2021: Term 2 Week 8

Principal’s Message

Dear families,

There is a hum in the school as we head into week 8 of a 10-week term. Below are a few reminders and information about what is happening at the school.

Supporting each other

I am calling out for all class parents to be vigilant in reminding parents and carers that their voice on social media is powerful – good, bad or ugly. The school and the P & C have clear expectations and guidelines on how we as a community communicate whether it be on the school or P & C platforms but also on personal or outside formed group mediums. Please share these expectations with your parents, please do not join into negative comments about our children, our school or our community. Contact the school directly for us to action or explain issues of concern.

Mother’s Day

It was wonderful to see everyone come together for our annual Mother’s Day breakfast for 2021. This day gave us an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the female role models in our learner’s lives who have had a significant impact and continue to do so on a daily basis. The morning was a great success and I would like to thank everyone for their support as your contribution made the day memorable for our school community. Special thanks to the dads who volunteered.

Colour Run

Thanks to our P & C team, special hoorah to Kate Anderson for all the organisation that made it a successful day. On behalf of the entire school we are very thankful for the time and energy the P & C and parent volunteers give to make these events fabulous. It was so much fun.

Kindergarten 2022

Enrol NOW!

If you know of anyone in our area not yet enrolled, or with siblings, please contact the school as soon as possible. Applications online https://www.southcoogeepublicschool.com/enrolment/

I would encourage you to attend, or read the minutes from, the P & C meetings to keep up to date with things that are being supported by our families.

Kind regards

Trish Fisher, Principal

Deputy Principal’s Message

Spotlight on Students

During this term our two debating teams have been working hard preparing arguments and delivering their case in the local schools debating competitions. I was fortunate enough to accompany our year 6 debating team to their debate at Randwick Public School last week. The team received the topic, Year 5 students should be allowed access to social media accounts such as twitter, instagram and facebook, an hour before the debate was due to start and a coin was tossed to decide who would be the affirmative or negative side. Our students were the negative team. They worked together to come up with their arguments and develop their case. The team then had to present their case in front of an adjudicator who had to deliberate on which team presented the strongest arguments. Each member played an important role during the debate not only speaking but also listening and writing rebuttals. The end result was a win for South Coogee PS.


This week Mrs Fisher and I had the great pleasure watching our Senior Dance group perform at the Metropolitan South “In the Spotlight Dance Festival.” Our ten students performed the dance ‘Revolting’ in front of a packed audience at the Seymour Centre. They took the stage with great enthusiasm, dancing on tables and cartwheeling to the beat. Well done to all the students, Ms Kelso and Ms Olivia Causer for all their hard work and dedication.

Ceramics in Schools

Our Stage 3 students have been lucky enough to be working with Kris Taylor during this week. They have been learning about the finer arts of making a ceramic object. All students had the option to create a dragon or a swan. Each student was given a piece of clay to mould into a ball and students used their hands to hollow out the clay so that during the firing process it didn’t explode. Each student added pieces to the base to create the creature shape, students could then personalise their creature by adding elements such as scales, rings, beanies, horns and wings. Kris Taylor will take the student creations back to her studio to fire them in her kiln. She will return in two weeks for students to paint the creatures. They will then be glazed in her studio and returned to the students in Term 3.

Our students felt that the experience was a lot of fun, it was great to watch Kris make the creature, it was a little messy but they are excited to create a finished product.

Dates for the Diary

Week 8

Friday 11 June               4A Assembly

Week 9

Tuesday 15 June           Athletics Carnival – Hensley Athletics Field, Eastgardens

Thursday 17 June         Year 6 Debate online

Week 10

Wednesday 23 June     K-2 Artist of the Term Assembly

Friday 25 June              3-6 Artist of the Term Assembly

Friday 25 June              Last day of Term 2

Term 3

Tuesday 13 July           Students return to school

Wednesday 21 July     Kindy Farm Excursion

Friday 23 July              5/6P Assembly

Class of the Week – 2L

Introducing 2L

2021 has certainly been a busy year for 2L. It has been a fantastic start to school life this year.

They have made new friends, learned different routines, new skills and developed maturity and independence.

2L love their Literacy Group rotations as part of the morning Literacy Block. They have been doing Guided Reading with Ms Lewis.

Their reading and writing progress has been amazing this year. 2L have focused on Informative and Imaginative writing. They have loved creating a class narrative. Below is the narrative, Junkyard Juliet, collaboratively written by 2L. We based it on Cinderella and then twisted it into our own version.

Most of the class are now facing their fears of making a mistake and are writing about everything they do in class.

2L have used iPads for many different lessons. Their favourite app is Book Creator as they can use it for consolidating their Maths and Literacy skills.

