2019: Term 4 Week 4

Principal’s Message

South Coogee is a school that is constantly striving for improvement and progress. Over the past few weeks, our teachers and executive team have been working together to review NAPLAN and internal school data as well as results from staff, student and community surveys in order to gain a greater understanding of our strengths and areas for improvement. One of the key areas we want to continue to grow and develop is ensuring every student at South Coogee is provided with regular opportunities to be challenged in their learning. We are striving to build a culture where productive struggle is welcomed and our learners are comfortable with making mistakes and conquering challenging tasks. We want to support our teachers to understand the strategies they can implement to effectively engage students toward productive struggle. We also want to help our students to develop the skills and mindset necessary to tackle complex tasks.

In our quest to learn how we could improve our culture of challenge, we have examined the work of James Nottingham on Challenging Learning. Our executive team also visited Ulladulla Public School, who have been working with James Nottingham’s company Challenging Learning, to implement a research-based approach to creating cognitively challenging classrooms. At Ulladulla PS, we were very impressed with how teachers implemented cognitive ‘wobblers’, Growth Mindset and the Learning Pit in their classrooms. As a result, we have decided to work with Challenging Learning over the next few years starting in Semester 2 2020. We are very excited to embark on this learning journey and to promote a culture of challenge at South Coogee PS.

You can find more information about James Nottingham at: https://www.jamesnottingham.co.uk/about-james/

And you can find more information about Challenging Learning at: https://www.challenginglearning.com/

2020 Kindy Orientation

Over the past two weeks we have held our Kindergarten Orientation sessions. Our new kindy students were keen and confident when they visited South Coogee. I am sure they are excited to start in 2020. It was so nice to have the support of the Year 4 students who loved making our new kindergarten parents and students feel welcome at South Coogee PS. Thank you to Joanne Coetzee and Anna Doran for organising the Orientation sessions. Also a big thanks to Jodie Steele, Jane Holloway and Deanna Rodden for presenting at these events and to Ellise Blondin-Andreacchio for organising all the kindy uniform packs.

Maroubra Fun Run

We had 55 students take part in the Maroubra Fun Run (the most so far). It was fantastic community event and we were very pleased to find out that we won the team 4km run event and came 2nd in the 4km team walk! Thanks to Sivannah Brooks for coordinating the South Coogee teams.


We will be replacing the Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4) and Stage 3 (Years 5 & 6) Transition evenings with a series of webisodes. These webisodes will outline key information about camp, sport, NAPLAN, open learning spaces, Senior School and technology in the classroom. The webisodes will be posted for parents in Week 8 and parents will be able to view them at their own pace. We hope this new format suits our families’ needs at this busy time of year.

Defence School Mentor Position

Our wonderful Defence School Mentor, Alison Larwill, will be moving to Canberra at the end of the year. Alison has been an outstanding DSM and an integral part of our school community. Our students, staff and families love working with Alison. She has helped to establish links with Defence Health, the Bronte and Coogee RSL and other community organisations. She will be truly missed.

We are currently advertising for a new DSM, please see the advertisement below in the newsletter.

FIESTA – Saturday 16 November

The preparations are coming together for our amazing school Fiesta which will be held on Saturday 16 November. Thank you to all the parents who are working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this event a great success. There will be performers, sustainability stalls, rides, food stalls, dunk tanks, games, a silent disco, a haunted house and so much more….. Make sure you bring all your family and friends to this not-to-be-missed event!

Marion Walsh-Gay

Relieving Principal

Deputy Principal’s Message

Indication for Enrolment 2020

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the Care Monkey form regarding enrolment for 2020. If you have not yet responded, we would appreciate your response by the end of next week. If your circumstances have changed, please let the office know as soon as possible.

Final Bronze Medallions Order

The final order for Bronze Medallions will go in at the end of next week, Friday 15 November. This will ensure that medallions arrive before the end of the year. If your child has three Gold Awards, please hand them to the class teacher by then. If they do not hand them in, they can hold onto them until next year.

Class of the Week – 5/6M

This term in 5/6M we have been learning about many interesting things within many subjects such as Science, Geography, English, Maths and Art.

In Geography we have been investigating man-made environmental issues affecting Australian eco systems. These include deforestation within the Daintree Rainforest, coral bleaching on The Great Barrier Reef and pollution and salinity problems in the Murray River. We also thought about possible solutions and made posters to highlight each issue.

Another subject we have been working on is Science where we have been studying viscosity. Viscosity is how thick or thin a liquid is. We experimented with different liquids to see how high (thick) or low (thin) their viscosity was. We did this by timing how fast it took for the liquids to run down a mini slope. The results showed that out of milk, honey and water, honey had the highest viscosity and water had the lowest.

