2020: Term 1 Week 6


Principal’s Message

At South Coogee PS our teachers and school leaders are regularly looking at ways we can improve our practice to have a greater impact on student learning. Our goal is to have is ensure our learners to know their current learning goals and their next learning steps. We also want to support our learners in developing the learner qualities to embrace challenge as lifelong learners.

One of the areas we are currently working on is building and developing our learners’ number sense. Our teachers are currently working once a week in grade teams with our amazing instructional leaders, Elena Wood and Maria Stathis. They meet to unpack how number sense understanding develops and to identify teaching strategies that support the development of number sense.

The following video provides a 3 minute illustration of the concept of number sense by Professor Jo Boaler from Stanford University.

One of the current strategies being used in classrooms is the use of number talks. Below is another 6 minute video that illustrates how these number talks might look in your child’s class.

We are looking forward to watching our students’ number sense grow and develop over the year. In our next newsletter we will showcase some student work samples illustrating their developing number sense.

Celebrating Solar

Last year our school installed a 30kW solar power system with the help of the Solar my School program, and funding from Randwick Council Sustainable Schools Grants, Clovelly Community Bank, NSW Community Building Partnerships Grants and NSW Department of Education. Annually the solar panels will produce clean green energy to power the school’s learning facilities. To view our daily solar energy please visit the following link: https://display.solaranalytics.com/south_coogee_public_school

Next week, our Stage 3 students will be involved a SolarBuddy initiative. All students will learn about children who live in energy poverty and how safe and reliable solar light solutions can support these communities. The children will build a solar light and write a personal letter to their buddy. This activity aims to build our learners’ knowledge of energy poverty, renewable energy and global citizenship.

Evacuation, Lockout and Lockdown Procedures

Next week we will be holding our routine evacuation drill in conjunction with the Learning Centre and Out of School Hours Care (OOSH). We complete routine lockdown practices and evacuation procedures to ensure that we are prepared in the event any potentially dangerous situation occurs.

Below is an explanation of the Evacuation, Lockout and Lockdown procedures.

Evacuation is a procedure that is used to move students, staff and visitors offsite (Gollan Park) when there is an identified hazard on the school site. For example: a fire or gas leak

Lockout is a procedure that prevents unauthorised persons from entering the school and is commonly used when an incident is occurring off the school property. The external gates to the school are locked and this allows school activities to continue as normal during the outside disruption.

Lockdown is a procedure used when there is an incident on the school grounds. Some examples include: a student with additional needs acting out in one section of the school, an aggressive person in the front office or a dog or other animal(s) in the school grounds. Lockdown minimises access to the school and secures staff and students in rooms. As part of this procedure, classroom doors are locked and windows and blinds are closed. Classroom lessons continue as normal during a lockdown procedure. Students, staff and visitors remain in the room until the situation has been declared clear by an authorised person e.g. principal.

If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact the school directly and we will be happy to answer your questions.

P&C Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 11 March at 7pm in the library

There are so many supportive people working in our P & C. If you have a desire to support our school, and feel able to contribute in the task of leadership—please come along to our AGM meeting in Week 7 on 11 March at 7pm and put your name forward.

The P & C is searching for candidates for their executive committee for 2020. For more information about the P&C Executive Committee Roles please visit the following link: http://www.southcoogeepublicpandc.org.au/executive-committee/

Welcome BBQ and Twilight Cinema – Friday 20 March

Enjoy a fun-filled family night out at our welcome BBQ and Twilight cinema evening. This is a fabulous opportunity for our community to come together and delight in a screening of the 2019 real life remake of Aladdin.

There will be the ever-popular Twilight Disco before the movie so our younger students can get their groove on. We will also have performers and performances to keep everyone entertained while we wait for the sun to go down. Not to mention food, treats and snacks galore.

Make sure to BOOK YOUR TICKETS at: www.twilightcinemasouthcoogee.com.au

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend break and try to stay dry!

Marion Walsh-Gay

Relieving Principal

Deputy Principal’s Message

Last year, our Year 6 Leadership for 2020 was elected by the staff and students. They are taking on their roles enthusiastically by hosting assemblies and greeting new students. They also can’t wait to get started working with the Class Captains as part of the Student Representative Council.

This week we wanted to help you get to know our School Captains and School Vice Captains so here is some fun facts about them:

School Captains

Name: Sadie K

Nickname: Bluey

Favourite Food: Tomatoes and avocadoes

Favourite Colour: Red

Best thing about SCPS: The staff and people because they are so friendly.

Best memory of SCPS: When I first came to SCPS in Year 2, I made so many friends because everyone was so friendly.

Why did you want to become a leader? I wanted to help the school become a better place.

What advice do you have for students at SCPS? Be yourself and never ever give up.

What are you most looking forward to this year? Making so many memories.

