2020: Term 2 Week 8

Deputy Principal’s Message

GlitterBug Hand Hygiene Training

At the P&C meeting before we moved to online learning, the P&C voted to make a donation to the school to purchase the GlitterBug Hand Hygiene Training kit.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has really opened our eyes about how diseases spread between people and we have learned the importance of social distancing and hand hygiene. Understanding the importance of good hand hygiene is one thing – learning how to actually achieve it is another. That’s where GlitterBug comes in.

GlitterBug helps show children the right techniques for washing hands. GlitterBug uses a hand lotion that is invisible in normal light, just like germs, but it glows under UV light. The students rub the lotion onto their hands. After this, they wash their hands as they normally would. The teacher then shines the UV light onto their hands to see if any lotion is still on their hands. If it is, they can see that they need to wash their hands more carefully. Classes have started completing this lesson and students will have a chance to participate in the coming weeks. Please see photos below.

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data

All schools in Australia, including South Coogee Public School, participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD). The national data collection is an annual collection that counts the number of school students with disability, and the level of reasonable educational adjustment with which they are provided. This national data collection collects information about students with disability in a consistent, reliable and systematic way. The national data collection draws on and reflects the ongoing work teachers and education staff do to support students with disability. If you would like any further information around the NCCD, or do not wish your child to be included in the data collection, please contact the school. Additional information about the national data collection is available on the Australian Government Department of Education’s website at:


Chantal Cake

Acting Deputy Principal

Gardening News

Once again we’ve been busy in the garden. It has been a battle with the caterpillars and aphids this term, but luckily we have had some great pest controllers from Year 3.









In gardening lessons, Year 3 learnt about what we can do about these pests in the garden. First, they identified them and the plants they were infecting… broccoli, cauliflower and delicious Brussel sprouts. Then they followed a procedure to create an insect repellent out of water, soap flakes and garlic. The most fun was spraying the aphids away. Thank you Year 3!

Year 1 have started the process for our second planting of beans this season with lots of trays of bean seedlings.

The gardening club has been harvesting capsicum, three types of lettuce, broccoli, spinach and baby spinach. We’ve also had beetroot, potatoes, one sweet potato, a few carrots and lots of herbs. Our lovely Year 6 girls, Maddie, Queen, Gia and Lola have made signs for several of the veggies. Thank you to all.

Defence News

This week, the defence kids and a friend  tended to the rosemary garden at the front of the school. Students involved took some rosemary clippings home with them  and some recipe cards to enjoy with their families.

All left over rosemary will be bagged up into brown bags for collection at the school gates.

If you’d like some rosemary for the weekend, feel free to take a bag home. Collection points will be at the pick up gates this Friday afternoon. If you’d like to share photos of you enjoying the herbs from the defence club gardening, we’d love to see them.

Please send them to Rachel.brito@det.nsw.edu.au

We are very grateful to Bunnings Eastgardens for donating all our equipment and supplies for the garden project.