2019: Term 4 Week 6

Principal’s Message

What an amazing day we all enjoyed on Saturday at Fiesta. It was so wonderful to spend time with students (both current and past) and families for a social occasion. We had so much fun together while raising funds for our outstanding school. I would like to thank the entire South Coogee PS community for supporting our biggest fundraiser for 2019 – buying tickets, baking cakes, donating and selling goods, assisting with the BBQ, bidding on the silent auction, working on stalls and attending our school Fiesta. I would like to thank the P&C and class parent volunteers who have worked so tirelessly behind the scenes for many months to ensure the success and smooth running of this event. In particular I would like to thank Jodie Steele, Kathryn Thomsen and the P&C Executive team who have made this event such a success! Thank you to our dedicated teachers for giving up their Saturday to support our school as well as supporting the creation of the amazing ‘Sculptures by South Coogee’ recycled masterpieces. Thanks Alison Larwill and the Defence members from 9 Reg RAA for organising the Defence display and to Elena Wood, Aunty Rhonda and the Badu Crew for creating the Yarning Circle. We are very fortunate to have such a rich and diverse community here at South Coogee PS and our students benefit enormously from our community efforts.

Deloitte’s Impact Day – Improving our school grounds

Today we have been very fortunate to have an army of volunteers from Deloitte’s who have given up their time to help us clean up our school grounds. Over forty volunteers have been involved in weeding, mulching, gardening and basic grounds maintenance work. A huge thank you to Jonathan Leiper for organising this event. It is just another example of how our community connection helps to build a wonderful learning environment at South Coogee PS.

Final P&C Meeting for 2019 – 7pm Wednesday 27 November

Next week we are holding our final P&C meeting of the Year. This will be an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and future directions for our school as well as thank our outstanding P&C executive team for their contributions to our school community. Our final Fiesta profit should be also revealed. Refreshments will be served at the event and we would love to see many parents attend.

Defence School Mentor Position Available for 2020

A Defence School Mentor (DSM) provides assistance and support to the children of Australian Defence Force members as they move from school to school and during times of parental absence.

The DSM would develop and implement a range of resources and activities to assist these children and their families to integrate into the school community and to increase their ability to cope with the military lifestyle.

This is a contract position until end of the school year 2020.

The continuation of the position beyond this date is dependent on funding from the Australian Department of Defence.

The DSM is an employee of South Coogee Public School and is responsible to the school principal or nominee for everyday activities.

Interested applicants may obtain a copy of the DSM role description and selection criteria from the school office. Please email sthcoogee-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au for an application package.

For information relating to this position please contact Marion Walsh-Gay on (02) 9349 4000.

Applications close on Monday 25 November at 3pm.

School Calendar

We have so many exciting events coming up over the last four weeks of school. Please make sure you check our calendar so you can keep on top of everything that is taking place at South Coogee PS.

You can find our calendar at:


I hope you all have relaxing weekend break before the holiday silly season takes hold.

Marion Walsh-Gay

Relieving Principal

Deputy Principal’s Message


2020 will see a renewed focus from the Department of Education to improve attendance rates. Our school attendance rate currently sits at 95%. It is important to send students to school every day that it is open for instruction. At our school, family holidays which are taken outside of term breaks have the largest impact on our attendance rates. A 10-day holiday outside of term breaks taken every year will mean a student misses 6 months of learning. Key concepts can be missed and teachers may not be able to go back and teach new concepts once a class has moved on. Please make an effort to organise family holidays during the school holiday breaks.


Class of The Week – 2M

During the past two weeks Year 2 have been involved with swim scheme at Botany pool. 2T and 2J have their daily swimming lesson first, then 2E and 2M have their swimming lessons. The lessons are for forty five minutes beginning with beach and pool safety lessons. Then all learners head to the water for fun swimming time. There are four groups; the Orange Nemos, Blue Marlin, Purple People Eaters and Green Machine. We are really lucky to have very experienced swimming teachers guiding us through many facets of how to  swim correctly. It is very tricky remembering to kick, breathe and move out arms correctly. All learners are becoming more competent in the water. We are learning to back scull, bubble, bubble, breathe, float also learn the many different swimming strokes. Each group has continued to display progress each day.

