2020: Term 2 Week 10

Principal’s Message


On Friday we have a wonderful celebration for our learners – a Mufti day, gold coin collection! All donations will go towards our Year 6 fundraising. Another celebration after 3pm is the beginning of the holiday break for our hardworking teachers. It has been a very long 22 week term. Everyone in our South Coogee community is well deserving of a few weeks of rest, relaxation and catching up with friends and family, albeit still in small groups and adhering to social distancing requirements. Enjoy the time with family and friends.

You would have received the adapted reports this week, providing you with information about where you child is ‘at’ in their learning so far this year. You will also receive more information next Term with details about our education interviews being conducted via Zoom.

IMPORTANT: COVID-19 testing during the holidays, and travel to Victoria

In keeping our community safe, we would appreciate if you could please contact the school during the holiday break if you or your children have been tested for COVID-19 and also whether you have travelled to Victoria.

The school email (sthcoogee-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au) will be monitored during the holidays for health-related messages and I ask that you please let the school know by completing the questions below.

*Please keep up to date with COVID-19 restrictions to ensure your child/ren can return to school, or if self-isolation is required.

Please email the school with the details below. Thank you.  sthcoogee-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au

If you are reporting a COVID-19 test please ensure you answer the questions below.

Child/rens name, Class, Date symptoms started, Date tested, Date results received, Place tested, Result, S-2020 Number.

If you have travelled to Victoria:

Child/rens name, Class, Travel date to Victoria, Return date to NSW, Are you required to self-isolate?

At SCPS, we love to celebrate when students take initiative to help make our school better. Jace is the Class Captain of 5/6D, and when he presented his speech for election he pledged that if he was elected Class Captain he would help the class by approaching businesses and ask for donations of board games, books and art supplies, as he felt these things were lacking in his class.

Throughout the term he has written numerous letters, personally approached managers, and made lots of phone calls. Yesterday afternoon he received a call from the manager of Big W and was told he could come and collect $100 worth of board games, which he did immediately. He arrived at school this morning with 2 big bags full of games. We are so proud of his determination to achieve his goal!


The pick-up and drop-off procedures will continue into Term 3 until further notice. If you have read the P & C minutes you will already know there will be Council work around the school during the holidays. Both paths opposite our school on Tucabia street will be having an upgrade and Macleay St will be installing a timed No Parking zone to support our Kiss & Go flow.

Our learners return on Tuesday 21 July and we look forward to another exciting term of learning and engagement, as some programs will start to return.

Take care everyone and enjoy the holiday break.

Trish Fisher


Deputy Principal’s Message

Grow Your Mind Animals

This week 2T have been revisiting the Grow Your Mind Animals that represent different parts of the brain. In particular, they have been looking at the different ways they can shrink their Guard Dog when they are upset or angry. They created posters to show their understanding and share the strategies they like to use.

Some students also made posters for the Wise Owl who can help you make good decisions.

Here are some examples of their wonderful posters.

Class of the Week – 5/6A

Over the past few weeks 5/6A have really enjoyed learning all about coding and robotics during Science lessons. The first week of this topic we began with an introduction to coding and writing simple algorithms (instructions for a computer program).

The following week the students spent half the lesson constructing our Lego robots and the second half writing an algorithm to make the robots drive forward 2 metres.

5/6A and the rest of Stage 3 would like to thank the amazing P&C for funding the purchase of these new Lego Mindstorm EV3s. It has been so much fun and we can’t wait to continue investigating this topic next term!


Gardening News

Exploring worm farms has been a focus for Year 3 these last two weeks in our garden lessons. They have explored worms and their importance in gardening. They have also investigated the value of creating a worm farm in every garden, building their own mini worm farms and writing persuasive texts about them. Well done Year 3. It has been loads of fun working with you.

Year 3 also planted a variety of plants for our second planting this winter. Look out for snowpeas, cauliflower, radishes and brussel sprouts.

Year 1 also investigated worms and what they need in a habitat. They built their own mini worm habitat and wrote terrific information reports about them. I looked forward to our lessons together each week. Year 1 are such enthusiastic workers in the garden and demonstrated terrific Information Report writing too!

Planting bean seeds, watching them grow into seedlings and eventually placing them in the garden was also an activity they were involved in.

Our Garden Club did a great job of maintaining a very productive garden this term. They were diligently weeding, taking out those tomato seedlings that shot up out of our compost, watering, looking for caterpillars and harvesting this term.

I would like to thank Janice, Jessie and everyone who has contributed ideas and plants to our garden projects this term.

Mrs Stathis