2018: Term 3 Week 3

Principal’s News

Dear Parents

It was wonderful to see so many families today for the Education Week celebrations. The assembly provided us with the opportunity to recognise our learners and their success. The day began with the talents of the school band (with thanks to Phil Molloy), as we then continued to showcase public speaking, dancing, singing, leadership roles, sustainability videos and learners sharing their love of Science; with a traditional cake stall finale.

During Education week, NSW public schools can demonstration how we are future proofing students to succeed in the 21st Century, and this week’s focus has been on ‘Today’s schools – creating tomorrow’s world’.

At South Coogee PS we are creating impactful learning environments that will prepare our learners to actively engage with, and be able to use their knowledge, skill and character in a positive and productive way.

Our Visible Learning journey puts us leaps ahead. We are equipped with passionate teachers who have self and collective efficacy, they know that they can successfully impact our learners with the skills and capabilities they will need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Our learner qualities such as Connect – to link knowledge and thinking together to create new understandings, & Collaborate – I work with others to help me with my learning are two examples of how we can all encourage the qualities of mindset and disposition that are essential for modern learners to succeed in school and the workplace.

This year, teachers are working specifically with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs that are led by Ms Webster and Ms Mitsoulis, which has encouraged the Science focus for today’s assembly. The school theme for National Science Week this year is Game Changers and Change Makers.

I will also take this opportunity to thank our teachers, specialist and support staff, our learners and our supportive parent body for respecting and supporting our progression in the innovation practices that are being implemented, to create highly effective educators who engage and maximise student learning.

Student Leadership was also applauded today. Twice every year, we ask our students to step up and take on leadership roles within the school. There are many responsibilities that we offer, and in turn, many students volunteer to be part of our school showing dependability and school spirit.

We are very proud of all of our learners at South Coogee PS.

Trish Fisher



Deputy Principal’s News

ICAS Spelling Awards

The following students have received awards in the ICAS Spelling Assessment:


Emily B in 3D

Asher C in 3J

Ike P in 3R

Ally S in 3R

Evan S in 3D

Caleb C in 4X

Juliet D in 4X

Zoe G in 4S

Antonin M in 4S

Hannah R in 4X

Cassidy C in 5/6M

Jasper C in 5/6A

Courtney K in 5/6J

Niina O in 5/6J

Sienna T in 5/6E


Joseph Y in 3R

Bella S in 3R

Lia M in 4X

Nicholas F in 5/6J

Sophie T in 5/6E

Anthony K in 5/6E

Liam L in 5/6M

The certificates for these awards will be presented at the next 3-6 Assembly on Thursday 30 August at 2pm.

Class of the Week – 1B

STEM with 1B

1B have been busy putting our science, technology, engineering and maths skills to the test.

In our first STEM challenge we were faced with Rapunzel’s dilemma. Her Prince had arrived to save her. However, he could not hear her from the bottom of the tower! The learners used the Learner Qualities Collaborate and Think to design a blueprint for a device that can transport sound. Prototypes were created from paper, foam, or plastic cups and string or wool. After testing all designs, we discovered that soundwaves travelled most effectively when using plastic cups and wool.

For our second challenge the learners designed a napping pod for a nocturnal animal. The pod needed to be soundproof and keep out as much light as possible. Learners were able to use plastic wrap, foil, cloth, cotton balls, paper and shoeboxes to design their pods. All teams created impressive prototypes and were excited to use our decibel app to measure the noise entering each pod. Our most successful team’s pod measured only 48 decibels!

We cannot wait for our next lesson to challenge our Dads and Grandpas for Father’s Day.

From the Office


The Semester 2 Invoices have been sent home with your child this week, which includes all Term 3 and Term 4 Incursions/Excursions, sport, and any outstanding fees from Semester 1. If you have any queries about your invoice, please don’t hesitate to call the school. As we are now a cashless office, please pay through our Parent Online Payment System, which you can access from our website or from the Skoolbag App.


