Education Week Newsletter

Education Week

As this past week was Education Week we thought we would share with you how our classes Learn Together.



In KA we are Learning Together by helping each other. We remind ourselves that mistakes help us learn, and the most important thing is having a go.

We love learning about numbers in Maths because we get to work with our classmates. In writing we use our sounds to help us spell new words and share our work with our class.

In KA we celebrate everyone’s achievements by cheering them on.


Learning Together in KC means we share ideas, work and play together and have lots of fun and laughs!

To start our term we have been involved in many things such as a Grow Your Mind launch day where we worked with our buddies and children from K-6. We learnt about the different animals in our brains and how they help us. We made masks and performed some drama too. It was lots of fun!

In Mathematics, we have worked together learning about Place Value and learning to read the time and reading The Bad Tempered Ladybird.

We have also been eagerly attending gardening lessons with Mrs Stathis, helping each other to grow beans and learning about what plants need to be able to grow. We cannot wait for the insect lesson!


Learning Together in KD means collaboration, sharing of ideas and lots of fun.

At the beginning of this term we eagerly participated in the Grow Your Mind launch and worked with peers from K-6 to better understand the way our brain works to help manage our emotions and how we respond to everyday situations.

KD decorated animal masks, performed drama scenarios and discussed the meaning of the term ‘grateful’.

In Mathematics we have been learning together about Place Value with a focus on teen numbers.

On Fridays KD have been thoroughly enjoying working collaboratively in the outdoor classroom and exploring the different fruits and vegetables growing in the garden beds.

We are fortunate to have many opportunities to learn together with our teachers and friends.


2020 has been a busy year for KL….and certainly an interesting one!

The students have settled into life at South Coogee Public School with great maturity, even with the Term 2 interruptions.

They have made new friends, learned routines and developed some independence.

KL love their Literacy Group rotations as part of the morning Literacy Block. They have been doing Guided Reading with Ms Lewis, phoneme work and reading games.

Their reading and writing progress has been amazing this year. Most of the class are now facing their fears of making a mistake and are writing simple sentences about everything they do in class.

In Maths, KL have been learning about Place Value. They are beginning to understand the concept of tens and ones. They have used the iPads to consolidate their knowledge.


KN have had an interesting start to the year, but we have settled in well, made new friends and learnt new things.

In KN we love to work together and learn together. We know that it is okay to make mistakes because we are learning.

We work together every day, from maths to coding to gardening. We are working together and learning about place value in maths.

In coding we have been using robots called BeeBots, and in gardening we are growing seeds.


In 1A classroom, we focus on developing a positive mindset about learning. This mindset helps us to learn and grow every day.

In 1A we believe that:

  • Mistakes are OK in 1A. Our mistakes help us to improve.
  • Learning sometimes takes time and effort. We never give up!
  • Challenges are not too hard for us. They are opportunities to improve.
  • We love getting feedback from others. It helps us grow.
  • We never say our work is good enough. We can always make it better.


We have had a sizzling start to Term 3 in 1B!

Our focus when learning has been on changing our mindset when faced with difficult tasks.

In Maths we have been learning different strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. We have been using our newly learnt knowledge and applying this to games, strengthening our maths skills!

Making a market to buy and trade items was a highlight.

In English we have been reading indigenous texts with deep messages about bullying and self esteem.

We have also been practicing our drama skills and using them to help build and extend our knowledge on imaginative texts.

Another highlight each week is Science with Mr T. We have been learning about robots and coding.


1E has had a great start to Term 3 filled with lots of fun, learning and determination!

In Maths we have been learning about different strategies to solve more complicated addition and subtraction problems. We have been using Apps on the iPads and our interactive whiteboard to practise our maths skills. We even created our own 1E market to learn about money and skip counting!

In English we have read some interesting books with a major focus on Indigenous Australian culture.

We also participated in the Grow Your Mind Day on Monday, where we learned about the animals that represent different parts of our brain.

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Hey, Do you want to know why we like being in 1M?

  • We enjoy programming Blue Bots with Mr T on Thursdays.
  • We enjoy watching the goldfish swim and keep us calm.
  • We have a Star of the Day who is the leader and gets to pick activities to do.
  • We get to do Friday Fun Spelling book.
  • We enjoy learning about Grow Your Mind characters who help us learn strategies to keep focused and learn.
  • In 1M we have a few rules:   Never Give up, Never give in.     Make good decisions.   Worry about yourselves


Learning together in 2E. What does it look like, sound and feel like?