Name: Caleb C

Nickname: Colum

Favourite Food: Indian curry

Favourite Colour: Lime green

Best thing about SCPS: The students and the teachers.

Best memory of SCPS: The cheer that everyone made when I was announced as School Captain.

Why did you want to become a leader? I wanted to represent SCPS because it is my last year and I wanted to make it the best one yet.

What advice do you have for students at SCPS? Give everything you can a shot.

What are you most looking forward to this year? Going to Canberra and seeing the snow with my friends.

School Vice Captains:

Name: Zoe G

Nickname: Zozo, Zomo, Zaza

Favourite Food: Sushi and chocolate

Favourite Colour: Cyan

Best thing about SCPS: The students and the teachers.

Best memory of SCPS: Meeting lots of new people

Why did you want to become a leader? To help make the school a better place.

What advice do you have for students at SCPS? Be kind and always do your best.

What are you most looking forward to this year? Camp and making lots of memories.

Name: Tighe R

Nickname: Tig

Favourite Food: Chicken schnitzel

Favourite Colour: Red

Best thing about SCPS: All the teachers are nice and we’ve got really good sports programs.

Best memory of SCPS: When Year 6 left.

Why did you want to become a leader? So the school could be more committed to things e.g. if we say put rubbish in the bin, some kids say it but don’t do it.

What advice do you have for students at SCPS? Keep determined and if you can believe you can accomplish.

What are you most looking forward to this year? Surf Ed!


In our next newsletter we will interview our Year 6 Leaders.

Chantal Cake

Relieving Deputy Principal

Class of the Week – 5/6M

On Wednesday 26 February all Stage 3 students participated in the Paul Kelly Cup.

Here is 5/6M’s recap of the day:


Last Wednesday Stage 3 went to the Paul Kelly Cup. There were four boys teams entered from South Coogee Public. All of the boys team got to play four games throughout the day to see if they would play in the finals. One team from South Coogee made the finals. In the middle of the day, before the finals, there was a sprint race between all of the schools. The boys’ sprint was won by Tighe in 5/6A!

We then played the semi-final. The South Coogee team played very well and won, everyone was overjoyed. They then played the final which they unfortunately didn’t win. The other team kicked a goal after the siren to win by one point. Even though the players were disappointed to lose, it was a great achievement to make it to the final. All of the boys were very happy to complete and play in the Paul Kelly Cup.

By Zech S   5/6M


Last Wednesday all of Stage 3 went to the Paul Kelly Cup. There were four girls teams who were entered. At the end of the day four teams from all of the schools who attended won through to the semi-finals. Two teams from South Coogee made it in. One team from South Coogee then made it to the final and they won!

In the middle of the day the girls had a running race. Niamh from South Coogee won the race against girls representing the other schools.

Stage 3 had a great day at the Paul Kelly Cup.

Emily B    5/6M

Garden News

We’ve been working hard to plant our vegetables in both Gardening Club and class lessons this term. Some of the vegetables – seeds and seedlings – that we’ve planted are: broccolini, beetroot, various types of lettuce, bok choy, spinach and, everyone’s favourite, brussel sprouts!

Queen, Madison and Gia, all Year 6 girls designed and arranged a succulent garden. Come and have a look!

In Year 2 gardening classes we’ve been learning about different types of soil and what types are best for growing vegetables.

Thank you to James’ family for their donation of gloves to the program.

Mrs Stathis


The first meeting of the South Coogee Public School Sustainability Council was held on Wednesday March 4, 2020. The meeting was a huge success!

All the council members worked collaboratively to determine the sustainability focus area they would like to improve at our school. This time their focus is South Coogee’s use of plastics.

We can’t wait to see what ideas they come up with!

Ocean Lovers Festival

Last year each Year group created a sculpture made from recyclable materials. We displayed these fabulous sculptures at Fiesta.

The Kindergarten, Year1, Year 2 and Years 5/6 sculptures have been entered into a competition called Litterarty, and they will be exhibited at Bondi Beach at Ocean Lovers Festival from March 18-22, 2020.

We would love it if you could check them out!

Nippers Achievements

Congratulations to our students who competed in the local Sydney branch and the State Nippers titles over the past few weeks. Congratulations to Angus M (5/6M ) who came second in the Sydney Branch (U12) Ironman in tough surf conditions.

He, along with Louis (3J) Evie M (4A), Nessa L(4M), and Niamh L (5/6D) competed in the State titles last weekend. Please see the list of their amazing achievements below:

Louis – 6th in the State for U9 boys sprint relay, 7th in the State for U9 mixed sprint relay with Nessa, Semi Finals for surf swim

Niamh – U/12 Coogee – Gold in the Beach sprint relay, Final in Mixed relay, 9th overall in Flags.


Nessa – U/9 Coogee – Final in Mixed Relay, 20th overall in Flags


Angus – U12 South Maroubra – Competed in all individual and team water events, making 3 finals and 3 semi-finals.

