2020: Term 3 Week 6

Principal’s Message

This week we celebrate SASS Recognition week! A time to acknowledge and thank our School Administrative and Support staff. I’m sure you will join me in sharing our highest gratitude and appreciation for the work they do. The care, effort and support given to the children and staff at our school is truly commendable.


George, Helen, Jan, Michelle, Kim, Lia-May, Fe, Zora, Chrissy, Rachel, Linda, Leigh, Shelley, Rosalie, Tamara, Bella, Ngaire, Deb and Dakota.


















For more school administration updates please join us at the P & C Zoom meeting next week.

See you there!

Kind Regards

Trish Fisher


Deputy Principal’s Message

Staff Wellbeing Week

Student wellbeing has been a continuous focus for the staff at SCPS. However, student wellbeing is not a spectator sport. If we want our learners to be kind, calm, mindful and focused – the staff need to practise growing these skills in themselves. The key to doing this is to take care of their own wellbeing. Last week was Staff Wellbeing Week. To help fill the cups of our staff, they had the task of sharing why they are grateful for each other. Practising gratitude can help us feel more positive emotions and increase resilience. It was also a great way to let staff know that they are valued and appreciated. We also wanted staff to have a bit of fun so we held Trivia Quiz via Zoom. The staff were able to work as a team while also having a good laugh.

As parents and carers, it is extremely important to take time for your own wellbeing. Whether it is going for a walk, reading a book or practising gratitude. By looking after your own wellbeing, you are able to look after your child’s wellbeing better and you are also teaching them how important wellbeing is. You can’t fill from an empty cup…take care of yourself first!

Chantal Cake

Relieving Deputy Principal

Class of The Week – KA

KA has been very busy in term 3! We are learning about informative texts. We know that facts are always true and fiction is make believe.

We have been exploring different insects such as ants, butterflies and ladybugs. KA is putting their knowledge to the test by writing amazing information reports.

KA is also loving their time in the garden with Ms Stathis. Using the magnifying glass to look at the worms was a treat!

Here’s what KA loves about the garden:

‘I like it when we plant seeds and when we got to look at the worms’ – Thomas

‘My favourite thing about gardening is planting the beans and watching them grow’ – Jude

‘I like using the magnifying glasses to look at the worms’ – Emma

‘It is fun to water the plants to help them grow’ – Maeva

‘You get to water the plants and do fun things with Ms Stathis’ – Kine

Physical Education News

This term all K-6 P.E. classes have taken part in a Cooperative Games unit where students have worked in teams to try to achieve success in a range of games including Cross the River and hula hoop challenges. The focus has been on positive communication, collaboration and fair play.

2T enjoyed working together in a doona cover game where they had to work together to get the ball over the net. KN worked together to build towers and had to use their throwing skills to knock over other teams’ towers.

Mrs Stewart and Ms Richardson

NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge

This term South Coogee students and staff (first year) are participating in the NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge. It encourages students and staff over a 10 week period to participate in a broad range of sports and recreational pursuits to develop their understanding of the importance of sport and physical activity.

During the 10 week Challenge students and staff record their physical activity each day. Any daily physical activity which is moderate to vigorous in intensity can be accrued.

Award levels for the Challenge reflect a daily activity time commitment. Activities may include time spent in a broad range of sports during lunchtime, in school sport programs, class time, before or after school and on weekends.

Australian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines

Students aged 5-17 years should “accumulate 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity per day”.

In the 10 week Challenge, that equates to a GOLD award.

Award Daily Activity Time
Bronze 30 minutes per day
Silver 45 minutes per day
Gold 60 minutes per day
Diamond 80 minutes per day



         MORE STAFF,

               MORE ACTIVE,

                       MORE OFTEN”

Gardening News

Gardening Across The Stages

It has been great to work with Stage 3 and Kindergarten in the garden this term.

We’ve been planting bean seeds and watching them grow and looking at worms – our garden friends – in Kindergarten.

Stage 3 learners have been planning and planting a vegetable garden, taking into account the climate and soil we have and the time of year we’re planting. We’ve planted artichokes, carrots, cucumbers and strawberries just to name a few. Cooperative gardening has been considered as well, so basil, lemon-scented geraniums and violas are some of the plants that will help our crops to become healthier.

We’re all looking forward to a great harvest later this year.

Gardening Club is still occurring twice a week and it is great to see children from Kindergarten participating passionately alongside students from other grades.

Thank you to everyone involved.

Maria Stathis