Here is what 2L have thought about this year at school:

I have enjoyed learning the jump strategy in Maths. Riley R

I am enjoying Maths, especially rounding up and down. Elizabeth M

I really like learning the jump strategy in Maths. Bryson Mc-K

I’ve loved doing anything to do with Art. Alexis C

I have enjoyed our Art lessons. Flynn O

The best thing about 2L is doing Sport. Ella L

I’ve enjoyed learning skip counting in Maths. Jasmine O

I love doing Sport, because Survival Tag is fun. Ted A

I have really like doing Split Strategy in Maths. Freddie S

I loved doing Art. The swirly pattern was the best. Tilly K

I loved doing the art that was related to our Information texts. Harriet Z

My favourite thing is Maths. The Split Strategy was awesome to learn. Ethan B

I really liked Art because you can express your feeling through it. Summer G

I have loved making new friends this year and Maths. Sophie R

I liked doing my Extension Maths because it challenges me. Blake S

I liked Art and writing Fractured Fairy Tales. Lucy D

I have learnt Split Strategy and my reading has improved. Lucas SW

I Have enjoyed our Art lessons and always helping others. Liora E

I like learning the Split Strategy in Maths and rounding up and down to the nearest 10. Ava R

I have loved doing Maths on the iPad and playing Sport at school. Ollie F

I have loved doing Maths on the iPads, Sport and when we get some Free Time. Taylor Y

I like doing Art and Maths on the iPads. Bella S

I have enjoyed doing Maths. Markus G

2L’s Fractured Fairy Tale
Junkyard Juliet

Crash! Bang! Crash! Lissy, the stepmother, dumped a huge new pile of junk right next to Juliet’s junky home in Junktown. “Thanks a lot Lissy!!!” cried Juliet sarcastically.

Lissy and Juliet’s stepsister’s, Peppa and Pig, lived in the house in front of the junkyard. Further up the road, on Junk Hill, there was a handsome young prince named Romeo. (Oh! And his nasty and twisted identical twin brother, George.) He lived in a castle made of peanut butter, with his side kick, Bob the nerdy bird.

Bob had a friend who was a fairy godfather. He was called Emoji. His wand had a smiley emoji on the end instead of a star. Emoji created Bob from a toy bird. Bob is an emoji bird with emoji sunglasses.

Peppa and Pig were very hungry. So they went to the town’s peanut butter festival. The smelly junk pile was soon coated with peanut butter.

They stole heaps of peanut butter to eat. They ate so much, that they vomited it up and caused a massive peanut butter tsunami and all the cat’s started a war.

The smelly junk was soon coated with peanut butter.

Meanwhile, Romeo’s evil identical twin brother, George needed to change his clothes. This was the perfect opportunity to get rid of Romeo so he can be liked more by everyone. So he decided to change in to Romeo’s clothes and tie up Romeo so no one would recognise him as George.

George was now going to kidnap Juliet. He took her to the cat war and forced her to join the cat army. Bob the Nerdy Bird flew over the cat war and realised Juliet was in trouble! He also realised that Romeo was a fake as this one didn’t have a scar across his eye. IT MUST BE BAD GEORGE!!

“TWEET! TWEET! TWEET!” Bob knew he needed Emoji’s help right now! George was pretending to be Romeo.

Emoji heard Bob’s urgent tweeting and he rushed over. “What is the matter Bob?” asked Emoji.

Bob was flapping so much, he couldn’t get any words out. Finally Bob calmed down. “Bad George has captured Romeo and Juliet. What can we do?”

“Hmmm, let’s think very quickly.” said Emoji. “Right Bob, you need to fly over with me so I can magic the ropes untied..”

Bob flapped and flew as fast as he could, with Emoji on his back, to get to Romeo. Emoji waved his magic wand and the rope swirled up and flew off hunting for George.

Next they needed to rescue Juliet from the cat war and George. Emoji magicked up a mass of cat food to distract the cats from fighting. Then he sent in a pack of dogs to get the cats while they were eating.

George yelled at the cats to stop eating but they ignored him. Next thing George knew, a huge net was landing on top of him. He struggled to escape, but it was impossible. The peanut butter tsunami poured of George and that was the end of him.

Bob the Nerdy Bird swooped down, grabbed hold of Juliet and flapped them high up into the beautiful, blue sky.

Bob took Juliet back to Romeo, who was anxiously waiting for their reunion. He had built a huge junk castle for them to live in (and Bob the Nerdy Bird, of course) for the rest of their lives. Emoji magicked their new castle into gold junk.

Lissy, Peppa and Pig moved so far away because they would have to renovate their house that was drowned in peanut butter. They were never heard of again.

So….did they live happily ever after?

Who knows???

You will have to wait for the sequel “Romeo and Juliet Ride Again.”

Written and illustrated by 2L



Billy Cart Incursion

In week 6, on 24 and 25 May, Stage 2 students got to participate in a Billy Cart Incursion run by Supreme Incursions. Each student got to participate in a ninety-minute session where they learnt all about the forces of motion, linking to their Science topic this term – Smooth Moves.

Students were able to build their own Billy Cart, build their own moving creation and learn to ride the Billy Cart.

Gardening News

Our First Kitchen garden Experience

With winter crops producing potatoes (a couple of weeks ago), carrots, cherry tomatoes and a variety of delicious greens, we decided to have our first farm-to-plate cooking experience in gardening classes, using vegetables we had recently harvested in the garden.

