2020: Term 2 Week 6

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Carers

Your children are focused and learning – back to normal school routines. The playground is abuzz and they are enjoying being back with their friends.

During this time teachers are analysing where your child is ‘at’ in their learning so that they can focus on what teaching and learning programs can be put into place to drive their learning forward. Whilst this is happening they are also collecting data in preparation for reports due at the end of this Term. We will be having Zoom teacher conferences early in Term 3 so that you can get a closer picture of your child’s learning progress. More information to come.

If you haven’t had the opportunity – Check the Skoolbag notification for SCPS Learning during COVID-19 video. Our learners have given us some insight into their learning during COVID-19.

Kindergarten 2021 Enrolments are well underway – If you know of any neighbours or siblings who are yet to enrol, please remind them to contact the school for a Kindergarten package. Sthcoogee-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au

Kind Regards

Trish Fisher

Health Update


If your child is unwell do not send them to school.

  • If they are unwell at school you or your nominated emergency contact will need to collect them immediately. Please make sure your contact details are up to date.
  • You will need a medical certificate to return to school.



If any member of your family living with you has been advised to seek COVID-19 testing, please let the school know immediately.

  • All siblings will need to remain at home until you receive a medical clearance document for the unwell family member.
  • If the result is negative you will require a medical clearance advising that your child is able to return to school.
  • If positive please abide by Health guidelines.


Please notify the school, either way, as soon as possible.

Health and safety advice for your family and others – Thank you

Deputy Principal’s Message

Learning and Support at SCPS

The teachers at SCPS work hard to cater for the learning needs of all learners in their classes. Most commonly, their needs can be catered for with differentiation in the classroom. This means activities based on the same content are presented in different ways to suit their needs. However, sometimes learners need other interventions or strategies to support their learning and participation in the classroom for a number of reasons.

At school, teachers work collaboratively within their stage teams to share ideas and resources that can support students. Teachers also discuss the child’s additional needs with parents and carers so that they are aware of the strategies being implemented. Parents are also able to share strategies that they use at home to support their child which may be able to be transferred into the classroom.

If further advice is required, teachers are able to refer students to the Learning Support Team with the consent of parents and carers. The Learning Support Team is coordinated by myself and includes the school counsellor and the Learning and Support Teachers. We will work with teachers and parents to implement further strategies and to investigate further actions that may be required.

If you have concerns regarding your child’s learning or wellbeing, always contact the class teacher in the first instance. They will be able to discuss strategies that they may already be implementing or seek advice from the Learning and Support Team on your behalf. We can then work together to support your child at school.  

Chantal Cake

Acting Deputy Principal


Class of the Week – KD

Last week KD enjoyed reading the text ‘The Little Corroboree Frog’ during Reconciliation Week. We learnt interesting facts about the Corroboree Frog including:

  • The Corroboree Frog is close to extinction with only 100 left in the wild.
  • It takes 4 years for them to grow into an adult.
  • These frogs hibernate in winter under bits of bark or leaf litter.
  • Climate change means less rain in winter and autumn, affecting the eggs of the Corroboree Frog.

We discussed ways that we can all look after the habitats and environments where animals live so that they can be protected for future generations. One way is to ensure we put our rubbish in the bin or take our rubbish with us if no bins are available.

We then enjoyed engaging in a visual arts activity by completing a directional drawing of the Corroboree Frog. Here are some examples of our fabulous artworks!

National Reconciliation Week

‘In this Together’ was the National Reconciliation Week theme this year. Over the past week, students have engaged in activities and discussions to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history.

In gardening lessons, Year 1 and Year 3 looked at the Lilli Pilli and Lomandra plants that grow in our school gardens and in the local community. We explored how Aboriginal people used these plants and linked it to our garden learning via Indigenous people’s use of the seeds from the fruit/flower.

Kindergarten read the text ‘The Little Corroboree Frog’ and talked about the importance of caring for country and all the animals. Students produced artworks in response to the theme and discussed how everyone is ‘deadly’ (awesome and special) in their own way.

During Reconciliation Week our Stage 3 learners had the opportunity to find their own voices, while at the same time engaging with the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through important existing texts. Learners looked at the Uluru Statement from the Heart, Our Voices Our Future and “Treaty” song lyrics, by artist Yothu Yindi.

Learners used the Erasure Poetry technique also known as Blackout Poetry. Using these important existing texts they selected words that resonated with them and created a wholly new work from what remained after blacking out other parts of the text. Here are some examples of our learners’ work​.

Home Readers

It would be appreciated if you could return to school any Home Readers that you may have borrowed this year.

From the Office

Just a reminder to make sure that all of your child’s belongings are clearly labelled, so that if they are handed in at the office we can return them promptly to their owners. Please also encourage your child to put their jacket straight into their bag if they take it off.