2019: Term 4 Week 10

Principal’s News

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

Helen Keller

For our last Newsletter 2019, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the outstanding community who does so much to support our school and our learners.

Thank you to all our parents and community who take the time to work with us. Whether helping with reading, assisting with working bees, running fundraising events or providing feedback through surveys about our programs. Your engagement with our school and support of our students is highly valued. A special thank you to our amazing P&C led by Kathryn Thomsen. To the P&C Exceutive, Jodie Steele, Darren Bagnall, Mai Zhou, Jonathan Leiper and Jenny Connell thank you for working tirelessly behind the scenes to help support school initiatives and to build a strong inclusive community atmosphere. We really appreciate your outstanding commitment!

At the end of the year we sadly farewell families who have contributed a great deal to our school throughout their time here at South Coogee. Thank you to Kathryn Thomsen and Michael Thomsen for dedicating many hours behind the barbecue to support school fundraising efforts and for helping to build such a welcoming atmosphere at South Coogee PS. We wish you and the boys all the very best in Newcastle. Thank you to Imby Langenbach,
Louise Dawson, Vanessa Renford, Carinne Joubert, Gina Mihail​, Sean Brennan and Kate Temby​ and Soo Kee Ng for your years of support, and the energy and time you have put into to helping our school. We hope you look back fondly on your time at South Coogee PS and we wish you and your families the best for the future.

A huge thank you to our teaching and support staff for their dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to ensure each child makes progress in their learning and feels connected to our school community. I am incredibly grateful for all that you do to support our students.

To our teaching staff who will be heading to other roles next year:

Farewell to Victoria Thompson (KT) who is heading to St George PS to take on an Assistant Principal role. Thank you for all your dedication to our school and your kind and caring approach to supporting students.

Karly West (KT) is moving to Florida. We will miss you and your whole family as you have all been integral part of our school. Best of luck in Florida!

Alison Larwill our Defence School Mentor is returning to Canberra. Thank you Alison for your dedication to the Defence community and for supporting all the students of South Coogee PS.

Thank you to Melinda Nancarrow for her positive approach to supporting the students of 1C. We wish you the best on your next adventures.

We want to sincerely thank these wonderful people who have made a real difference to our school. Thank you for the energy and enthusiasm you put into your work every day. We will miss you but wish you all the very best.

I am immensely proud of the South Coogee PS community for the outstanding support this year and would like to share my sincere gratitude to you all. I wish you all a safe and enjoyable holiday break with your family and I look forward to seeing you all in 2020.

Marion Walsh-Gay

Relieving Principal

Deputy Principal’s News

2020 Year 6 Leadership Team

Congratulations to all the Year 5 students who nominated themselves for a leadership position in 2020! Our new Year 6 Leadership Team was announced at Monday’s Presentation Day Assembly. We are sure they will all take on their new roles eagerness and pride.

School Captains: Caleb C and Sadie K

School Vice Captains: Zoe G and Tighe R

Year 6 Leaders: Taj Y, Letayah G, Asher G and Niamh L

House Captains: Mila S and Angus M (Jacaranda), Xanthe H and Jordi H (Waratah), Scarlett W and Keegan T (Wattle), Lawrence B and Elke B (Banksia)

House Vice Captains: Lucy L and Ashur I (Jacaranda), Jamie G and Madyson K (Waratah), Jacynta K and Jayden DE (Wattle), Finn B and Madison A (Banksia)

2020 Stationery Requirements

This year the P&C have worked with Kookaburra to provide the Stationery Packs. By purchasing through the Kookaburra, you will help to raise valuable funds for the P&C. To order please go to the Kookaburra website:


School Name: South Coogee Public School (P&C) Username: SOUTH088

Password: Student9

If you do not order a Kookaburra Stationery Pack, you will need to purchase all the items listed on the note that was distributed through Skoolbag. Please make sure you buy for the stage your child will be in next year.



In 2020, students in Years 1-6 will resume school on Wednesday 29 January. Students will remain in their 2019 classes, ‘Holding Classes’, from Wednesday 29 January until Monday 3 February. During the day on Monday, they will be placed in their new classes for 2020 and meet their new teacher. This allows time for the school to confirm student numbers for 2020 and finalise classes.

In the mornings during this ‘Holding Class’ period, students should go to the area they have been collected by their teacher in 2019:

  • 2019 Kindergarten and Stage 1 – Silver seats in Infants’ Quad
  • 2019 Stage 2 – Bottom half of Middle Playground
  • 2019 Year 5 – Grass area next to basketball courts

In the event of wet weather:

  • 2019 Kindergarten and Stage 1 – COLA outside school hall
  • 2019 Stage 2 – Bottom half of Middle Playground
  • 2019 Year 5 – Top half of Middle Playground

On Monday 3 February, 2019 Kindergarten and Stage 1 students will be collected by their teacher from the COLA outside the hall. This will allow our new Kindergarten students to settle into their new classrooms.

