2020: Term 3 Week 8

Class of the Week – 3S

3S continue to have fun learning and exploring new ideas and experiences. Creativity has been a big focus this term in the form of expressing ideas, presenting plays, creating fabulous sizzling starts in writing and using interesting techniques to enhance our informative writing. Investigating area in Mathematics, 3S students explored our school environment to search for objects that have areas of less, more and the same size as a square meter. Using their creative minds, students then designed their own dream home, including the area of each room and not surprisingly big bedrooms were a priority!

Art continues to be a favourite creative subject. Using the theme of Pop art, students learnt about how Pop art represents popular culture. We explored various Pop artists, then created our own Pop art, using sneakers, fanta cans, chips, face masks and ice-creams. To enhance our work, we researched the colour wheel and decided the most effective colours to use were bright and contrasting colours, such as red and green.

From the Office

Statements of Account

Statements of account have now been emailed to those families who have outstanding fees. These reminders will be automatically emailed weekly from School Bytes until your account is finalised.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties please contact the office.


Just a reminder that the canteen is only open Wednesday to Friday. Orders should be placed through Munch Monitor by 8.45am.

Operoo (previously CareMonkey)

Please respond to any Operoo emails you receive as quickly as possible. In most cases it is a very quick process to reply, which will stop the reminder emails being continuously sent.

At the moment we are waiting on several responses regarding returning to school in 2021, and permission to publish student photos.


Playground News

Please be aware that under the current circumstances toys, balls and games are not to be brought to school.

We have many activities, games and play equipment that we use to engage the children during breaktimes.