Year 3 were attentive and demonstrated skill when making potato and carrot pancakes (latkes), with a side salad of greens, cherry tomatoes, fetta in a vinaigrette dressing. They set their tables and cleared up beautifully!

Most of Year 1 cooked Jamie Oliver’s hash browns with 1T making delicious and colourful fruit kebabs late in the day.

We have also begun our next crop planting beetroot, lettuce, onion, radish and silverbeet seeds. They are germinating in the greenhouse as I type. Our mini compost bins are decomposing nicely, too.

Our gardening club is meeting on Tuesdays and are wonderful when watering, raking and stirring the compost. We’ve recently re-potted our lavender and rosemary cuttings and were pleased to find they mostly had great roots growing. Our garden harvests continue weekly with snow peas and climbing peas being our stars at the moment.

Thank you to all the children and teachers who assist with the gardening and associated lessons.

Maria Stathis

Update on Sustainable Schools Project
Eastern Suburbs Banksia Biodiversity Project

Our Sustainability Committee is moving slowly towards the commencement of our ESBS Biodiversity project along the Macleay Street fence in the paddock.

We have selected a bush regeneration company to help us and our plants are almost ready for delivery to the school. Our Badu Crew, along with the Sustainability Council and 5/6P will care for these plants while we wait for the preparation of the land for planting. Peter Cooley, a horticulturalist from IndigiGrow is providing the plants and will help our budding bush regenerators understand what they need to do to care for them and country.

The Sustainability Council, comprised of students from Stage 3, are conducting an audit of the area to assess what grows there and collect data on any creatures that live there, too. We’ll use this data to compare to the growth of flora and fauna in the ESBS project over time.

Stage 1 and 2 students will be exploring the notion of biodiversity and why it is important in their gardening lessons.

Maria Stathis and Mark Tesoriero

Reconciliation Week

Over the past two weeks, classes have been learning and talking about this year’s theme: More than a word. Reconciliation takes action.

Students have discussed ways that they can take action by caring for the land and animals, sharing our school Acknowledgement of Country and continuing to learn more about our First Nations people and culture.

In Week 7, we were fortunate to have two performances by Uncle Col Hardy. He shared songs, stories and cultural knowledge with the students and teachers. Here are some reflections.

On the 3rd of June Uncle Col Hardy came to our school and performed for Kindergarten to Years 6. Everybody loved his songs and he got us all singing along to Australian classic like “We are Australian”, and “Tommy the Termite”. He showed us ancient Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artifacts like the coolamon and the Didgeridoo and he told us stories about the land and his family. My personal favourite was when he played one of the Wiggles songs and we all stood up and started dancing. I think that this was a really fun experience and I will miss his yearly visits when I go to high school.

By: Freya L, Year 6 student 

Uncle Col Hardy’s performance was the best thing on the day! Everyone loved his songs and he got us all singing along. He showed us Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander items such as the boomerang and the stone pickaxe which his grandson had made for him. He told us stories of back in his day and fun tales. My personal favourite was when we got up and danced.

By: Issy G, Year 5 student

Music Camp 2021

Three weeks ago, all members of the Intermediate and Senior Bands had the privilege of going to Collaroy Conference Centre for a two day music camp. We learnt new songs and played together as a super band which was so much fun. After all the practice, we were also treated to delicious meals and snacks. We kept asking for seconds!

At night, there was a talent show featuring dancing, singing and comedy acts hosted by Ally and Zara. It was amazing to see all the talents that our band groups have been hiding. We had such a blast!

We practiced a lot and improved on our songs with our awesome tutors. Miss Mui and Mrs Horne were in absolute awe to see the difference from day one to day two. We think one of everyone’s favourite things was definitely when Mr Molloy our conductor handed out Freddo Frogs.

Thank you to Miss Mui, Mrs Horne and Mr Molloy for organising this amazing trip. We all had so much fun!

Zara and Stella

Sydney Primary Schools Debating Competition

This term our Year 5 debating team completed 3 rounds of debates. We competed against Banksmeadow Public School in Round 1 and 2 and Botany Public School in Round 3. We had some difficult topics, but the girls debated very well. They produced some very structured debates and fantastic rebuttals. The team has come so far from when they started to now. We won 1 out of the 3 rounds and tried their best.

Congratulations to the team for a wonderful effort!



Images from the Mother’s Day Breakfast

Colour Run Fun!


Stay at Home if Unwell – Uodate for Families

Students should not attend school if unwell, even with mild symptoms of COVID-19:

  • fever
  • respiratory symptoms
    • coughing
    • sore throat
    • shortness of breath.

Other symptoms can include runny nose, acute blocked nose (congestion), headache, muscle or joint pains, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, loss of sense of smell, altered sense of taste, loss of appetite and fatigue.

Any person with any COVID-19 symptoms should be sent home and should not return until they have received a negative test result and are symptom-free. 

In circumstances where children have other medical reasons for recurrent symptoms a letter from their GP is sufficient to negate the requirement for a negative test.

If a student is absent for more than three days without a medical certificate, this will be recorded as unauthorised absence and followed up by the school.

Following these important rules keeps your children and our staff safe and healthy.