2019: Term 2 Week 10

Principal’s Message

Parent Feedback Survey – Academic Reports

This week on Wednesday your child brought home their Semester One report. We hope this report gave you a better insight into your child’s academic progress as well as their social development. In order to consistently improve our practice, we are asking parents and caregivers to complete a very short two minute Academic Reports – Parent Feedback Survey. There are only ten questions to answer and we really value your input.

Please access the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5TLJH27


Last night’s Musicale was wonderful celebration of South Coogee’s outstanding performing arts programs. It is so inspiring to see the development of our learners as excellent team members and dedicated performers. These evenings showcase the amazing talents of our students and the dedicated teachers who support their development. I want to thank Jen Ball and Jodie Steele from the P&C who coordinated a fantastic soup, sausage, cake and popcorn feast. I would also like to thank Joanne Coetzee and Renee Sherlock for coordinating the event. Finally, a huge thank you to our teachers who give up their time to ensure our students have these superb opportunities.

Thank you to Jenny Monaghan, Susy Leal, Kate Michaels, Anna Doran, Marie Mojanovski, Lara Richardson Lexi Jenna, Sivannah Brooks, Sheridan Horne and Melissa Mui for supporting our performing art programs.

Upcoming Parent Information Evenings

We have a number of upcoming parent information evenings over the next term. Please mark these dates in your diary.

Wednesday 31 July from 6:30-7:30pmSupporting your children with Reading and Maths (see flyer below)

Wednesday 4 September @7pm – ThinkUKnow Cyber Safety Parent Information Evening (see flyer below)

Happy Holiday Break

I would like to thank the students, parents and all members of the community for supporting our school this term. Our teachers are so dedicated to providing stimulating learning opportunities for our learners, both in class and through extracurricular activities. Thank you to all our outstanding staff for their ongoing commitment to our school.

I hope you and your families have an opportunity to recharge your batteries over this holiday break and we look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 23 July. Have a happy and safe holiday.

Marion Walsh-Gay

Relieving Principal

Deputy Principal’s Message

Visible Learning in English

For the past 4 years, teachers at SCPS have been implementing the principles of Visible Learning to enhance their teaching and learning programs across all Key Learning Areas. All English lessons begin with a clear Learning Intention that answers the question ‘Where am I going?’ Success Criteria are used to inform students of what is expected of them to achieve the Learning Intention. Feedback is used to answer the questions ‘How am I going?’ and ‘Where to next?’

Throughout the lesson, teachers and students refer to the Learning Intention and Success Criteria to guide their learning. Success Criteria are used to give Feedback on their learning.

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria are made visible to students throughout the learning process to ensure students can refer back to them. They will be displayed on the whiteboard or an anchor chart. Students will record them in their books by writing them or by gluing in a ‘Feedback Strip’.

Students receive Feedback at different points in their learning from different sources. In a writing lesson for example, students may look at a piece of writing with a peer to discuss the Success Criteria that have been achieved and those that need to be further developed. Teachers and students work together in a conference to identify a learning goal for the student. Teachers can also give written feedback using Two Stars and a Wish (a star is a success criteria the student has achieved, a wish is a success criteria they are still working on). Students rate their understanding of the Success Criteria using the Marzano’s Rating Scale. This helps students reflect on what they have learnt and what they need to focus on next.

Here are some examples of what this looks like in classrooms and in student work:

Class of the Week – 2E

Term 2 Reflection

In Mathematics we have learnt and used new strategies to figure out maths sums. 2E are becoming really good at using the jump and split strategy. We have learnt to skip count forwards and backwards starting at different numbers. Most of us in 2E love maths and we don’t like missing out on any lessons.

In Literacy Sessions we loved reading texts by Julia Donaldson. The books had a great story line and coda. We were able to easily make connections. The activities were fun and we loved roleplaying the story of ‘The Gruffalo’

We loved library and music lessons because we have Mrs Leal teaching us. She is a very funny library/music teacher. Most of 2E enjoyed borrowing books from the library as we love reading. She taught music in a fun way and taught us where different instruments come from.

2E is lucky to have Mrs Richardson for sport. We have learnt many skills for different sports. We learnt to dribble the pucks in hockey, to dribble and shoot goals in soccer, to dribble and take control of the ball in basketball, to be flexible in gymnastics and most importantly to have fun while learning new skills.

2E is lucky to have Mr Monti teach Science because he knows a lot about dinosaurs. We enjoyed learning about dinosaur features, about how they became extinct. We most enjoyed making dinosaur fossils.

Did you know that there were more girl dinosaurs than boy dinosaurs? Did you know that the dinosaurs that lived in water or flew in the sky were called prehistoric animals and not dinosaurs? And did you know that they were called dinosaurs because ‘dino’ meant dangerous and ‘saur’ meant big lizard.

In Grow your Mind we enjoyed learning about taking care of our minds. We learnt about the different parts of our brain and related them to the different animals. We mostly enjoyed meditating, elephant breathing, snake breathing and becoming more mindful.

We also loved art lessons. We mostly enjoyed the ceramics lessons where we made whales out of clay. They turned out pretty good.

We had a very busy term learning and most importantly had fun while learning.

NAIDOC Celebration

On Tuesday, we held a whole school NAIDOC celebration led by the group Giralang Guwal.

Each stage participated in activities that included necklace making, dance, song and games. It was a fun day of learning.

In class, students have been engaged in lessons around the 2019 NAIDOC theme: Voice. Treaty. Truth. Let’s work together for a shared future.

ThinkUKnow – Cyber Safety Parent Information Evening 4 September @ 7pm

 Our South Coogee Public School will be hosting a ThinkUKnow presentation on 4th/September/2019 at 7pm and all parents, carers and teachers are encouraged to attend.

ThinkUKnow Australia is a cyber safety education program that educates parents, carers and teachers of how people are using technology, the challenges they may face online, and how to help them overcome these in a safe and ethical way.

ThinkUKnow Australia is a partnership between the Australian Federal Police, Microsoft Australia, Datacom and the Commonwealth Bank. The program is delivered in collaboration with policing partners New South Wales Police Force, Northern Territory Police, Queensland Police, South Australia Police, Tasmania Police, Western Australia Police, as well as Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.

The presentation will be delivered by a local law enforcement member and an industry volunteer. The presentation covers issues relating to children and young peoples’ privacy and security online, their relationships with other users and their online reputation. It provides insight into the devices young people are using, as well as the popular websites, apps and social networking sites they’re accessing.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn more about young people and the online environment, and how you can help them to be safe and responsible users of technology.

For more information, you can visit www.thinkuknow.org.au or contact Mr Tesoriero at: mark.tesoriero5@det.nsw.edu.au