It means to collaborate.

It means to work together.

It means to learn something new from your peers.

It means to bounce ideas off each other.

It means to make sure everyone has a fair turn in talking and listening.

It means to work well as a team.

It means to be self-aware and know your peers’ strengths and weaknesses.

What does it sound like in the classroom?

It sounds busy

It sounds encouraging

It sounds noisy with discussions

It sounds fun with laughter

It sounds fair

What does it feel like in the classroom?

It feels:







In 2J we love working together. We have had fun making jelly, playing math games like ‘Beat the champ’ and ‘Sevens’ and coding with Blue-bots.

We have learnt about our brain and all the animals that live there. The elephant (hippocampus) helps us to remember, the sifting sooty (reticular activating system) helps us focus, the wise owl (prefrontal cortex) helps us make good decisions, and the guard dog ( amygdala) helps to protect us. Sometimes it can get very big and stop the other animals from working. When this happens we use strategies like finger breathing to help us shrink it.


2N is looking to create a safe environment where taking risks in our learning is encouraged and failure is embraced as a learning opportunity. By referring back to our school’s learner qualities and Grow Your Mind activities, we are developing a growth mindset which will enable us to be lifelong learners. The best way to learn is through creativity and song which is embedded in our learning each and every day.

This term we are reading and viewing a series of rich Indigenous texts that develop our knowledge of Australia’s cultural significance and are linking it to our writing and artwork.

2N learners are exploring narrative texts and are learning to BAN THE BORING! We want to create exciting stories that don’t put the reader to sleep by using sizzling starts. The overall aim is to shift our thinking from what we knew about writing and discovering new ways to make writing interesting for both the reader and learner.


2T have had a great start to Term 3! We have spent a lot of time talking about having a Growth Mindset and how this can help us. We also participated in the Grow Your Mind launch day last week where we talked about the animals that represent different parts of our brain. We made posters about the animals and made masks which we used for drama and role play!

Here are some comments from students in 2T about how having a growth mindset can help us.

  • Having a growth mindset helps me because I know that making mistakes helps me learn – Evalina, Natalie, Violet, Pippa
  • I know that if there is something I don’t know yet I can learn it if I’m determined – Harry, Tobias
  • When things are too hard, I can ask for help – Mia, Rosie, Bowie, Kenzie, Anaya, Abby
  • Have a go! And do your best! – Isabella, Haadi, William, Nicholas, Max, Jordan, Aidan
  • Don’t give up – Marley, Lilli


3B have started Term 3 with great enthusiasm for learning. In Reading Groups students have been studying the book ‘My Place’, building on their knowledge of Sydney and the changes which have occurred over time. In PE lessons students have been participating in cooperative team games, including hula hut relays with a focus on positive communication, collaboration and fair play. In Science lessons, students have been learning to use coding programs to create a stopwatch. Students then enjoyed timing themselves running using their stopwatch.

We are looking forward to a great term of learning and fun!


3J have been working hard to create some unique and imaginative art. In Term 2 the students investigated colour and dot patterns to create a cactus painting using acrylic paint. They created their very own hues by mixing paints together. They also used hundreds of dots to add contrast, character and texture to their paintings.

This term 3J learned about the sculptor Albert Giacometti. His figurines inspired us to create our very own sculptures using wire, foil, masking tape and acrylic paint. The students selected a unique pose for their sculpture to convey different emotions to the viewer.


3S continue on our path of learning in a fun and exciting way. Learning to write in an engaging way using the “Seven Steps” motivates the students to be creative and thorough with their writing. Our favourite strategy is using anecdotes and sizzling starts. Many of 3S students are hoping to become authors in the future! Geography is another enjoyable and interesting subject that we are focusing on this term. We are lucky to call Australia home and love to read, view, talk, listen, research and investigate places in Australia using books, stories, interactive whiteboard and iPADS.


For one of our Data lessons in Maths, 4A were ‘hired’ as the new ice-cream inventors for South Coogee Public School and had to come up with six of their own unique flavours. We had flavours like caramel popcorn and raspberry skittles…..yum! They then had to survey the class and present their data on a poster to go to the creative directors.

