2019: Term 1 Week 6

Principal’s Message

At South Coogee our teachers are on a continuous learning journey. This week all teachers participated in professional development to learn how to implement the Grow Your Mind Program in their classrooms. We all have mental health that needs looking after. Grow Your Mind is about building awareness of the simple things we can do to promote positive mental health. It is so important to build resilience from the early years of life by creating rituals or daily habits that boost emotional wellbeing. This week our teachers explored the nine simple practices which help us to take care of our mental health:

  1. Move your body
  2. Show Your kindness to someone
  3. Know and grow your strengths
  4. Take three mindful breaths
  5. Connect with people
  6. Do something that brings you joy
  7. Think about what you are thankful for
  8. Learn something new
  9. Laugh

Our teachers are going to be using these strategies to support their own mental health and then will be sharing these tools with our learners in Term 2. We will also be holding a Grow Your Mind parent workshop in Term 2 (date to be announced soon).

Brett Kirk, who is a former player and current assistant coach for the Sydney Swans as well as a parent at South Coogee, has created a podcast ‘Mindfully’ in collaboration with Smiling Minds and ABC. This podcast explains how mindfulness can help kids to learn and feel happy. Please visit the link below to listen his podcast episode “Mindfulness at school –explained”. In this episode, Brett sat down with his daughter, Sadie, to talk about how mindfulness helps her handle school work, exams and the playground.


National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) – Friday 15 March

Next Friday our school is taking action to empower our learners to be part of the solution when addressing bullying in our school community. This term all classes have been involved in weekly Anti-Bullying lessons. These lessons explore how to identify bullying behaviour, how to be an upstander not a bystander, how to respond to bullying behaviour and where to seek support.

The NDA is an opportunity to focus on bullying and the big changes we can make to create safer communities for everyone. The theme for the 2019 NDA is Bullying. No Way! Take action every day.

On this day each class will revise the strategies that can be used to prevent bullying and learners will be provided with a pocket card with tips on how to respond to bullying in person or online and where they can seek help. In addition our Year 6 House Captains will be running activities at lunch so that all children be involved in fun collaborative games.

P&C Annual General Meeting – Wednesday, 13 March at 7pm

There are so many supportive people working in our P & C. If you have a desire to support our school, and feel able to contribute in the task of leadership—please come along to our AGM meeting in Week 7 on 13 March at 7pm and put your name forward.

The P & C is searching for candidates for their executive committee for 2019. For more information about the P&C Executive Committee Roles please visit the following link: http://www.southcoogeepublicpandc.org.au/executive-committee/


Term 1 invoices went home this week. Please check your child’s bag for the invoice envelope.

We encourage payment online through our school website: https://bit.ly/2UsVZW4 OR go to Skoolbag and click on ‘Online Payment’.

Update on Building Works

Our top playground equipment has recently been resurfaced. This playground area opened this week much to the delight of our learners.

New bike racks will be installed next week at the front entry to the school on Moverly Rd.

Welcome Barbecue and Twilight Cinema

Last Friday evening we had an outstanding turnout to our Welcome BBQ and Twilight Cinemas. It was a beautiful evening and really exemplified the wonderful community atmosphere we have at South Coogee PS. I would like to thank Leanne Economou-Gouveia for leading this event and our P&C Executive team (Jodie Steele, Kathryn Thompsen, Eoin Grant, Mai Zhou and Jenny Connell) for helping to coordinate such a professionally run evening. Thanks also goes out to:

  • Jo and Carol for managing the door entry
  • Cynthia (lead), Simon, Cate, Natalie, Val, Gila for the beautiful cake stall
  • Janice and Susan for running the pizza stall
  • Carinne, Phil, Mark, Jaide & Mila for running the BBQ
  • Liz, Karen, Vanessa for the concession food stand
  • Annette and Leanne for selling novelty items and show bags
  • Olga for working the gold class section
  • Rebecca, Brian, Kate for general helping out duties
  • Our Year 6 ushers – Evan, Cassidy, Andrew and Sarah
  • SCPS OOSH – Zac, Jack and The OOSH team who helped to set up games for the kids
  • SCPS Staff for lending a helping hand


This event showed that many hands certainly do make light work and volunteering can be a lot of fun. Thanks again to our community for helping out!

Marion Walsh-Gay

Relieving Principal

Deputy Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Carers,
Firstly I wanted to say a huge thank you to the P&C for their hard work at the Welcome Barbeque and Movie Night last Friday. It went off without a hitch and this was due to all of the hard work behind the scenes from volunteers, organisers and parental support. It was
wonderful to see so many people there to support our school and the community. As a new member of staff I felt very welcome, and I know our new families felt the same.

Secondly, I’d like to introduce you to the 2019 Vice Captains, Finley and Sarah. They have demonstrated their maturity and capacity to be positive role models consistently throughout their time here at South Coogee, and I thought we might get to know them a little better….

Name:           Finley G
Nickname:    Finn
Favourite food:   Nachos
Favourite colour:   Green
Best thing about SCPS:   Sport
Why did you want to become a leader?  To help people.
Do you have any advice for students wanting to be a leader?   Do it, even if you’re scared!

Name:      Sarah D
Nickname:    Sare
Favourite food:    Risotto
Favourite colour:    Yellow
Best thing about SCPS:    It’s a friendly school
Why did you want to become a leader?  To help people, I’ve always been
interested in speaking in front of people and being a leader helps you to contribute to change in the school.
Do you have any advice for students wanting to be a leader?    Its lots of fun! And be confident, because it’s not as scary as it seems.