In most cases, students will be collected by their 2019 teacher. However, some classes, including 2019 Kindergarten classes, will be assigned a ‘Holding Class Teacher’.

In the afternoons, students should be picked up from the same area as this year:

  • 2019 Kindergarten and Year 1 – Silver seats in Infants’ Quad
  • 2019 Year 2 – Top half of Middle Playground
  • 2019 Stage 2 – Bottom half of Middle Playground

On Monday afternoon, once students are in their new classes, students can be collected from their new area:

  • 2020 Kindergarten and Year 1 – Silver seats in Infants’ Quad
  • 2020 Year 2 – Top half of Middle Playground
  • 2020 Stage 2 – Bottom half of Middle Playground

K-2 students will receive a note from their new teacher with their new silver seat for 2020 on Monday 3 February.

Thank you for your anticipated support as we transition into the new school year.

Library News

Our library has been undergoing a slow but steady make-over.

Rewards from book fairs and Library Fund Contributions have allowed us to purchase many new books for our collection, particularly our non-fiction section.

Another focus has been sourcing and buying titles to support our Grow Your Mind program. Next year, there will be a special shelf in the library where students can easily find books about topics such as mindfulness, self-esteem and feelings.

The library is being transformed into a modern and flexible space where students can read and work comfortably in a variety of ways. New couches, portable tables, adjustable stools, soft floor seats and cushions are just some of the new items bought to improve the functionality of the space. Storage cupboards and shelving have also been added to the office area in the library to ensure resources can be stored properly and new books can be processed efficiently.

The library continues to be very popular during lunch breaks, with many creative games and activities available, as an alternative to the playground. It is pleasing to see so many students of all ages sitting side by side while building, colouring, creating and playing.

A special mention must go to our fabulous library monitors who give up their time to assist me in setting up and packing away all the lunch time activities.

Below are a few photos of the library in action.

I’m sure 2020 will be a fantastic year in our revamped school library.

Susy Leal

Library Teacher


Defence School Mentor Update

This term we advertised the Defence School Mentor role for 2020 but unfortunately were unable to find a suitable candidate. This role will be filled in temporary capacity in Term 1 by Leigh Godin. Leigh has worked alongside Alison Larwill to ensure our students and families transitioning to South Coogee in Term 1 next year will be supported. In Term 1, we will readvertise the position for a Term 2 start.

Take 3 for the Sea

This Term, our sustainability focus was Taking 3 for the Sea to help keep plastic and other rubbish out of our waterways and oceans. The message of Take 3 for the Sea is simple: take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or anywhere and you’ve made a difference!

We encouraged learners to capture themselves in the act of ‘Taking 3 for the Sea’ by asking someone to take a photo of them with the rubbish they collected.

And what a response we received! There were so many excellent entries for our Snap and Share competition and it was a difficult job picking the best 5 photographs, but the 5 winners are:

  • Lucy W KD
  • Ben M KL
  • Luca W 1J
  • Leila M 4B
  • Jessica B 4B

Congratulations to everyone who took part, keep up your wonderful work helping to make our planet a more sustainable place!

For more information about Take 3 for the Sea visit: https://www.take3.org/

Years 4 & 6 Question Time

Last Friday the year 4 students had the opportunity to meet with year 6 to ask them questions about what to expect in senior school . They had a lot of fun chatting to their peers and the year 6 students were able to relieve any anxiety and concerns.

It was a very successful afternoon.

OOSH Drama Club

On Thursday, November 14 in Week 5, the OOSH Drama Club performed the musical play ‘The Week After Christmas’ to the Stage 1 children and teachers in the hall, and later again that evening to parents and family.

The children from Years 3 and 4 had been rehearsing since the start of Term 3 under the direction of Bronwen Morgan, a school parent volunteer, with the support of her mother, Ingrid Morgan.

The talented cast and their backstage support gave everyone a humorous insight into what life might be like after all the hard work for the reindeer and elves making all those Christmas presents possible – showing how despite conflict along the way, everyone came together at the end, even the ‘second-tier reindeer’! They raised the roof for the children from Kindergarten, Stage 1 and 2, and the seventy or so family, friends and supporters – huge congratulations to all of them for their hard work, energy and creativity.

So, many thanks to the amazing cast – Amelie, Chloe D, Skye, Evie, Freya L, Grace, Leila, Madelyn, Olivia, Pele, Alex S, Stella, Tayah and Rani.

Also a big thank you to the school and the wonderful team at OOSH for their support.

Well done everyone for a fun and memorable event!