2020: Term 2 Week 2

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Carers

We so appreciate your support. By staying at home and following advice, you are keeping our staff, our community and your families safe and well.

We thank you for supporting online learning. We know how challenging it can be when you are also working from home. As you know the staff at South Coogee PS have kept this front and centre as they deliver planned learning. Whilst not ​all staff are physically at school, all staff are connected via Google Classrooms and email. We are impressed that all of our learners are online and connecting with teachers.

If you are facing challenges with learning at home, please reach out to the classroom teacher. Teaching is our area of expertise and we are able to break down problems, offer suggestions or provide different learning.

We understand that there are times when the best solution is to pack it all up and go for a bike ride, do some cooking, read a book or play a game. All of these activities provide valuable learning. One of the most valuable gains of this time is the quality time you spend with your child. Your children and hopefully you in years to come, will look back at this time and remember it was a period of extraordinary family connection.

As we move from Phase 0 to Phase 1 next week, important information will be shared through Skoolbag and Facebook. Please take the time to read our advice and organisation so that we can all achieve the best outcomes in returning to school.

It has been said many times over the past few weeks – we are all in this together. Thank you again for caring about South Coogee PS.

Take care, keep healthy

Kind Regards

Trish Fisher

From the Deputy Principal

Class of the Week – 3J

3J have been learning from home online using Google Classroom. It has certainly been a challenge but we are starting to get the hang of it and are excited for what’s to come this term. We have been working really hard to complete our work independently at home, whilst staying active and taking care of our mind too. Here are some reflections from 3J students:

Emmi H : To keep my body healthy I have being doing PE with Joe, riding my bike, jumping on my trampoline and walking with my family. To keep my mind healthy I have been FaceTiming my friends and family and have been learning to play the guitar.

Tarlie H : It has been great to spend more time with family. I have discovered yoga online and have helped with planting vegetables and herbs in our shade house. My bike rides with dad have been the best!

Ellie R : To keep my body healthy I have been doing PE with Joe and jumping on my trampoline. I have been making back yard fires and climbing over the rock pools to have fun!!!!

Annabelle D : I love doing lots of art at home.

Olivia W : To keep my body healthy, I have been eating 3 types of fruits each day and jumping on my trampoline. I have been facetiming with my friends and families.

Madison W : I am enjoying Google classroom. At first I found it hard, but now I understand how to use it. I’m looking forward to going back to school.

Aela H : I am enjoying Google Classroom. My favourite things is all the Art. I am learning to play guitar which is fun. I’ve been keeping my body healthy by walking my dog and walking to the beaches.

Zoe B : I like Google classroom because I get to spend more time working on a computer. My favourite activity has been art. To stay active I have been going for bike rides, walks, doing yoga and PE with Joe.

Esmay H : Today I read The Tortoise Shell, I did lots of maths and enjoyed art. I keep my mind healthy by playing tennis and swimming in the ocean with all the fish, yesterday we spotted a stingray. Today we will play tennis after school, this keeps me active. I like seeing my friends on zoom.

Micah K : My favourite thing is doing the ZOOM meeting and doing spelling.

Anthony A : My favourite thing today was the zoom meeting because I was really happy to see all my classmates. I do PE with Joe to keep fit while self isolating.

Skout K : To keep my body healthy I have been going for a scoot and swim in the ocean in the morning and I go to the park with my family in the arvo to play games. I keep my mind healthy by meditating before I go to bed.

Keira Y : In Google Classroom, I like the Creative Art activities the most, especially drawing the panda. I am staying active by jumping on the trampoline and playing in the backyard.

Max S : To keep my body healthy, I ride my bike around Foot’s Place (which is next to my house).

Luca H : I have been going to the beach and bike rides and scoots to stay healthy.

James I : I like zoom because I get to see my friends everyday!!!😁

Cillian I : I’ve been staying healthy by jumping on my trampoline, going for bike rides and scoots, and going on hikes with my family. I’m looking forward to going back to school and seeing everyone.

Samara J : I like working from my sunny bedroom. In google classroom I enjoyed reading, art, summarising and Zooming with my class mates. I have lots of brain breaks building Lego, and stay active bike riding every afternoon with my mum, dad and brother. I am grateful that I get to go back to school soon.

Ben D : I have liked doing art. To keep my body healthy I have been doing P.E. with Joe and bike riding. I am grateful for having something to do.

Luka R : I like doing zoom with everyone and doing PE with Joe. I also liked listening to the grow your mind podcasts.

Gabriel O : I like that I can talk to people whenever I like to by typing on Google Classroom.

Ava B : I’m enjoying zoom but I don’t like being stuck inside all the time. To pass the time while we are at home I do lots of gymnastics and dance. My favourite thing is to do art. I loved doing the zoom meeting with everyone, today was a blast off.

Gardening News

I hope everyone is healthy and happy. We look forward to seeing you soon at school again this term.

I hope the Kitchen Garden Activities on each Stage’s Google Classroom have provided some fun learning opportunities for all the family… not to mention enjoyment when eating the produce of your activities afterward. I hope the pizzas, mashed potato and tortillas were a hit.

Right at the end of Week 8 last term, Madison and Mia ran a little market stall of fresh produce we harvested during the Garden Club and raised almost $20 for items we need to maintain our activities in both gardens. Thank you girls.

The garden continues to grow and produce winter vegetables. I have spent my time nourishing the plants with mature compost, weeding, searching out the many caterpillars and mealy bugs and planting some of the seedlings the students began last term. I also planted warrugal greens foraged for us by a volunteer, Noah.

At present in the garden we have broccoli, spinach, beetroot, capsicum and lettuce, plus an assortment of herbs. There are a few snake beans and carrots, too. Our brussel sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage have been ravaged by garden pests but I hope we’ll be able to salvage some vegetables from these plants before the winter is through. Amongst other things we’ve also harvested two lovely butternut pumpkins.

I look forward to seeing all of you back at school and in the garden soon.

Mrs Stathis