When your child is absent from school, please inform the school either by phone, email, or a note to the class teacher.

Any absence of 5 school days or more requires an Application For Extended Leave form to be filled out in advance, and approved by the Principal.

If your child is late for school they must first come to the school office to be entered as ‘partially absent’ for the day. If you cannot accompany your child to the office, then you need to call to explain why your child is late, otherwise this is recorded as an ‘unexplained’ absence.

Please make the effort to get your child to school before the bell, as latecomers can be a distraction to a class that is already focused on learning.

100 Days of Kindergarten

On Friday 3rd August, we celebrated Kindergarten being at school for 100 days. To celebrate this special milestone, we had open classrooms with all activities based around 100. We made a crazy monster with 100 things on it, created a gumball machine with 100 gumballs and made a special crown to give everyone a royal wave.

We finished the morning by singing Happy 100 Days.

Gardening Club News

To commemorate National Tree Day for school on Friday 27th July, members of the Gardening Club planted three tea trees near the vegetable garden in the top playground.

Come and see the vegetables growing there…we’ve just found our first cauliflower and have harvested spinach, broccolini, snow peas, kale and parsley.

2018 Yarn Up

Last week, three learners from South Coogee Public School did a wonderful job when delivering their speeches during this year’s Yarn Up Showcase.

Yarn Up is a program that encourages the development of leadership skills in Stage 3 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners. They attend two days of training and then get hard to work on writing their original speeches to deliver at the Showcase.

Mem, Tallulah and Julia spoke with passion in front of over 100 children and adults at NSW Parliament House.

Mem spoke about the importance of being kind in her speech titled, ‘Two Words to Change the World’. Tallulah encouraged everyone to be the best they could be with, ‘The Best YOU!’ and Julia delivered her speech about plastic pollution, ‘Stop killing the oceans!

They all did a marvellous job and did themselves and our school proud. Well done girls!

Debating News

We have fabulous news from our two South Coogee debating teams who have been having a very successful year!

On Thursday 2nd July our Year 6 Premier’s Debating Team competed against Clovelly Public School in Round Four of the competition. The topic of the debate was ‘that primary schools should teach compulsory swimming lessons’ and our team had to argue the affirmative case.  South Coogee’s team persuasive arguments were convincing and we came away with the win. Congratulations Anthony K, Elke M, Holly P, Sienna T, Zoe S and Sienna G! There are four rounds in the zone competition and we have won every debate so far. The team has always been willing to accept feedback from the adjudicators and work collaboratively to improve after each debate. We wish the Premier’s Debating Team good luck as they move on to the finals in the competition.

The Sydney Primary Schools Debating Competition team consists of Year 5 students: Carina C, Cassidy C, Sarah D, Alexis E and Willow R. For these students it is their first time competing in a debating competition outside of their classroom and they are demonstrating excellent enthusiasm and skill. Most recently they competed in the Semi Finals against Brighton Le Sands Public School. In previous rounds these students were given the topic for their debate the day before to give them time to research and prepare. However, for the Semi Finals round they received the topic only 1.5hrs before their debate and had limited teacher support during their preparation time. The topic of the debate was ‘that we should ban all toys that look like weapons’ and our team was the affirmative team. The debate was very close, however our team were awarded the win with very persuasive arguments and excellent rebuttals. This means that the team will now compete in the Finals of their debating competition! We wish them all the best of luck.




Willow, Carina, Alexis, Cassidy. (Absent – Sarah)

Amanda Duthie and Renee Sherlock

SCPS Debating Coordinators

Sporting Achievement

We are very proud of Angus M from 4X for qualifying to compete in the recent State Surfing Titles at Maroubra Beach. He did very well to qualify through his region in the Under 12 division and, having just turned 10, was one of the youngest competitors.

Angus surfed well to get through 2 rounds before being knocked out in the round before the quarter finals. He came equal 13th (out of 32 Under 12’s) which is an outstanding result!