2020: Term 4 Week 8

Deputy Principal’s Message

Presentation Day Assemblies

Due to COVID restrictions, Presentation Day Assemblies will look very different this year. To give all parents and carers the opportunity to be part of these special events, each class will hold their own Zoom Presentation Day Assembly in Week 9, next week. There will only be one class Zoom at a time to avoid clashes if you have more than one child.

Last week, we sent details out the classes’ Zoom meeting details and the date and time of each assembly.

In Years 3-6, there will also be additional Book Awards for selected students. If your child is receiving one of the awards, you will receive notification this week.

2021 Year 6 Leadership Assembly

On Tuesday 15 Dec at 9.30am, there will be a special Zoom assembly to present the 2021 Year 6 Leadership Team with their badges. The details of this Zoom meeting will be shared via Operoo for Year 5 parents and Skoolbag for any other interested parents and carers.


Class of The Week – 4B

4B, Term 4 as a Poem

You know what happens in 4B

And our teacher you will see

How interesting Term 4 can be!

We’re doing Science with Mr T

And this term we’ve learnt

How cool chicks can be.

We’re also doing coding

Which is super fun

But sadly Science is almost done

Now in the classroom it’s sometimes a mess

Almost too messy, it gives teachers stress

Another big topic is History

And about Macquarie Island and the rabbit story

Now we’re packing up for the next year

It’s kind of sad and I’m going to miss my peers

And our teacher has been on her computer

Getting ready for the new  Year 4 takeover.

By Georgie G


It has been a very different year and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students and parents for their support and understanding throughout 2020.

We have had so much fun together and I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday and a wonderful 2021.

See you next year.

Alexandra Brissenden

Class of The Week – 2J

ABC of 2J

Gardening News

Thank you to all the children and parents who have supported the South Coogee vegetable garden this year. It has been a very productive time. This week we have picked quite a few cherry tomatoes, potatoes and carrots.

Tomorrow, student members of the Sustainability Committee and the Badu Crew will be Zooming with Indigenous chef Nornie, to learn how to make Mabu Mabu damper as part of an online lesson from Stephanie Alexander.

In the Sustainable Garden classroom, Year 1 and Year 3 are working on attracting pollinators and good critters to the garden by building insect/bee hotels and planting insect and bird-attracting plants. These activities follow on from our study on maintaining a healthy garden and the interdependencies that exist in the garden environment.

As we come to the end of the year, many of the plants are going to seed. The South Coogee gardeners will be collecting those seeds for next year’s planting before pulling up the mature plants to let the soil rest over the holidays.

Mr T, the Year 3 and 4 students and I will continue the construction of the greenhouse we commenced last term in these final weeks of the year. THE mural we planned has become a project for 2021.

Maria Stathis