2019: Term 2 Week 8

Principal’s Message

It has been an incredibly productive term and I would like to acknowledge some of our student groups who have been successful in STEM projects, performing arts and debating over the past two weeks.

Congratulations to our Game Changer Challenge Team

We are very proud of our Game Changer Challenge team, Taya L, Sarah D, Eliott S., Elliot B., Bogdan S. and Kyna D, who have been selected as one of only sixteen teams from across NSW to take part in the Game Changer Challenge.

They will be competing against 15 other teams from NSW at the Game Changer HQ in Parramatta during Education Week to explore the question: How might we humanise technology?

This three-day design thinking program will give our team an opportunity to work alongside leading industry professionals to help develop and refine their proposal.

Thank you to Mr Monti and Mrs Alexiou for supporting our team. We wish our year six student team the best of luck in the competition.

In the Spotlight Dance Festival at the Seymour Centre

Our Senior Dance Ensembles have performed at ‘In the Spotlight Dance Festival’ at the Seymour Centre. On Thursday night, our Aladdin group put on a spectacular lyrical performance to ‘One Jump Ahead’. Tonight, our Dr Seuss group will be performing to “Oh the thinks you can think!’ and we wish them the best of luck. Based on the video I saw from today’s rehearsal, it is sure to be a fantastic show!

Congratulations to Letayah G who was selected to be part of the Gili Aboriginal Dance Group. She will be performing at the Seymour Centre on 28 June.

We are very proud of the time, effort and enthusiasm our dance teachers and learners put into making such successful productions.

Congratulations to our Premier’s Debating Team

Our Premier’s Debating Team, Cassidy C, Alexis E, Chiara S, Sarah D and Willow R, have won all three of their debates this term.

The topics were:

  1. That all homework and assignments should be group work Affirmative position
  2. That primary schools should never use electronic devices for teaching – Negative position
  3. That parents should pay their kids whenever they help out around the house. Affirmative position


The Premier’s Debating Team is allocated one hour to work together prepare their case. Our team successfully collaborated to put together well constructed arguments supported by evidence and to rebut the arguments of the opposing team. Congratulations on this outstanding result!

Upcoming Events

Working Bee Postponed – Sunday 4 August

Due to forecasted rain on Sunday, we have had to postpone the school working bee until 4 August. Please see flyer below for further information.

Garden Opening- Celebrations of the Contribution of Aunty Fay Carroll

Next Wednesday 26 June at 10am we will be holding an opening for our new garden area. This space was created by Peter and Bruce from First Hand Aboriginal Solutions in collaboration with our Badu Crew students. We have also planted a tree in recognition and memory of the contributions of Aunty Fay Carroll.

NAIDOC WEEKVoice. Treaty. Truth. Let’s Work Together For A Shared Future. 

On Tuesday 2nd July we are holding a whole school NAIDOC day incursion where all students and staff will participate in rotating activities led by the group, Giralang Guwal.  In addition, our Stage 3 students and our teaching staff will take part in a learning session provided by Sean Brennan from the University of NSW to explore the background and significance of The Uluru Convention.

Mid-Year Musicale – Thursday 4 July starting at 6pm

Our school bands, choirs and dance ensembles are very busy preparing for the Mid-Year Musicale to be held on Thursday 4 July starting at 6pm. This event is a wonderful celebration of the hard work our performers have put in all term and we look forward to seeing you all at this fantastic event! Please see the flyer below for further details.

Reports – Wednesday 3 July

Teachers have been busy finalising Semester One reports which will go home on Wednesday 3 July. Reports give a snapshot of the educational progress that your child has made over the past semester, as well as their social development and commitment to learning. The reports will identify areas of student strength and areas for further development.

The forecast is for wet and windy weather this weekend. I hope you all enjoy your weekend and stay warm and dry.

Marion Walsh-Gay

Relieving Principal

Deputy Principal’s Message


At this time of year, we understand that there are many students absent from school for a variety of reasons. It is very important that parents and carers provide an explanation of these absences to class teachers. You can notify the teacher of the reason for your child’s absence by sending in a note, emailing them or completing an Absence Form in the Skoolbag app. Below is a picture of the steps to follow for this. If the class teacher does not receive an explanation, a letter will be sent home requesting an explanation for the absence.

If students are late to school, they must sign in at the office. Late arrivals will only be marked as ‘Explained’ if the parent or carer comes to the office with the student or if the office is notified by phone.

Contact Details

Have you moved or changed your phone numbers or email recently? It is really important that you let the office know so that we can update your child’s records. It is also important that we have up to date emergency contact details. You can pop into the office or email the school at sthcoogee-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au to update your details.


Class of the Week – KD

KD have been reading and discussing lots of fabulous texts this term. One of our favourites has been Alexander’s Outing. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing famous Sydney sites in the story.

In our writing, we have been learning about adjectives and how they make our work more interesting. KD wrote descriptions about ducks. Please read some examples of our writing.

We then created some amazing artworks that are displayed in our classroom.

Eco Warrior News

Water Wise

This term our school’s sustainability focus is water usage. As you may be aware, Level 1 water restrictions are currently in place across Sydney.

Our Eco Warriors are helping to spread the Water Wise message into classrooms and they’d love you to get involved by talking about it at home too!

Students are identifying ways they can be Water Wise at school and at home. These are the things they’ve come up with so far – can your family think of any more together?!


·        Use the bubblers for drinking only

·        Turn off the taps in the bathrooms

·        Make sure taps outside classrooms are turned off properly (no drips)

·        Make sure showers go for 5 minutes or less

·        Turn taps off properly (no drips)

·        Turn off the tap when the water isn’t needed

o   While brushing your teeth

o   In the shower when washing your hair

·        Fill the sink when washing up rather than use running water OR only turn the dishwasher on when it’s full

To access further information about Water Conservation these websites may be helpful:





Coding Club

Our Stage 3 students are working hard in our Coding Club adventures in partnership with DevAcademy. They have been learning about algorithms, conditionals and loops. Coding Club has been working with the Blocky program and are beginning to understand how to write syntax. Who would’ve thought our Stage 3 could be so savvy!


Grow Your Mind

This week students have been learning about the power and health benefits of being kind to others. Essentially kindness is contagious and there are many long term health benefits with being kind. Kindness is good for the heart, the body releases a hormone called oxytocin when you are kind, which helps to protect and strengthen your heart. Kindness makes us more resilient and allows us to feel more connected.

There is an important step before showing kindness and tolerance to others though. We need to feel connected to people around us. Saying hi, being friendly, laughing with others, are all ways to boost your connection. When we feel connected to others we can start being kind to ourselves and to the people and animals around us. Please ask your children to share with you their well wishes for the planet and for the people they love.

Career Pathways & Employability Skills Semester 2 Courses

Parents, are you needing to upskill to return to work?

Career Pathways and Employability Skills at TAFE Randwick are running part-time introductory courses during school hours.

Vocational areas include: Computing, Health and Fitness and Nursing.

We also run the Work Opportunities for Women program designed for women who need additional support for re-entering the workforce.

For more information please contact: Arifa.Saeed2@tafensw.edu.au

Note that we will be holding an Information and Enrolment Day at the Randwick Campus. Details as follows:

Date: Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Time: 10:00am

Location: Building A, level 2, room 13 (A2.13)


OOSH Winter Vacation Care

Keep your kids busy, active and happy these school holidays with the many wonderful activities available at OOSH Winter Vacation Care.

The full program will be sent on Skoolbag shortly, or ring OOSH on 9344-8463 for more details.