Evie – U/9 South Maroubra – Bronze in the Swim Team (8th individually). Individual Swim and Individual Board – semi-finals.

Defence News

This year we have 60 students from defence families at South Coogee Public School. It has been fun getting to know all the children and Defence Kids Club on Tuesdays at lunchtime is proving very popular. All children from defence families are welcome to attend and can bring one friend. There are always lots of activities and plenty of other friends to play with.

  • Defence Kids Club – Tuesday lunchtimes after eating time (1.10pm-1.50pm) in the OOSH.
  • Randwick Family Centre Open Day – Saturday, 14 March (10.00am-2.00pm) at Randwick Barracks.
  • Anzac Day Colouring Competition (K-2)
  • Anzac Day Story Writing Competition (3-6)
  • Schools Anzac March with Coogee Randwick Clovelly Sub-Branch – Sunday, 5 April (10.30am) at the Coogee Diggers Club.
  • Anzac Day – Saturday 25 April (in school holidays).
  • Anzac Day Commemoration at South Coogee Public School – Wednesday, 29 April (10.00am to 11.00am) in the school hall with morning tea afterwards.

I am in the playground most mornings at 8.45am and after school at 3.00pm. Come up and say hi so I can meet defence parents too!

Sheridan Horne

What is the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge?

The NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) is an initiative of the NSW State government.

It aims to encourage in students a love of reading for leisure and pleasure and to enable them to experience quality literature. It is not a competition but a challenge to each student – to read, to read more and to read more widely.

It is available for all NSW students in Kindergarten to Year 9, in government, independent, Catholic and home schools. Participation by schools and students is voluntary.

In order to complete the Challenge, students must read the following number of books based on their Challenge Level:

Challenge Level/

dot colour on library book

Number of books you must read Minimum number of PRC books Maximum number of Personal Choice books PRC booklists you can read from



30 25 5 K-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-9



20 15 5 3-4, 5-6, 7-9



20 15 5 5-6, 7-9

Finding books for the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge ?

Students can identify PRC books in the school library, at their challenge level by looking for a coloured dot sticker on the top right corner or spine of books.  

Kindergarten students completing the PRC should let Mrs Leal in the school library know as they will be permitted to borrow an extra book each week. Kindy parents can notify Mrs Leal via her email if easier- susy.leal@det.nsw.edu.au

Accessing the PRC website?

Go directly to the PRC homepage


Click ‘logon’ and you will be taken to the NSW Department of Education portal login page, students need to enter their Department of Education username and password here.

A student’s username is often the child’s given name.surname (lowercase)

A student’s password is an uppercase Y followed by their grade number eg Y4 (for year 4). The kindergarten password is kk. Passwords are case sensitive.

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration for how access the website and enter books, please see the PRC coordinator, Mrs Susy Leal in the school library

or send her an email susy.leal@det.nsw.edu.au

Where can I find the PRC booklists?

The easiest way for your child to find PRC books is to choose books in our library with a coloured dot sticker on the cover: K-2: yellow, 3-4 Red, 5-6 Blue.

However, on the Booklists page of the PRC website, each of the four booklists for K-2, 3-4, 5-6 and 7-9 can be viewed and downloaded alphabetically, by author or title, in short or full form. The short list includes the PRC ID number, title and author of each book.

What is a PRC ID number?

A PRC ID number identifies each book in the PRC website, whether it is an official PRC book or a personal choice book. Entering books by their PRC ID numbers can be a quick way to complete an online Student Reading Record. The PRC ID number is on the PRC book lists. Books can also be entered by typing the title then selecting the correct book from the automatic drop-down list.

The closing date to submit a completed

Student Reading Record online is Friday August 28th.

Students who complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge

will receive a special certificate at the end of the school year.

Kind Regards,

Susy Leal

PRC coordinator

Harmony Week Celebrations

Harmony Week is a time for all Australians to embrace cultural diversity and to share what we have in common. This year we will be celebrating Harmony Week on Monday 23 March 2020.

To celebrate this special day students are asked to wear their national costume or appropriate sun safe clothing in orange (the Harmony Week official colour). No gold coin donation is required.

In classes, students will participate in activities to build their understanding of Australia’s cultural diversity and the importance of inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Students are also invited to share something from their culture, such as a book, song, artwork, toy or artefact, with the class.

In recognition of the official colour orange, the canteen will be offering a special recess order of:

  • A frozen juice cup and a homemade cookie OR a frozen juice cup and homemade muffin for $3.50.
  • Juice cups, cookies and muffins can be ordered separately for $2 each.


Orders can be made via munchmonitor.com.au or at the canteen by Thursday 19 March. The canteen will be open for lunch as usual.

We look forward to celebrating this great day!