end of year organisation, teachers are finalising class programs that will support class creation for 2019. As you would appreciate, the process of forming classes is a highly complex procedure that we take very seriously and handle carefully. As you would imagine, this is a complex web of variables that requires careful thought and discussion. As normal practice, our learners will have the opportunity to nominate a number of friends that will be considered as part of their class placement. Please note all teacher and class positions will be communicated at the start of the new school year.

To support you and your child in the transition to 2019 we have parent information sessions scheduled so that you are informed and aware of expectations for your child’s new grade. It is such an important time of the year and we would encourage you to talk and reassure your children about moving into a new class.

What’s happening around the school…

  • We hope you have noticed the ongoing work to make the school environment a vibrant and safe place to be. We have completed the latest upgrade with the synthetic and real grass placement around the top play equipment. We appreciate your volunteer contributions so that we can continue to create better learning and play surroundings for your children – thank you. We are also finalising ‘paperwork’ with the Department of Education in order to start the Outdoor Learning & Play space at the front of the school. Watch this space for more information to come.
  • The Maroubra Fun Run was on last weekend! A really great opportunity for schools and families to get together as part of one community! So proud to be South Coogee PS!! Our school team battled the wind at the Maroubra Fun Run with over 45 runners representing our school.
  • Fun run We had special guest athletes arrive to compete – Ms Brooks, Ms Sherlock, Ms Mitsoulis, Mrs Stathis, Mrs Larwill, Mrs Walsh-Gay and support crew Mrs Horne. Well done to all!! Special thanks to the teachers who were able to support in the lead up and a huge THANKS to Ms Mitsoulis for leading the team. A really great day.


Keep scrolling down for more exciting and interesting news …. Enjoy


Trish Fisher


Class of the Week – 5/6J

Last week our Stage 3 learners were lucky enough to attend the Invictus Games at Olympic Park. This was made possible by Alison Larwill (our DSTA), Bronte RSL and Mr Terrie at Clubs NSW, and we are very grateful for being given this opportunity.

We had the privilege of watching the wheelchair rugby, with the learners particularly enjoying the hard fought match between Australia and New Zealand. Our Stage 3 learners were able to experience teamwork, determination and sportsmanship in action.­

The Invictus athletes were inspiring and reinforced the important attributes of resilience, determination and courage.

Here is what some of our learners had to say:

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to see these amazing games. I am so grateful and I feel very lucky. From the experience I learnt that if you have a disability then find your ability or use your disability to your advantage; because you are you and no one can change that!


Thank you for giving me a once in a life time experience. It was amazing to see so many fearless soldiers playing rugby in a wheelchair. I learnt so much but I loved seeing the women in the Australian team being as fierce a competitor as the men!


Thank you for giving me this opportunity, it was inspiring.


Changes to Presentation Days

Thank you to all parents and carers who completed the Online survey – ‘End of Year Presentation & Parent Information Days’ in June of this year.

As a result, adjustments have been made to ensure a fluid and accessible presentation and celebration for our learners.

So what will it look like now?

Friday 14th December:

  • Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) @ 9.10 – 10.15am
  • Kindergarten @ 10.30am – 11.30am
  • NB: During both assemblies our ‘End of year learner certificates’ will be presented as part of the presentation.


Monday 17th December:

Combined Assembly:

  • Stage 2, Stage 3 (Senior School) & Year 6 2019 Leadership presentation @ 9.30am – 11am

NB:  No ‘End of year learner certificates’ will be presented at this assembly. Certificates will be presented in classrooms after the assembly. With parents already here and in classrooms, it has been suggested that during the class visit, it might be a nice opportunity to thank your child’s classroom teacher.

Thank you for your opinions and ideas.

Technology News

What is STEM? What is the difference between STEM and STEAM? Perhaps you’ve seen the terms before, or maybe STEM is brand new to you. STEM is not, new, but it is gaining a lot of attention in recent years as educators look for more effective and meaningful ways to connect with and engage students.

What is STEM?

At it’s most basic, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Alternatively, STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

How is STEM Education Important? 

