2020: Term 3 Week 2

Dear Parents & Carers

With so much communication at the beginning of this term I thought it best to keep it brief.

Education Week next week is celebrating ‘Learning Together’ and you will see a very special edition of the Newsletter coming your way.

A few important reminders:

  • No parents or siblings on school site – only students enrolled in programs
  • Please contact the school if you or your family are going to be COVID-19 tested
  • Tucabia St – Use the crossing or move to the end of the street – Do not cross in front of cars

All recent information and updates are on Skoolbag and Facebook.

Wishing you a lovely week

Kind Regards



Deputy Principal’s Message

Grow Your Mind Term 3

This year has provided many challenges for schools, children and families. Grow Your Mind has been an invaluable program that has provided our school community with tools to support us through this difficult time. This term we are continuing to implement Grow Your Mind across our school.

On Monday, learners participated in a Grow Your Mind group session with students from K-6. During the session, they revisited the animals that represent parts of our brain: The Wise Owl who makes good decisions, The Elephant who helps us remember things, The Sifting Sooty who keeps us focused and The Guard Dog who keeps us safe. The learners made masks representing the different animals and used drama to explore and discuss how the animals can help them in different situations. It was a fantastic opportunity for the students to share their knowledge and to learn from other children’s experiences. Below are some photos from the day.

This term learners will be completing Grow Your Mind Projects in class. Kindergarten will be building on their understanding of the animals from the introduction this week. They will also explore other aspects of Grow Your Mind, such as gratitude, kindness and positive thinking. Stage 1’s project, Mindful Me, will focus on what mindfulness is, how it can be helpful and the different ways to practise mindfulness. In Stage 2, learners will explore healthy and unhealthy friendships, managing conflict with a calm guard dog, growing perspective and being friendly inside and outside of the school through the Flourish with My Friends project. Stage 3 students will investigate how they can get their DOSE of wellbeing each day through the project, My DOSE of Wellbeing. Each letter of the acronym DOSE represents a neurotransmitter in the brain that can support wellbeing: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin.

In addition to the Grow Your Mind group session and Stage projects, we will continue to practise our daily invitations to support wellbeing. We hope that you are also able to use some of the Grow Your Mind ideas at home as well to support your children’s wellbeing.

Class of The Week – KN

In KN we have been introduced to “Grow Your Mind”. It is a program where we learn how to take care of our brain.

We have learnt that there are 4 animals in the brain: The Guard dog, Sifting Sooty, Wise Owl and the Elephant. They all have different roles to play. We have also learnt ways to shrink our Guard dog who grows when we feel upset or angry.

This is what we have KN have to say about Grow Your Mind:

“ Grow your mind can calm your body down” – Savannah

“The Sifting Sooty helps you concentrate. It also helps you concentrate on your work” – Rafael

“ The Guard Dog grows big when you need help” – Roc


“We have learnt about finger breathing and belly breathing to shrink our Guard Dog” – Lucy

Year 6 2020

Hi Class of 2020 – Year 6 families

Well here we are in Term 3! It’s been quite a year for our kids as they experience their final hurrah in Primary School during an unprecedented global pandemic. With so many speed bumps and disconnections during the last two terms it is exciting to see them all receive their Year 6 T-Shirts that they can collectively wear with South Coogee pride.

Thanks to Mrs Fisher and the P&C, last term’s Mufti Day has kick-started Year 6 fundraising for the end of year celebrations. We will be working extremely creatively to come up with some more fundraising opportunities over the next 3 months to go towards the Year 6 Graduation Dinner to be held on 10 December at the Randwick Golf Club in Malabar.

If you have any fantastic fundraising ideas, please get in touch. My email is hsmitherskirk@zoo.nsw.gov.au

Over the next few weeks of this term you will receive a link to pay a recommended contribution of $50 towards your child’s very special night of celebration with their classmates.

We also require 3 to 4 images from each Year 6 child that will be used to make up their individual page in the Year 6 Graduation Book memento. A questionnaire will be handed out soon for them to fill in for this page also.

I look forward to working with the parent group to make this event a wonderful crescendo for the class of 2020!


Hayley S.Kirk (Sadie’s Mum) & Leigh Hayim (Jordi’s Mum)

Catholic Scripture Sacramental Program

With Catholic Scripture classes not proceeding this Term, the Sacramental Coordinator from the Parish of St Mary & St Joseph has asked us to pass on the following information:

‘Parents of Catholic children requiring information on the updated 2020 Sacramental Program for the Parish of St Mary and St Joseph, Maroubra Bay-Beach, are directed to the Parish Website www.smsj.org.au for details.’