2021: Term 2 Week 4

What’s On?


Fri 14                                       Mother’s Day Breakfast  7.30am-9am,      3-6 Assembly, 4B hosting, 9.15am

Mon 17 – Fri 21                    WELLBEING WEEK – Staff

Mon 17 – Tues 18                Music Camp

Mon 17 – Thurs 20             NAPLAN

Tues 18                                   K-2 Cross Country at Latham Park

Wed 19                                    Year 5 Debate

Mon 24 & Tue 25                Stage 2 Billy Cart Incursion

Wed 26                                    K-2 Assembly, 2E hosting, 2.15pm

27 May – 3 June                   Reconciliation Week

Fri 28                                      3-6 Assembly, 4C hosting, 9.15am

Sat 29                                     COLOUR RUN!

Acknowledging Service to the Community

We received a lovely email this week from Robyn Munro Miller, the CEO of Kids Giving Back, a charity whose mission is to create the next Generation of Generosity.

She wanted to make us aware that two of our students, Sophie C (4B) and Emily C (2J),  gave their time to undertake a range of activities that have contributed to meet the needs of vulnerable people in our community.

We are very proud of these two learners, and would like to acknowledge them for the example they have set to others in their service to the community.

Class of the Week – 1M

1M have been having lots of fun this term working with Mrs Stathis in the garden on Friday mornings. We have learnt about composting, growing and taking care of vegetables and fruit that grow in the wonderful garden at South Coogee. We were fortunate enough to take home succulents for mother’s day presents. 1M had a great time planting the succulents in special paper cups, using soil, charcoal and small decorative stones.

1M have enjoyed our Literacy Block books this term – the author is Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. The books are very exciting and enjoyable and this is a good stepping stone to our narrative writing as we can use Julia Donaldson’s ideas to help us with our imaginary writing.

1M have also looked forward to assemblies on every second Wednesday. Year 2 are hosting the assemblies this term. It is great to see parents and carers back at South Coogee.


Class of the Week – 3M


A is for adjectives and adverbs which we use to make our writing more interesting

B is for background knowledge which we use in Literacy Block

C is for clarifying which is one of our comprehension strategies

D is for being Determined which is a great Learner Quality to have

E is for English. One of the most important subjects

F is for fun which we love to have

G is for Grow your Mind which helps with our mental health

H is for handwriting. We are learning to do cursive

I is inferring which is another important comprehension strategy

J is for junior band which lots of us started this year

K is for kindness which we try to show each day

L is for Literacy block where we get to read lots of interesting books

M is for maths which we do everyday

N is for Naplan which we started this week

O is for onomatopoeia which we use in sizzling starts

P is for personification which helps to improve our writing

Q is for questioning – another important comprehension strategy

R is for reading – we all love reading

S is for sizzling starts which makes our introductions sizzle

T is for text connections eg text to text

U is for understanding – a very important skill

V is for School Values – Safety, Participation and Respect

W is for Writing which we do everyday

X is for eXcitable which we sometimes are

Y is for Year 3 – we love being in Year 3

Z is for zoom – thankfully we don’t have to learn like this anymore

Debating News

Premier’s Debating Challenge

On Monday 10 May our Year 6 debating team competed against Maroubra Bay PS in the first round of the NSW Premier’s Debating Challenge.

The topic for the debate was that every class in primary school should adopt a dog or cat as a class pet.

South Coogee was arguing for the affirmative side and after a very well structured debate from both sides, our aptly named SCPS Chatterboxes team was awarded the win!

Congratulations to the team on an outstanding debate. We wish them all the best in the next round!

Gardening News

Beginning to produce……

Our winter crops are growing and so are the numbers of children attending Gardening Club. Luckily, we have had good harvests of lettuce, spinach, herbs, cherry tomatoes and capsicum. Our first taste of our home-grown broccoli will be happening soon!

In the Sustainable Garden classroom, Years 1 and 3 have been thinking about composting and why it is a useful activity in the garden. We’ve had close encounters with worms and stinky compost in the last two weeks.

Being that special time of year i.e. Mother’s Day, all the children participated in examining succulents and what they need to grow well, before making their mums gifts of succulent pots (Year 1) or terrariums (Year 3) – using a clean re-purposed jar.

We had loads of fun and learnt a lot.

Maria Stathis

NRMA Science and Road Safety Day

In week 2, the NRMA presented a Science and Road Safety show to Kinder to Year 6. The show used science demonstrations to show children how the forces they experience whilst in motion can injure them in a crash and why safety equipment, seatbelts and bike helmets, are essential to their safety. Students were also shown how to correctly fit their safety equipment and why correct fit is essential to their safety.

Lilah from KA had to demonstrate sitting in the hovercraft. KA also decorated their helmets and did a recount about road safety from the show.

Natalie Chan & Allison Stewart

Ethics Classes                                            

Each week our committed ethics teachers deliver lessons to 88 students across Kindy, Years 1, 3 and 5 at South Coogee Public School. Kindy have been discussing questions, puzzlement and what is okay. Year 3 have been discussing being greedy and Year 5 voting and punishment.

Ethics is a great opportunity for children in the junior years to develop core skills such as listening to others, taking turns to speak and giving reasons to support their ideas. Children in the senior years develop their critical thinking and discussion-based skills.

We are in desperate need for more volunteer ethics teachers! We still have around 100 children on the waitlist. Volunteering as an ethics teacher is a great opportunity to become involved in the school community in an interesting and unique way, while also giving you the chance to develop new skills that are useful in work and home life.

You do not need to have previous teaching experience. Primary Ethics provides the lesson content and full, free training. Classes run every Thursday during term, 2-2:30pm for K-2 and 2:30-3pm for 3-6.

For more information go to www.primaryethics.com.au/volunteer/ or get in touch with the Ethics coordinator Lyndall Mulconry at l.mulconry@outlook.com or 0438 648 186