Please enjoy some of the photos of Year 2 enjoying swim scheme.


Sculptures by South Coogee

Just as Bondi have their Sculptures by the Sea, South Coogee had our own Sculptures by South Coogee! Each group created a sea-themed sculpture out of recycled materials they collected over the weeks. All of the sculptures were created to raise awareness in supporting the environment by reducing consumption, opting for reusable products and disposing of things thoughtfully.

Kindergarten – Ocean Magic : reminds us what a special place the sea is and how we need to care for it

Year 1 – Terri the turtle : reminds us that all the rubbish that ends up in the sea hurts the animals

Year 2 –  Octabin: raises awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans

Year 3 – Light the way : lights the way for us to support the environment

Year 4 –  Surfing through South Coogee : reminds us that when we are at the beach having fun, we should always remember to pick up our rubbish (and maybe a bit extra!)

Years 5 & 6 – Palms by the sea : represents pollution causing harm to the beach, especially to trees

Defence and Gardening Club – Remember : signifies the belief that we should always remember the men and women who have and are still working for Australia in the Defence Forces. Additionally we must remember that we can help the earth through sustainable practices such as watering the garden with rain water.

Hayley Smithers Kirk and the Community Conservation and Visitor Engagement Team at Taronga Zoo also chose their favourites. Here were some of their wonderful comments.

1st Place – Ocean Magic (Kindergarten) – “Beautiful and very inviting and engaging sculpture! Great use of school structure to support their vision and installation.”

2nd Place – Remember (Defence & Gardening Club) – “What an inspiring way to acknowledge and remember all of the brave men and women who have, and continue, to protect not only Australia but support other countries to protect their homelands. This is a very special tribute.”

3rd Place – Palms by the Sea (Years 5&6) – “What a colour tribute to the tree that lines many coastlines, not only here in Australia but around the world. Palm trees, dependent on species, provide shelter, building materials and food for so many people and animals.”

All sculptures were fantastic and were displayed around Fiesta. Each sculpture had a QR code where you could have voted for your favourite…and…

The winner of the “People’s Choice Award” is:

                 Octabin (Year 2)! Congratulations!​

Take 3 for the Sea – Snap and Share Competition

We are encouraging learners to capture themselves in the act of ‘Taking 3 for the Sea’ by asking someone to take a photo of them with the rubbish they collected and emailing it to scps.take3@gmail.com with their name and class in the subject line.

The best 5 photos will be selected and displayed in a special assembly in Week 8. There will be prizes too! Learners can enter as many times as they like using different photos.

Check out more information about Take 3 for the Sea here: https://www.take3.org/



🎹🎻🎷 Save the Date! Summer Musicale with Pre-Concert Supper (BBQ, Pizza and Treat Stall) – Thursday 5 December  🎻🎷

Summer Musicale is fast approaching! This event is the BIGGEST annual fundraiser for SCPS Band and the more people who get involved, the easier it is and the more money we raise!

On Thursday 5 December we would love for people donate their time and / or skills at Summer Musicale by helping out on the BBQ, baking and serving at the Treat Stall, taking orders for Rocket Boy Pizza OR taking door sales.

If you can’t volunteer at Musicale, but can whip up a treat to serve for supper – we’d love to hear from you too.

Tickets for the concert and pre-purchased pizzas will be available via Eventbrite from Monday 18 November.

If you’d like to help out, please contact Kathryn Thomsen kathryntthomsen@gmail.com

Many thanks,


Group Photos

The Group Photos are now available to purchase online. Please see below for ordering instructions.

The photos can also be viewed at the front office.