2020: Term 4 Week 6

Deputy Principal’s Message

Presentation Day Assemblies

Due to COVID restrictions, Presentation Day Assemblies will look very different this year. To give all parents and carers the opportunity to be part of these special events, each class will hold their own Zoom Presentation Day Assembly in Week 9. There will only be one class Zoom at a time to avoid clashes if you have more than one child. In the coming week, you will receive notification of your child’s Zoom time and log in details. During the Zoom, all students will receive their Certificate of Achievement. In Years 3-6, there will also be additional Book Awards for selected students. If your child is receiving one of the awards, you will receive notification beforehand.

On Tuesday 15 December at 9.30am, there will be a special Zoom to present the 2021 Year 6 Leadership Team with their badges. If your child is receiving a badge, you will be notified before the presentation.

Class of The Week – KL

Introducing KL

2020 has certainly been a busy year for KL. It has been a very different start to school life this year.

The students have settled into life at South Coogee Public School with great maturity.

They have made new friends, learned routines and developed some independence.

KL love their Literacy Group rotations as part of the morning Literacy Block. They have been doing Guided Reading with Ms Lewis, phoneme work, reading games.

Their reading and writing progress has been amazing this year. Most of the class are now facing their fears of making a mistake and are writing simple sentences about everything they do in class.

KL have used iPads for many different lessons. Their favourite app is Popplet as they can use it for consolidating their Maths and Literacy skills.

Here is what KL thought about their first year at school:

I loved learning to read and making our mixed up chameleons. Charlie B

I loved doing Maths games and gardening with Mrs Stathis. Aaliyah T

My favourite things in KL was doing addition and subtraction in Maths. Ben K

I loved learning to write information reports so I could learn new things. Zoe V

I liked writing weekend recounts and number work and free time on Friday afternoons. Tristan H

The best thing about KL was making new friends and learning new Maths stuff. Rose V

I loved my new teachers and playing Maths games. Sophie C

My best things were making new friends and my teacher. I loved doing Maths. Noah H

Free time is the best but I loved learning and writing about Ladybugs. Cormac I

I loved learning new things. It was amazing learning to read. Maya D

I loved playing in the Top Playground. I think learning Maths is the best. Mac D

I loved playing, being nice and having fun doing school work. It was awesome building 3D objects. Pace R

I liked playing and doing number work. Tatum B

I loved sharing with my friends and learning Maths. Kiana T

I like helping people and especially Maths. We did lots of fun activities. Nephi S

I liked Art and learning my numbers. Olivia S

Naidoc Week

Naidoc Week was celebrated in all classrooms last week. Students engaged in learning through sharing quality literacy texts, art activities inspired by the style of some Aboriginal artists and sharing our school Acknowledgement of Country.

Other classes also explored some of the different Aboriginal languages and words for animals and places that are still being spoken today.

It was a great week of learning to further build upon all students’ knowledge and understanding of our First Nation’s people and culture.

Gardening News

What’s Happening in the Garden?

Gardening Club continues on Mondays and Thursdays after eating time at lunch. We’ve been focussing on sustainable pest removal and maintaining the garden.

Ed Hardy (father of Indigo and Xanthe) built a sturdy trellis for our enormous passionfruit vine to grow over. Many thanks, Ed, from the Garden Club and the vine itself – which is looking very happy. We’re hoping to see lovely fruit soon.

We’ve had quite florid harvests so far this term of lettuce, spinach, herbs and carrots. We’ve just pulled our first Spanish onions and beetroot.

In the Sustainable Garden classroom, Year 1 have been introduced to the garden beds they’ll be looking after this term and are excited at the prospect of the harvest. Teaching with Year 3 we are exploring life cycles and the interdependencies that exist in the garden between all living things and are maintaining and developing the Herb Garden near the library.

We are excited to see the lime tree flourishing, the four passionfruit that are growing and the many grapes that are ripening.

Maria Stathis