2019: Term 3 Week 8

Principal’s News

Australian Reading Hour

Next Thursday our school is participating in the Australian Reading Hour. We will be holding peer story time sessions in classrooms and the outdoor learning areas to encourage children to rediscover the love of reading for pleasure.

We hope you can continue this practice at home by stopping what you’re doing and pick up a book to share with your child. Reading is a wonderful way to unwind at the end of a busy day.

The benefits of reading for pleasure are wide ranging. Recent research has found that reading for pleasure not only benefits academic attainment but it can also increase empathy, improve relationships with others, reduce the symptoms of depression and improve wellbeing throughout life. If you are interested in finding out more about this research visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/research-evidence-on-reading-for-pleasure


Virtual Visit with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Next Wednesday 4X and interested students will be involved in a Skype session with Dr Karl to discuss all things scientific. It will be a question and answer format and I’m sure our learners (and teachers) are very excited to be part of this amazing learning event! Thank you to Ms Mui for organising this opportunity.

Yarn Up

Last Monday, Sadie K, Julia W, Jazlyn M and Letayah G from Stage 3 presented their persuasive speeches at State Parliament. Our students represented the school so well and were passionate speakers with excellent manner. Congratulations to Sadie K, Julia W, Jazlyn M and Letayah G for their outstanding presentations!

Paddock Update

The tender process for the returfing of the school paddock is complete and Preferred Turf was successful tenderer. Construction on our new paddock will start on 19 December with an anticipated end date 31January.

Tell Them From Me – Parent/Carer Survey

We are once again providing an opportunity for you to share your thoughts, ideas and hopes for our school. Please use the link below to complete the survey. We are hoping for a maximum response, so a true and accurate picture of the attitudes, perceptions and ideas of our school community can be captured. http://nsw.tellthemfromme.com/sc2019

New Enrolment Guidelines

As part the Department of Education’s new Enrolment Policy, we have had to update South Coogee’s Enrolment Guidelines. The new guidelines can be found on our website at:


School Uniform Gentle Reminder

Our school expects all students to wear a school uniform. The wearing of a school uniform supports a positive image of the school within the community, promotes identity and pride and helps to ensure student safety. Please ensure your child is wearing the correct uniform and that they have a South Coogee school hat.

Deputy Principal’s News

Community Feedback

Academic Reports Survey – We recently surveyed the community about our Academic Reports. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. While the response was generally positive, there were four main findings:

  • Information in the tick boxes was too detailed and language can be hard to understand
  • Parents wanted clear indication of the growth or next learning steps
  • Social emotional indicators and comments are important
  • Some respondents wanted further student input

In response to this feedback, the Executive have met to discuss the findings and develop some alternative options which were presented at the P&C meeting last week. We will be seeking feedback from the greater community about the possible options soon and will look to implement any changes to the format of reports in Semester 1 2020 reports. For next semester, the Executive will work closely with teachers to ensure student’s comments include areas of growth and next learning steps.


Student Mobile Phone Use Survey – The results from the Student Mobile Phone Use Survey showed us that we need to communicate our school’s policy more clearly to the community as 55% of parents/carers surveyed were not aware of our policy. While the number of students who bring a phone to school is not great, it has increased since the policy was first written. We are currently revising the policy to take into account the changes in technology and increase in student use. Once completed, we will ensure it is clearly communicated to all staff, students, parents and carers.


Class of The Week – 3S

Fun times in 3S

It’s been another eventful term and 3S have continued to flourish with their learning. We’ve had wonderful experiences such as book week parade and author visit, Father’s Day open morning and cricket gala day.

In Literacy, we’ve been reading the amazing Roald Dahl books including ‘The Magic Finger’, ‘The Giraffe and the Pelly and me’ and ‘The Twits’. Exploring the creativity and incredible world of Roald Dahl literature has enabled the children to open their own minds to new possibilities and further their love of reading. We have explored the characters and creative writing techniques used in the books to guide the students with their own writing.

Our writing focus has also been informative texts, where we have explored the processes involved in writing informative reports. 3S have worked collaboratively in groups to create information about Giraffes. (Please see pictures) Group work has allowed the children to develop many important skills – such as patience, leadership, listening skills and how to get along with others.

Using a combination of resources, 3S have enjoyed developing their skills in Mathematics. We have access to 10 ipads in our classroom, a range of hands on concrete materials and collaboratively planned units of work. This term we have focused on multiplication, division, area, money and data.  3S have enjoyed the element of competition and have had lots of fun with maths.

We are beginning to prepare for our assembly item which will be on Thursday Week 4, Term 4 and all parents are welcome to attend. 3S are also excited about the upcoming camp to Narrabeen in week 10 this term.

Finally, thank you to all of the 3S parents and carers for your kindness, care and support.

Mrs Smith

Gardening Club News

We have a pergola, thanks to Chris and his students!

A dream the gardening club has had for almost two years, is to build a pergola over the herb garden to provide dappled shade in the hot summer, encourage the growth of our grape vine and improve the aesthetics of the area.

We now have one, thanks to Chris Clapp and his students. Chris is a high school teacher and the parent of Simon in Year 3 and Tomas in Kindergarten at South Coogee. He took on this challenge, planning the building and organising materials, which his students measured, cut and prepared for easy assembly here at school.

Chris worked, in less than favourable conditions, with Eliott, Linus, Jamie, Noah, Oscar and Jed, all of whom are in Stage 3 and have contributed to our Gardening Club. Chris’ son Simon also leant a helping hand. They measured and dug holes for the posts and learnt about using levels, nuts and bolts and working with quick-mix concrete, amongst other things.

A final THANK YOU to Chris and his high school students!

But wait… there are more people to thank!

A huge thanks to Marjolein, mother of Samuel in 1J, who has been wonderful helping out with Gardening Club. Your help is much appreciated.

We’re preparing our garden for a spring planting by adding compost, soil and wetting agent to the garden beds and by resting the soil between planting. I’m sure you’ve noticed, Madam Milkalot is back with a new coat of varnish.

Kindergarten Garden lessons began last Friday for this term and kicked off with a lesson involving digging, raking, turning the compost and creating a flower pot by planting and watering seedlings.

Also, we’d like to thank Kathryn and Lily (KC) who donated six tomato plants to the spring garden. We’ll try to keep them going and will enjoy the harvest, when it’s time.




Last week a number of the Stage Three Defence Kids were able to participate in Legacy Week by selling badges and collecting for Legacy at Coogee Beach.  On Tuesday and Wednesday they were accompanied by a number of fathers who are current serving Defence members.  The students did an amazing job, stepping out of their comfort zones and were able to tell members of the community what Legacy was all about and why they were collecting for them.

Throughout the week we sold Legacy badges and bears and we were able to raise $1790.00 for Legacy.

Waste Free Wednesdays @ SCPS

South Coogee Public School is a sustainable school and every Wednesday is Waste Free lunch day. Our waste free lunch program educates students about where our waste ends up and how we, as individuals, can reduce the amount of waste we generate and send to landfill.

Waste free lunches encourage the first step in the waste hierarchy – AVOIDING waste. Choosing products that have less packaging and/or are compostable results in less waste that we have to dispose of. Where waste is unavoidable, durable reusable items and recyclable items are the next best options.

Waste free lunch boxes not only make good environmental sense but they make good economic sense too as they are often cheaper – and in most cases a lot healthier too!