Until next time!
Kaylie Johnson


Class of the Week – 4X

In 4X, we have been looking at a series of books that have incredible paintings of surreal art. 4X have been having such a great time learning to develop skills that help them predict what the books are about. 4X have been using their imaginative skills to create poems and short stories focusing around what they would like to do in an imaginary day where anything is possible. Here are some things that some students would do if they imagined a day:​

Imagine a day everything is for free – Liam B

Imagine a day when shelves becomes doors and there’s more to explore – Matthew

Imagine a day when the frosty cold river rises by air – Greg

Imagine a day you could fly – Cooper

Imagine a day where you can walk on water – Nina

Imagine a day you could walk on clouds – Dimitra

Imagine a day when you can swim to the depths of the sea without breathing – Madelyn

Imagine a day where you can touch the sun – Annabelle

Imagine a day where you can eat all the food in the world –Ally

Imagine a day where there is no time – Luca K

Imagine a day where you can make your own beach – Aidan

Imagine a day you’re the only one alive – Heath

Imagine a day when you have a stop watch that could freeze time – Chloe S

Class of the Week – 2J

2J have had a great start to Year 2. We have already learnt about recounts, 2D shapes, sentences, captions and lots of whole number concepts like partitioning. We are looking forward to a fun and interesting year of learning.

I have been learning about partitioning and now I am good at it. Sophie

The best part of school is making new friends and learning. Mia

I am looking forward to or reading groups. Tayla

I am looking forward to doing art. Ella

What I’ve liked so far is the beach scene and the biplane in art. Eden

I like that the work is great fun. Elsie

I have liked Science so far because we made spaghetti towers. Summer

I really like playing with my friends and getting better at maths. Daniel

I like Year 2 because we get to do hard work. Sharna

I am looking forward to the excursions. James and Mila

What I like about Year 2 is the work we have in writing. Nathaniel

I like that I have a new class and new friends. Zac

I like Year 2 because of new friends. Luca

I like Year 2 because the work is more fun. Ariel

I am feeling good in Year 2 because it is fun. Jessica

I like Year 2 because it’s fun and I like the maths. Gabriel

We are looking forward to swim scheme. Tom, Adelaide, Skout and Ocean

We love playing Sevens. Robbie and Monty

Gardening Club News

Our gardening gurus have been very actively planting new vegetables and herbs in the vegetable garden, while also working to maintain and develop the existing crops. The children have planted red cabbage, snow peas, beans, silverbeet, carrots, broccolini, eggplant and strawberries.

A big thank you to Janice and her family who have donated strawberries, sweet potatoes and chocolate mint for planting.

We’ve just about finished gathering our tomato crop but have been harvesting a variety of herbs, kale, rocket, baby cabbage and even limes.

Come and have a look but please don’t pick!

ICAS Assessment – Changes in 2019

In the past, notes for ICAS would be distributed early in the year. There will be significant changes to the way ICAS tests are administered in 2019.

The tests will all be online, except the Writing test for Years 3 and 4, and they will be held in September.

More information will be communicated as it comes to hand.

ANZAC Day 2019 

Anzac Day will be celebrated at SCPS in Term 2 this year.  On Wednesday 1st May (second day back at school) we will be having an Anzac Day Commemorative Service in the School Hall at 10am.

Parents and friends are very welcome to attend this event.  Military members are invited to attend, in uniform if they wish.

In previous years we have had a slide show of family members of our defence children and the wider school community who have links to Defence.  Would you like to provide a photo that you are willing to have displayed at the Anzac Day service?  The children in previous years have loved to see themselves and their mum / dad / grandfather / grandmother / uncle / aunt / brother / sister up on the big screen, and are very proud to have their family member recognised as being an important part of our Defence Force.  If you would like to share a photo, please send it, with a brief explanation to – alison.larwill@det.nsw.edu.au or send it into school on a USB.

Many thanks

Defence School Mentor

Newtown HS of the Performing Arts – Auditions

Newtown High School of the Performing Arts provides specialist education at the highest level to students having outstanding potential and/or achievement in, and commitment to, Dance, Drama or Music.

Students currently in Year 6 enrolled in public or non-government schools who are seeking entrance into Year 7 in 2020 at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, must participate in audition workshops in Dance, Drama or Music.

Auditions will be held between Monday 24 June to Thursday 4 July 2019.

To be eligible to apply, candidates must be Australian Citizens or holders of a visa granting permanent resident status in Australia on the day of their audition.

To register for an audition, please complete the online application form located on our website www.nhspa.nsw.edu.au

Inner Sydney High School – Revised Catchment

The new Inner Sydney High School is scheduled to open Day 1, Term 1 2020 for Year 7 students.

Following the announcement on 14 December 2018 of the catchment area and enrolment pattern for the Inner Sydney High School, opening in 2020, a review of the proposed boundaries has taken place.

 The review has been completed and the revised catchment area is now live. You can view the catchment here.

If you have a child in Year 6 in 2019, he/she may be eligible to enrol into the Inner Sydney High School for Year 7 in 2020. A student is able to enrol into the Inner Sydney High School as an in-area student if their permanent and principal place of residence is located in the school’s designated catchment area. Enrolments will be undertaken in accordance with the NSW Department of Education’s guidelines and procedures.

Primary schools have received enrolment information for Year 6 students as part of the normal high school enrolment process. Forms will be distributed to parents shortly.

You can find out more about this exciting new high school at the School Infrastructure website.