2020: Term 3 Week 4

Deputy Principal’s Message

Reading Aloud to Your Child

When our children become independent readers, we often forget how important it is to continue to read to them. Reading in general, whether independently or with an adult, enhances vocabulary, improves writing skills and develops creativity.

Reading aloud to your child has great benefits for your child’s reading development and it is a great way to spend quality time with them. Most importantly, they love it!

There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a parent, older sibling or grandparent and listening to them read a fantastic story to you.


Chantal Cake

Relieving Deputy Principal


101 Days of Kindergarten Celebration

Last Friday Kindergarten celebrated their 101st Day of School, and what a celebration it was!

Students came dressed in black and white, just like the 101 Dalmations, and enjoyed taking part in all sorts of fun activities.

There were camera word scavenger hunts that had students digging and exploring around the classroom as well as reflecting on all the amazing things we had learnt in the last 101 days!

In Maths we practised using our groups of 10 to count to 101 using different objects such as blocks, Lego and teddy counters. We then worked in our groups to create some amazing pictures and interesting things using 101 objects. It was great to work together!

Kindergarten had a fantastic day and can’t wait for the next 101 days of school!

Ukelele Club

This term Ukelele Club has made a return and it started with a bang!

The students have enjoyed revising what they learnt in Term 1 and have begun to learn to strum, pick and follow the beat.

We are very excited to be back, and the students look forward to showing you what they’ve learnt!

From the Office – Important: Please Read

School gates

A reminder that the school gates open at 8.30am and are locked promptly at 9am. Please make sure your child arrives before this time, as arrivals after 9am are marked accordingly on their attendance.


The school canteen is no longer open on Monday or Tuesday. Lunch orders and over the counter sales are only available from Wednesday to Friday.

Statements of Account

Statements of Account will be emailed shortly to those who have outstanding fees. All excursions have been removed from these statements. If you have already paid for an excursion you will notice a credit on your account.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties please contact the office.

Birthday Celebrations

Unfortunately we can no longer have home-made cakes etc brought to school to celebrate your child’s birthday. All items need to be commercially manufactured and individually wrapped.

A popular choice is ice blocks. These can be brought from home, or arranged through the canteen (Wed-Fri only).

Lost Property

We are receiving a number of enquiries in regards to Lost Property.

All LABELLED clothing that is handed to the Front Office is returned to your child’s class. Any unlabelled property is kept in the front office.

Please ensure ALL clothing is labelled, and if you have purchased second hand clothing please re-label with your child’s name.

Please also check that your child is wearing their own clothing and not another student’s.

Awareness of Allergies

We have a number of students at SCPS who have a severe food allergy to nuts. These allergies can be life-threatening. We ask you to consider what you pack in your child’s lunch box, and ask you to avoid nuts and products that contain nuts.

At SCPS we have a rule whereby students are not permitted to share food with others, and we would kindly ask that you have a conversation with your child about this. When it is explained to children that some of the foods that they eat (and enjoy) can make other people very sick, they are less likely to share their food with others.

We acknowledge and appreciate the time and effort you take when considering the food you pack for your child, and we thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping us maintain a safe, healthy environment for all of our students.

Catholic Scripture Sacramental Program

Parents of Catholic children requiring information on the updated 2020 Sacramental Program for the Parish of St Mary and St Joseph, Maroubra Bay-Beach, are directed to the Parish Website www.smsj.org.au for details.