In art, everyone in the class got a square piece of paper which had a number and the outline of a section of a wave. We coloured in each square individually and when all the squares get put together they will made a huge mosaic of a colourful wave. We also made a calendar for Fiesta.

In Maths we have been learning about angles. We covered the names of different types of angles and learnt to how to identify them. We also learnt how to measure angles by using a protractor.

In English we have been learning about informative texts and have started looking at poetry. A method we were taught for making our informative texts more interesting was the 7 Steps to Writing Success.

By Courtney K, Harlow T, Lucy L and Chloe P

Stage 3 Cricket Gala Day

In Week 2 All Stage 3 students competed in a Cricket Gala day. The day was extremely successful with all students displaying high quality skills and engagement throughout the day.

This was sent from Cricket NSW after the day:

“It was great to see all the students enjoying their cricket across the day and improving their skills in the skill zone. The quality of cricket from all students was awesome to see.

We can’t wait to run the day again next year. Hopefully we can get more schools involved and make the day even bigger!

Well done to all students on their efforts yesterday, and congratulations to your girls for winning the day!”

Sports Award

Congratulations to Indy G on her Randwick City Junior Sports Award

We would like to congratulate Indy in 5/6C for being nominated for the Randwick City Junior Sports Award.

Indy was recognised with a Commendation for her sporting achievements this year. What an outstanding an accomplishment!

Rett Syndrome Awareness in 1J

October is the official Rett Syndrome Awareness Month.

1J decided to celebrate and raise awareness for Rett Syndrome by wearing purple ribbons last week and learning about what it is.

Rett syndrome is very rare and occurs in 1 of every 10,000 female births.

Rett syndrome is different in each girl.

They have trouble controlling their bodies.

Some walk, while others use wheelchairs.

They cannot talk, but can use alternative means to communicate.

Girls with Rett syndrome are smart! They understand you.

They have feelings too and they love to play games!

They also have lots of friends and would love to be friends with you!

For more information and a colouring book please visit:



Woolworths Cricket Blast School Cup Regional Final

Mr Muir and myself were so proud of the South Coogee students who made it to the Cricket Blast School Cup regional finals at Woolaware. They showed commitment and trained hard before the event and displayed outstanding sportsmanship on the day. Some great batting with lots of 4s and 6s, running between wickets, bowling and fielding. Overall, the boys team came 4th and the girls team came 4th.

I received an email from the Cricket NSW convenor which said:

“It was a pleasure to host the South Coogee Public School students again – exceptionally well behaved, and played a fantastic standard of cricket too!”

So, well done to all of those students who represented South Coogee.


Take 3 for the Sea – Term 4 Sustainability Focus  2019

Each term there is a particular environmental focus for the school. So far we’ve looked at electricity, water use and recycling.

In Term 4 we are starting to feel the heat – this means we are heading into summer which is the season where we all head down to the beach and enjoy our beautiful ocean. Unfortunately, not all people are respectful of the beach environment.  You often see rubbish on the beach and in the ocean. So what is South Coogee Public School going to do about it?

This Term, our focus is on Taking 3 for the Sea to help keep plastic and other rubbish out of our waterways and oceans. The message of Take 3 for the Sea is simple: take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or anywhere and you’ve made a difference! Learners may need gloves or a tool to collect some kinds of rubbish so they are reminded to check with their parents or carers before touching rubbish if they’re unsure.

Whenever our learners are out and about, at the beach, the local park, a sporting venue or even walking to and from school, we are encouraging them to keep their eye out for any rubbish that is in the wrong spot and safely collect (at least) three pieces and put them in the right bin/s.

Take 3 for the Sea – Snap and Share Competition

We are encouraging learners to capture themselves in the act of ‘Taking 3 for the Sea’ by asking someone to take a photo of them with the rubbish they collected and emailing it to scps.take3@gmail.com with their name and class in the subject line.

The best 5 photos will be selected and displayed in a special assembly in Week 8. There will be prizes too! Learners can enter as many times as they like using different photos.

Check out more information about Take 3 for the Sea here: https://www.take3.org/

🎹🎻🎷 Save the Date! Summer Musicale with Pre-Concert Supper (BBQ, Pizza and Treat Stall) – Thursday 5 December  🎻🎷

Summer Musicale is fast approaching! This event is the BIGGEST annual fundraiser for the SCPS Band, and the more people who get involved, the easier it is and the more money we raise!

On Thursday 5 December we would love for people donate their time and / or skills at Summer Musicale by helping out on the BBQ, baking and serving at the Treat Stall, taking orders for Rocket Boy Pizza OR taking door sales.

If you can’t volunteer at Musicale, but can whip up a treat to serve for supper – we’d love to hear from you too.

Tickets for the concert and pre-purchased pizzas will be available via Eventbrite from Monday 18 November.

If you’d like to help out, please contact Kathryn Thomsen –  kathryntthomsen@gmail.com

Many thanks,