The key component of STEM and STEAM is integration. Instead of teaching an independent subject, lessons are well rounded, project and inquiry based. STEM and STEAM align with the way we work and problem solve in our daily lives. Making it an exceptional way of instructing and learning. With STEM we are teaching skills the way they will be used in the workforce, and the real world.

Through STEM, students develop key skills including:

  • problem solving
  • creativity
  • critical analysis
  • teamwork
  • independent thinking
  • initiative
  • communication
  • digital literacy.


Below is an example how Kindergarten have incorporated STEM into their learning.


 Five teddy bears went to climb the Eiffel Tower when holidaying in Paris.

When they arrived there, they discovered that the tower had disappeared. So they won’t be disappointed, design and create a model of the Eiffel Tower using aluminium foil.


Below is an example of how Stage 3 have incorporated STEM into their learning.

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Last term we collected gold coin donations to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. We thank all students and families for your support in helping raise $341.60 that will go towards improving the access to literacy resources for remote Indigenous communities across Australia.

We’re skipping through the term! 

Jump Rope for Heart is well underway and it’s great to see so many children out in the playground skipping with smiles on their faces. Well done to the students who have signed up online. South Coogee has already raised $3962 and there is still time to go.

It’s not long until our Jump Off Day on Tuesday, 13th November so keep on practicing those tricks! On Jump Off day all students will need to wear their sport uniform and runners, or they can wear a red t-shirt to support the Heart Foundation Jump Rope theme.

They will jump off in their classes and will be able to show off their skipping skills with the short and long ropes.

Don’t forget to share your online fundraising page with friends and family to raise money for a great cause! Still need to sign up online? It’s easy just follow this link and enter your details.


Woolworths Sydney East Regional Cricket Cup Final

Well done to the cricket teams that represented South Coogee at the Woolworths Sydney East Regional Cricket final at Lugarno. All students showed commitment by working on their skills at training sessions before school leading up to the carnival.

The girls team were close to making the grand final (play off for the State title) as they won 2 games and only lost one game by 6 runs. A great effort on the day. The continued improvement saw a number of 4’s and 6’s being hit, stumpings and catches. The leadership displayed by Cate S and Jaide F was outstanding.

For our boys team, it was always going to be tough when they lost Jonah C, their captain, to injury. They did their best against strong opposition and managed to hit 4s and 6s throughout the day.

The standard of the high catching competition was sensational. Our school representatives of Oscar G, Danny J, Jack C, Tallulah K, Rebecca D and Aiza R did well, but were not able to take the title.

Thanks so much to Greg Small and Glenn Greenberg for your expert help in running the training sessions and for assisting with coaching on the day. We particularly loved the session with the bowling machine!

Allison Stewart and Nic Johnson

Take 3 for the Sea – Term 4 Sustainability Focus

Each term there is a particular environmental focus for the school. So far we’ve looked at electricity, waste and recycling.

In Term 4 we are starting to feel the heat – this means we are heading into summer which is the season where we all head down to the beach and enjoy our beautiful ocean. Unfortunately, not all people are respectful of the beach environment.  You often see rubbish on the beach and in the ocean. So what is South Coogee Public School going to do about it?

This Term, our focus is on Taking 3 for the Sea to help keep plastic and other rubbish out of our waterways and oceans. The message of Take 3 for the Sea is simple: take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or anywhere and you’ve made a difference! Learners may need gloves or a tool to collect some kinds of rubbish so they have been reminded to check with their parents or carers before touching rubbish if they’re unsure.

Whenever our learners are out and about, at the beach, the local park, a sporting venue or even walking to and from school, we are encouraging them to keep their eye out for any rubbish that is in the wrong spot and safely collect (at least) three pieces and put them in the right bin/s.

Take 3 for the Sea – Snap and Share Competition

We are encouraging learners to capture themselves in the act of ‘Taking 3 for the Sea’ by asking someone to take a photo of them with the rubbish they collected and emailing it to scps.take3@gmail.com with their name and class in the subject line.

The best 10 photos will be selected and displayed in a special assembly in Week 8. There will be prizes too! Learners can enter as many times as they like using different photos.

Check out more information about Take 3 for the Sea here: https://www.take3.org/