2021: Term 2 Week 6

Principal’s Message

Dear families,

As you can appreciate schools are very busy places.

Everyday we receive over 50+ phone calls from families requesting messages to be passed on to their children.

This is interrupting vital teaching and learning time and disadvantaging children’s progress.

We are supporting the limited interruptions to learning time and would like to advise you that unless the matter is urgent, classrooms will not be paused for messages.

Only if urgent, there will be an allocated time during the day where messages will be relayed.

Furthermore, we encourage you to engage a daily routine to ensure your children know who and where they will be picked up as well as having all they need for the day. Please do not call the school office if:

  • they forget their lunch, their hat, their water bottle (we have bubblers available at the school). Please bring items to the school office
  • checking-in on your child’s wellbeing. The school will call you if there are concerns
  • changes to OOSH service – contact them directly on 93448463
  • running late for pick up – your child will be waiting at the school office from 3.10pm. We will call you to follow up
  • clothing issues – contact the P & C website
  • PSSA draws for Fridays have been posted on Skoolbag

All appointments are expected to be made out of learning time. If you are collecting your child from school please come directly to the school. You may need to wait for your child to come from the classroom, please do not arrive at break times 11 – 11.25 & 1 -2pm.

We all (parents, carers, teachers and children) appreciate your support for ensuring a consistency for learning and a smooth running of the school.

Kind Regards

Trish Fisher


Class of the Week – 5/6B

What Have we Been Learning About in 5/6B Recently?

This term, we have been studying Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’ for our class novel study. We have learnt all about Witches and how to spot them. We also have made spooky drawing of the Grand High Witch herself, who is the leader of the witches.

“The Witches is a really great book filled with laughter and some shocking moments. Reading the Witches has been very fun and all the activities we do are very exciting. The Witches has got to be the best book I have read in class. I can’t wait to keep reading!”

-Alice S

“We have been going to buddies for the last couple of weeks. The whole class looks forward to Fridays to go and see our buddies. Our buddy class is 2J. The activities we have done are reading, making Mother’s day cards, and this week, we are teaching them games and sport.”

–Summer G-S

We also have a new visiting class pet… Phasmids! Phasmids or Spiny Leaf Insects are invertebrates. These creatures may be very small but they are super amazing. Here are some fun facts about Phasmids:

  • Females are parthenogenetic. This means they can reproduce by themselves. They do this by laying eggs. They can lay up to 500! But all their offspring will be clones, that is, genetically identical to themselves.
  • Females can’t fly but the males can.
  • The females go to the top of a tree and flick the eggs down to the ground. The eggs are covered in sugar which attracts ants. Ants take the egg to their nest where it is safe from other predators. When the Phasmids hatch, they look and smell like ants so they don’t get attacked in the nest. Once the leave the nest, they moult and start looking like a Phasmid.
  • The Phasmids have lots of adaptations to protect them from predators. They camouflage to look like a leaf in the tree. They also dance so they look like they are swaying in the breeze just like other leaves. They also use mimicry; they look like a scorpion so predators think they are poisonous and won’t eat them. When threatened, they curl up their tail just like a scorpion does. They also can emit an odour that smells like peanut butter, vinegar and toffee to deter predators.
  • Phasmids can be different colours depending on the leaves they eat. They can be green, red, brown, white or yellow.
  • If they lose a leg, they can regenerate them- they can grow a new one.

“Phasmids are leaf insects. They are very tickly when you hold them. Phasmids eat leaves and camouflage in the leaves to hide from predators. The males can fly and the females can have eggs by themselves. They like to be near heat. This makes them more active.”

-Ruby H

Zone Cross Country 2021

On Friday 14th May, our Cross Country representatives attended the Zone Cross Country carnival held at Heffron Park. We are so unbelievably proud of our students and their performance on the day! Student’s really showed commitment and determination to complete the challenging 2 and 3 km course.

A huge congratulations and good luck to the following students who will be attending the Regional Cross Country Carnival on Friday 11th June at Miranda Park:

Micaela G    Violet M    Mila M    Zoe B    Gabriella G    Micsha G-S

Freya C    Madelyn H    Alfie G    Louis C    Yaniv L    Nate Y    Levi S

And to our reserve students:

Chloe H    Bella A    Ollie F    Lennox R

Defence Mentor Update

For the past few weeks we have been running our Defence Kids Club. It is always popular on Wednesday and Thursday at lunch-time. We meet, we chat, we craft and we create. There is always something for everyone and often we are getting 20 students each session. This is a great turn out and students are absolutely enjoying their time.

It is a wonderful opportunity for those who struggle on the playground, are new or just need some passive play or time out with friends. Defence Kids is a great place for those needing to connect and feel safe.

If you are chatting at the dinner table this week, don’t forget to remind your family about these sessions on offer, 2 days a week.

Lastly, this weekend on 30 May at 1300, Victoria Barracks and the Australian Army Band have an event – ‘Music on the Green’, entry is FREE. BYO your own picnic while you enjoy live music from the band.

There are 600 tickets available. Register via eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/music-on-the-green-tickets-155904373177

If you or your loved one is deploying, posting, or you need any support here at school, don’t forget to contact me:

Defence School Mentor – Rachel Brito.

Email: Rachel.brito@det.nsw.edu.au or 029349 4000.

Is Your Child Starting Kindergarten in 2022?

We have commenced the enrolment process for students starting Kindergarten in 2022. If you have a child starting kindergarten, or know of a family who does, we would appreciate it if an enrolment application could be submitted as soon as possible.

In-area applications are now accessible online on the school’s website.

For non-local enrolments please call the school for information.