2021: Term 1 Week 4

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Carers

WOW! Can you believe we are already towards the middle of Term 1? The teachers and learners have been so busy engaging in learning and school programs that the time is flying past.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the ‘Virtual Meet the Teacher’. The successful event allowed a quick glimpse into the classroom and important information about each class, stage and generally the school. NB: Parent teacher interviews are scheduled for the end of this term. More information to come.

We are currently organising in-school activities (lunchtimes) and more information about these will be coming this week. Additionally, we will Skoolbag information about external activities available at the school after hours. If you would like to access these programs, details will be available to you.

Congratulations to our Class Captains, Ecowarriors and IT Techsperts who were presented today with badges. We are proud of them and looking forward to them leading school pride, building their own confidence and working productively with their peers.

Our swimming carnival this year was certainly different with no cheering, songs or parents, but we are glad we were able to have an event supporting our swimmers. As you are aware, we are looking at organising a swimming carnival for Term 4 this year, an event similar to years past. There will be a few photos below, and later in the term, after zone results, we will have an online assembly to present ribbons.

Last week Stage 3 had a great opportunity to be part of this year’s yLead program. They had so much fun! yLead’s mission is to support Australian schools in developing a generation of confident, motivated and skilled young leaders who are capable and willing to make a positive difference in our changing world.

We also had a very special guest come to our school, Zachary Bennett-Brook from http://www.saltwaterdreamtime.com/ He was invited to continue the visual story, through mural, on the sports container and talk to our learners. Please see below.

School Photos are next Monday, February 22. Please ensure your children are following the school dress code and look lovely for the photo, memories that last a lifetime.

Thank you to our parents for your support and kind words for the work our teachers are doing in preparing a successful year of learning for your children.

Yours Sincerely

Trish Fisher



Below are a few important reminders/information for you as an introduction to 2021 school organisation. Please take the time to read. More detailed information can be found on the school website in the SCPS Information Booklet.

Thank you

School Uniform

It is lovely to see so many of our learners returning to school, looking so smart in their school uniform with new black shoes.  I must compliment our parents and children on the way uniform is worn at our school. To support our smart appearance, we also expect that our learners will attend school with suitable haircuts. At SCPS we are very fortunate to have a uniform that is both practical and looks great. When worn well, our uniform: defines our identity as a proud school, gives learners a sense of belonging, and promotes a positive perception of our school within our community. We thank our parents for your support in ensuring your children follow our school dress code. Please ensure you write your child’s name on all pieces of uniform.

School Entry, and Drop off & Pick Up Arrangements

Our students grew in independence and resilience last year and we encourage families to continue to drop off and pick up their children at either the Tucabia St or Moverly Rd gates consistent with last years procedures. Ensuring that we continue to follow the current DoE COVID guidelines we will continue to have measures in place to manage visitor numbers and we respectfully request that all families follow staff instructions at pick up and drop off times.

As we foresee a return to school ‘onsite drop offs’, we will be giving our Kindergarten families preference as part of this organisation. At this stage, all children Years 1-6 will continue to say goodbye to their parents at the gate and go to the correct area.

Important: PLEASE DO NOT enter & exit through the OOSH centre!

Reminder: Gates open at 8.30am. Please do not leave children at gates before 8.30am.

Learning starts promptly 9am  with a 3pm finish.

Please note: that it is difficult for the office to contact your child/ren throughout the day to deliver messages. Please ensure your children know daily pickup & drop off routines, and if changes occur during the day please contact the office as soon as possible, avoiding the beginning and end of school times. Appreciated.

No Dogs are permitted on site or tied to the school fence – Please leave ‘Fido’ at home.

Update Family details

The vital request for information is on the way – it is very important to ensure you have given the school the most up to date details for the safety and care of your child. If your address, phone numbers, email addresses or emergency contacts have changed recently, please contact the office NOW to update your details. Please also notify us if there has been a change in family circumstances.

If your child needs to bring a mobile phone to school, they will need to bring in a signed Mobile Phone Policy and leave their phone at the office each morning. The Mobile Phone Policy notes are available at the front office.


James Anthony Catering is doing a great job ensuring our parents and learners have access to healthy food whilst at school. The school canteen is open Monday to Friday.

PLEASE NOTE: Please order all main recess and lunch orders online through MUNCH MONITOR. Please be aware ordering closes at promptly at 8.30am.

Important: Payments

Soon families will be receiving invoices for school fees, textbooks and upcoming events. Please note the school office is cashless and families are requested to make all payments online. You will receive an email from the school with a direct link to payments. We understand finance is very difficult at this time of year. Please remember that if you are having financial difficulty, contact Helen in the school office to organise a payment plan.