In Maths groups we have been working together to deepen our number sense through play-based activities. Students used playing cards, dice and counters to have a hands-on experience. It was a great way to get them all engaged in Maths activities.


4B have been investigating the natural landforms of Australia. We looked at rock formations, lakes and rainforests. In small groups the learners researched how the landforms were formed, the legends behind them, where they are located and interesting facts.

They created a poster and presented this to the other students.

Everyone agreed that Australia has such a wide variety of natural landforms that would be wonderful to visit in the future.


4M have had such a blast this week. In PE, Mrs Stewart has been teaching the students about positive communication, collaboration and fair play. They have been having so much fun participating in cooperative team games including hula hut relays where they can apply their learning into these activities.

In Geography, 4M have been getting to know the diverse range of natural landscapes in Australia. They have been reading the book ‘Are We There Yet?’ and making connections by discovering the history and geography of each landscape, and the animals who inhabit those areas. 4M have been working on their research and technology skills that they have been learning and getting creative with their poster making skills. They’re ready to grab their sunscreen, shades and snorkels for a trip around Australia! ​


In 5/6A learning happens around us all the time. We are committed to building strong respectful relationships with our peers, teachers, parents and visitors.

In 5/6A we embrace the daily challenges of learning new things by leaning on each other and working together to solve problems and expand each other’s thinking.  Sometimes we make mistakes and that’s OK.

One of our favourite ways to learn is in groups. This allows us the opportunity to listen and reflect on our peers’ perspectives and offers each of us the opportunity to broaden our knowledge about different topics and themes. LEARNING TOGETHER is far more fun than learning alone.


In Stage 3, our learners are using their geometry skills to design, create and build their own city!

Phase One saw learners earning their building permits. Learners were asked to show what they know about angles, area, perimeter, 2D shapes, 3D objects and range of geometric terms.

During Phase Two learners were given their own city section making sure required features were included in their final mapped design.

Phase Three moves on to making our cities rise from the paper using 3D nets to make buildings.

We can’t wait to see what our 5/6D city will look like once completed!!


Learning Together reinforces the role of the classroom and the impact each learner can have on our local and wider community. In 5/6H we are all working together to ensure we are self-aware of our strengths. We are connecting our thoughts and decisions and we collaborate our ideas towards positive change. We embrace our uniqueness and acknowledge that we all have a special role to play in our individual and shared journeys.


This term in 5/6M we have begun our writing program focusing on informative texts. We are using techniques we have learnt through Seven Steps to Writing Success to make our writing more engaging and interesting to read. We are understanding that factual texts can be written to be just as exciting and appealing as imaginative texts.

We spend a lot of time brainstorming and discussing great examples of factual texts, particularly documentaries, to see how effective different techniques can be so we can then adopt them into our own writing.

Gardening Together

This term Mr T and I will be joining forces to teach in the garden with Stage 3.

We’ll be looking at how plants grow, how humans can support and maintain gardens and how gardens can impact us and our community. Mr T will be helping the learners research and understand how crops are grown in agriculture and how they get to our plates from there.

Our teaching and learning will inform activities such as planning and planting a vegetable garden, taking into account the climate and soil we have, experiments with greenhouses, drip irrigation, urban farming and designing and making a greenhouse.

We also hope to use some of our produce to cook a delicious meal in the school’s kitchen.

Kindergarten are learning about the garden and how to plant seeds, seedlings and succulents. They’ll be exploring minibeasts that live in every garden as well.

We, most certainly, will be LEARNING TOGETHER!

Mrs Stathis

The School Library

The library is now an integral part of learning at SCPS and an environment that caters for all students from Kindergarten to year 6.

Hundreds of new books have been added to the library shelves, including the latest graphic novels and popular series. Recently, many books have been added to the non-fiction section of the library to support learning in subjects such as Geography and History.

A recent addition is the Wellbeing Bookshelf – shaped like a tree and filled with a variety of books about topics such as emotions, coping with change, self-esteem, individuality, yoga and breathing exercises, accepting others and being yourself.

The library has become an inviting, calm and comfortable environment with the addition of new furniture and decorations. This has encouraged more students to engage with literature and enjoy reading.

The library continues to be a popular alternative to the playground during breaks. A wide variety of games, activities and construction sets keep students busy as they spend time with friends or enjoy some quiet time on their own.

The library has undergone significant changes in recent years and become a special place in our wonderful school.