School Communication   https://southcoogeepublicschool.com/

Your one stop shop, for all the information you need. Please access our website on a regular basis. It is always best to keep up to date. You will also receive regular notifications and access to the newsletter through Skoolbag and school permission notes through Operoo (previously CareMonkey). Please ensure you have these apps on your phone, iPad or computer.

Kind Regards


Deputy Principal’s Message

Student News

This week we formally acknowledged students from Year 1-6 as part of our Student Leadership assembly. Students from each class received either their Class Captain or Eco Warrior badge in our special zoom assembly. Our Stage 3 Techsperts also received their badge from Mrs Fisher. This was also the first official function that our 2021 Captains, Vice-Captains and Year 6 leaders hosted and they did a fantastic job. Congratulations to all of the students who will be representing their classmates over this semester.

Our Year 6 Student leaders this week were taught the appropriate way to raise our school flags by Jan in the office. They were shown how to attach the flags the right way and how to hoist them up and down. This is one of the many responsibilities of our student leaders.

Sun Safe

A reminder to make sure students have their hats in their bags each day. Also it’s important that our SCPS students stay well hydrated. The best way to do this is for our students to bring in a clearly labelled drink bottle which they can refill throughout the day. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend drinking plenty of water and choosing plain water in preference to other drinks. The daily fluid intake is between 1.2ltr-1.9ltr for children (depending on age) with the majority of this intake consisting of plain water. Please make sure that the bottle is not made of glass as this is a safety concern when students accidentally drop them and they shatter.

Kate Owen

Deputy Principal

Class of the Week – 3D

Looking after our mind is an integral part of our overall wellbeing. 3D have discussed various ways to promote their well being and care for their mind. These are their responses.

In Year 3, to help my mind grow I:

  • eat healthy and I also get a good night sleep. All these things help your mind grow. Tate
  • will sit up and meditate for ten minutes. I will also lie down for as long as I need and listen to calming music. The last thing I would do to help my mind is play a board game with family. Alex
  •  do finger breathing when I’m worried and. I also do deep breaths and I play with my toys. Harry
  • play with my dog and I also do finger breathing. Chloe
  • play piano or talk to a friend about it. If I’m at home then I’ll go and do finger or anchor breathing. Nadia
  • eat healthy food. I also calm down by doing anchor and finger breathing. Anaya
  • play with my friends. I also do deep breathing and count backwards to zero from five. Taylen
  • do finger breathing. I also like to talk to my pets and listen to a podcast. Bowie
  • do anchor and finger breathing. I also talk to and play with my friends. Pippa
  • like to go for walks in the fresh air. I also like to do finger breathing and sit and look around at my surroundings. Abby
  • do finger breathing and play with my cat. Mia
  • do finger breathing. When I feel stressed I count to ten and I close my eyes and think of happy thoughts. Rosie
  • do finger breathing and lie on my bed and think of happy thoughts. Natalie
  • read my book and play a game. Maddie
  • enjoy listening to music and relaxing. Kris
  • do finger breathing and think about the grow your mind animals. Frankie
  • listen to music and do finger breathing. Violet V
  • finger breathe, talk to my friends and dog and play soccer. Luca
  • do finger breathing, count to ten in my mind to calm down and play with my cat. Lilli
  • use anchor breathing and count to five in my mind. Ethan
  • do finger and anchor breathing. I also talk to my friends and enjoy exercising. Sometimes I take a deep breath and do nose breathing. Jadane
  • count to ten to help me calm down and when I’m home I play with my dog. Kenzie
  • will talk to my friends, anchor breathe sit by myself and count to one hundred to calm down. Jos
  • will talk to my friends and read a book. Kaif
  • will do anchor and finger breathing. I will go to my friends to help me when I cry and listen to music to help me calm down. Talking to my cat, exercising, deep breathing and meditation are also things I will do to help my mind. Archer


Have you seen our fantastic new mural? Last week, artist Zachary Bennett-Brook came to the school to create and paint a design on the second container near the Kiss & Go gates.

Zac is a proud Indigenous man of Torres Strait Islander ancestry born and raised in Dharawal Country (Wollongong). He is the owner and artist of Saltwater Dreamtime and has created contemporary Indigenous artworks, often influenced by natural surroundings.

All classes had the opportunity to talk with and watch Zac as he worked on the mural. Zac’s design is a travelling pattern and he explained that the smaller dots represent the students as they move through their school years, with the larger dots representing the teachers who are also part of this journey.

Images From the Swimming Carnival

We will  put more images in the next Newsletter, but here are a few:

Leadership Assembly 2021

We congratulate our newest School Leaders (Class Captains, Eco Warriors and Techsperts) who received their badges at today’s Assembly.